Important Announcement

by Georgi Stankov, May 22, 2013

Dear Friends and PAT Members,

We have entered  the final, most auspicious phase prior to our ascension. We have worked for this event tirelessly, not only in this incarnation, but in numerous incarnations on this toxic planet in eons of time. Now  we are on the cusp of our final triumph after our mission has practically finished and we only have to transform our carbon-based bodies into light bodies and detonate the PAT supernova.

For the last two years I have edited this website unabated and without a pause with the exception of the forced interruption for 8 days in August 2012 due to my move to a new home when I did not have an Internet connection. This means that I have spent each day, including all weekends, 10-12 hours in the mean writing and publishing on the PAT website or answering your numerous emails as diligently as possible.

Now I think that I have deserved a respite as to make an overview of my work in calmness and also to prepare mentally for my impending ascension. This is what everyone of you is also doing now. Today a member of the PAT will visit me from oversee and will stay as my guest till the end of May. We intend to do some sightseeing in Bavaria and Munich and also to enjoy the last careless days on this planet. In addition, we may also do some final light work on my Bavarian portal.

During this time I will not be able to respond to your emails and will most probably not publish any post. The exception will be if I receive an urgent message of key importance for the PAT or if major events hit humanity and the earth that need to be addressed. I hope that you have an understanding for my desire to take a leave from my present self-imposed obligation as an editor of the PAT website, knowing well that we will meet very soon in the higher dimensions and that we will no longer need the Internet – this cumbersome Orion means of communication. Let us cut off this last thread to this reality now and switch on to direct telepathic contact for ever.  

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