Life on 5D-Earth

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, May 6, 2013
first published on May 10, 2013 in

Translation: Björn Kurt

We have written and published so many essays in the past how we envision life in the 5th and higher dimensions that we must have explored all aspects from our limited human point of view. The rest pertains to the category “cosmic surprise”. And yet it is always a great consolation to read about the bliss that is soon awaiting us from a source coming from the higher dimensions who knows what he is talking about. In this time of endless waiting for the miracle to occur, one is thankful for any confirmation that all the sacrifices in this last incarnation have not been in vain and that we will be hugely rewarded for this. In this sense enjoy this presentation of Asana Mahatari about life on the new earth in the 5th dimension. 

Jahn has promised to send me two more messages that deal with life on the balanced 4d-earth A/B and on the catastrophic earth B. After all we have many Internet trolls as readers and they are eager to learn how their life soon will be on this hell-earth. It is our duty to fulfil their expectations. Hopefully some of them will be prudent enough to change their despicable mentality and move to earth A/B after such an intensive lecture of all the post on our website, for which they are paid by the dark secret services.


The Message

The grace of God is pouring over this world as the End of Times is near.


What you are about to experience and is imminent is Ascension. Although we are in the very middle of the events of Change, you are still waiting for the visible results. These shall manifest with divine accuracy and life on Earth will be entirely reshaped and will be completely new.

The new world of the 5th dimensional level of being has everything in store which has ever been dreamed of. The new period is a time in which your dreams will become true. What is reality? To experience and suffer the legacy of the limitations or to drop this heritage and barter it for the unlimited freedom of your Being on Gaia?

All heaviness fades away, everything that seemed impossible so far becomes possible and the lightness of being shall prevail everywhere. The New Earth will bring about peace in all human hearts, abundance for all people and ensures that each human may evolve and thrive according to his wishes until things are lived which were to be experienced.

The human being as a unique expression of God is at the very center of this new era which begins, once the worlds, the two different Earths, have separated from each other.

1)   Enlightened Humans populate this world and Enlightened Humans behave appropriately. They know how to create energy from BEING. They manifest constantly out of nothing. And they shall even grow beyond the fifth dimensional level of Being.

2)  The world of work as far as you know it has vanished completely. Produced, created and invented are only things, which serve all people and which are useful to the individual without any disturbance for the Whole. You are the creator of your own world.

3)   In these days you manifest new buildings in no time at all, money no longer exists and the notion of trade is needless, for everyone generates whatever necessary by his own means and all the goods, within the responsibility of the whole world, needed by the community or himself.

4)  Energy is everywhere. The pillaging of natural resources ends abruptly because the ether holds everlasting never decreasing energy. It is only about being able to use it. And at that time we can, the world can, people can, and the remaining million of Earth Children can manifest whatever necessary directly from the subtle realms and retrieve it.

5)  In this new world nutrition sources are the Spiritual Light and the plants of the newly created Earth. Your bodies are subtle and they constantly adapt to your spiritual growth. Your brothers and sisters from the animal kingdom are your fellow companions.The lion and the goat will drink at the same water source.

6)  Politicians are history, all corporations disappear. Any company established on selfishness and self-interest goes down and disappears forever in a hologram that has been prepared for such cases.

7)  Schools, as you know them from today, disappear. Instead there are “programs of awareness and knowledge” which will be telepathically transmitted by high Masters.

8)  Families are started because Humans recognize each other by their soul groups and find in a direct way together. Children come by desire and the process of birthing for the women of these approaching days happens in a painless way. It is an absolutely new period.

9)  Religions do not exist since they are obsolete. Every man is directly linked to the original source of all being, connected by his open and fully awakened crown chakra and by his heart chakra, which is absolutely transparent to Love. panels, inscriptions, reminders, and cosmic depictions of the world of the old days on the screens of the guardians of time and space that allow you to see what was going on way back when you were still wading through deep mud in your heavy boots.

10) The earth is new, life is different, people are enlightened.

Yes, it happens to you, so you have chosen – Rejoice for there is so much to be revealed to you now, and you worked so hard in order to have it revealed to you. Celebrate your Self for you have every reason to be joyful. Oh, how deeply I am attached to you all. I am so close to you and we all are united in the love of God.

I am what I am – The purple golden beam of transformation.
Come on – invoke my name, for this is the reason I have returned to You.


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