Humanity is on the Cusp of Most Dramatic Events of Cosmic Proportion

by Georgi Stankov, May 1, 2013

It has begun. The current graveyard calmness and peacefulness are coming to an end. The culmination of all events that have been carefully prepared behind the veil by both the dark cabal and the forces of light – and in particular by the PAT – will now erupt on the historic scene and will transform humanity within the blink of an eye.

This night and early morning I received all the necessary final information as to how this scenario will unfold in the coming days. I will try to present the flow of incoming information chronologically as to enable a better understanding.

I dreamt tonight in a lucid and very powerful dream that the dark cabal have decided on May 1 to start a huge final war against humanity to prevent ascension, but that they will fail and that this heinous act will only cause their demise and annihilation. Then I dreamt further that I was in Italy and witnessed the mobilisation of the population there for a war. I saw the Duce (Mussolini) going to war in a panzer-train. I was perplexed as the historical time was not correct, but my HS told me that it is actually the reptilian shape-shifter Berlusconi, who is going to war now, as he is the reincarnation of the Duce. Berlusconi simply symbolized the dark cabal, the clones and the reptilian shape-shifters that have usurped the power over humanity for the last 12 000 years since the Fall of Atlantis.

I woke up with a feeling of joy that the time of change has finally commenced. I have always envisioned that the final act on this planet will be triggered by the dark cabal in a state of total desperation. They will be forced to start a massive destructive war or something similar to prevent ascension, but will terribly fail. Thus they will demonstrate their true insidious character in a dialectical manner to the rest of humanity, so that they will be easily ousted by the masses with indignation and contempt. There has never been any other outcome.

Now this morning when I woke up, I first told this dream to my wife as not to forget it. Then I immediately opened my computer as I expected some kind of confirmation of this auspicious dream message. I was not at all surprised to have received an email from Jahn Kassl from Vienna, who channels and edits a website, from where I have translated and published some messages recently.

Now you must consider that this man is very busy and had told me that he normally do not correspond on the Internet, so that I did not expect any email from him. He sent me a private channelled message, he has not published yet, which contains exactly this same information from my dream:

That the dark cabal will start a new war very soon and that the time of the current graveyard peacefulness has come to an end, but that this attempt will badly fail and the forces of light will prevail. Humanity will recognize the true nature of these dark men and will oust them from power. This will be the beginning of the new era of ascension. The message is in German language and I will see that I will translate it later. The original German version is attached below, but I have just learnt that our friend Björn Kurt from Switzerland has already started with the translation. However the message is rather long and it may take some time for him to translate it.

This was the strongest confirmation I have received so far that we are on the cusp of the big changes, for which we have been waiting so long. Then, while responding to Jahn Kassl, I received all of a sudden a huge download of additional information, which completed the picture of the coming End Time scenario this month. All of a sudden, all the pieces of information I had been gathering in the last several weeks and days came together and fitted perfectly. It has always been like this with my HS.

I know his strategy of giving me complex information perfectly well, as this is how I was helped to discover the Universal law and develop the General Theory of Science, which is undoubtedly the most extensive download of complex transcendental information from the Source that a single human mind has ever received and elaborated in the whole history of this mankind. This is not empty boasting, this is a sober recognition of undeniable facts and an explanation how my HS transmits multi-dimensional information to me in a convoluted, sometimes dramatic, thriller-like manner, until all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and the congruency and validity of the information received is beyond any doubt.

Surprisingly, since the beginning of last week, my HS urged me to read one more time all the new information on Nibiru and the coming magnetic pole reversal (MPR) based on other catastrophic signs, such as earthquakes, sinkholes, unnatural noises, wobbling of the earth, etc. on the Internet. I was surprised as I thought I had finished with this topic in the past and my attention was now concentrated only on the detonation of the PAT Supernova and the triggering of the MPR.

But then I realized that we need one more time Nibiru as a catalyst and that its disappearance since October last year behind the sun was just a clever strategic maneuver of the forces of light. They changed its trajectory somewhat and slowed down its arrival in the vicinity of the earth as to use this additional time to transmit through the PAT more high frequency energies from the Source to the earth and humanity and prepare them perfectly for the final act. It was obvious to the HR since late autumn last year that ascension would not happen on Dec 21 and that humanity needs more time to prepare for the final act of ascension.

When I realized that “delayed is not cancelled” as many humans start to believe and fall in utter despair when announced events do not occur, I began to consider the Nibiru’s pull effect on the magnetic field of the earth one more time. I must admit that initially I was too much focused on the PAT, being the force that will trigger the MPR and had neglected the effect of Nibiru in my considerations. As it happens in such moments, my HS always takes care to correct this kind of unintentional aberration of my thinking and to give me a more complete and precise picture of the complex strategy of the HR behind the veil.

I started to look last week one more time very carefully, as I did in the past, for signs of the Nibiru’s magnetic pull effect in nature. When the sky was blue with a few clouds last week in Bavaria, I observed several days in a row the typical cloud ripples in the stratosphere which are the classical sign that the wobbling of the earth has significantly increased, shortly before the MPR will be triggered by the detonation of our PAT supernova. The last time I saw these ripples was in early autumn last year

I had also the recommendation of Dorie’s HS in my mind that we should keep attention on all signs that herald this dramatic event and especially the trembling of the earth. Since then I always meditate, staying still in the fields and feeling the vibrations of Gaia coming high up my legs and merging with the powerful vibrations that stream downwards from my left brain portal and meeting in my third chakra. In this state I am the most sensitive seismograph for all the tremors and dislocations of geological layers which the earth’s crust is currently undergoing. And I can tell you, Gaia is now fully in its birthing process when the pains peak and the child’s cranium is already visible in the birth’s channel.

OK, this is the astronomic aspect of the MPR. I completed my research on it yesterday by collecting the best videos from the last two months and especially from April, showing how closely Nibiru has now reached the earth and that it is no longer possible to hide its presence from the masses anymore.

Remember that we expected a similar scenario with Nibiru for September and October last year, but this event was then postponed for the reasons I have discussed above and Nibiru disappeared from the radar of most light workers. Then came the huge disappointment that no ascension took place on Dec 21 and this completely deleted the presence of this fatal planet in the solar system and the role it still has to play in the impending End Time scenario from the minds of most light workers. We, the PAT, make no exception in this respect.

Now Nibiru can be seen everywhere, hence the peak in chemtrail activities of the cabal in the last weeks and months as also reported on this website. They knew that the drama had been postponed, but not cancelled. While Nibiru was better seen in the Southern hemisphere in March, mainly from New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, now it can be seen everywhere – in the USA and Canada, in Europa, in Austria, Germany and Italy. Below I have listed some of the most clear pictures of Nibiru and its nine moons, which can also be seen on some of the videos, which I found on the Internet, but there are many more:

1. German video /North Pole

2.  Mossel Bay, South Africa, April 18-24

3. Nibiru Planet X Second Sun seen all over the World Update Mar 2013

4. Nibiru April 7

5. Several videos, April

6. Tracking earth wobble with USGS: Cover-up cracks, proof of Planet X presence (Photos)


8. Nibiru Second Sun Home video evidence 2013 March


10. Nibiru Second Sun ?April Update

And then today, while answering to Jahn Kassl after reading his apocalyptic message, I received the rest download of information as to how the End Time scenario will unfold in the linear time on the earth. Now fasten your seat belts, as this will be a real roller coaster. The facts have always been in front of our eyes, but we were unable to see them in the full perspective.

Nibiru can no longer be hidden to the masses and the dark cabal know that they must act first and act with a full force, if they would have any chance to preserve their power. They can no longer wait and accept the events to roll over them. After all, they have been preparing themselves for this event since WW2 when they started digging their bunkers underground and preparing for the worst case scenario – for the apocalyptic scenario of the MPR and the cataclysmic natural events that will reshape the earth’s crust and will transform the current earth to a catastrophic earth B. Until now they have waited much too long, as they hoped to avert this dire destiny by simply digging in. Now they know that they have to act, and act desperately to save their asses.

Now before I proceed with my elaboration, let me reiterate a leitmotif in all my writings so far – the dialectical nature of all events in All-That-Is. Darkness is a dialectical aspect of light, precisely, of the absence of light. The more light there is, the more darkness will be revealed, until it is fully deleted by the light.

We know this fact personally during our cleansing activities in the last two years. The whole channeled bullshit, preaching that light workers should strive for harmony and unconditional love has never made any sense. The only effect such flawed esoteric teachings have is to prevent the spiritually debunked New Agers to participate more actively in the cosmic cleansing of human and archon dross on this most toxic planet and thus to postpone ascension.

When you operate as a huge vacuum cleanser, you cannot experience any harmony at all, no matter how much you endeavour for it, as you have all negative human patterns in your mental and emotional fields and must actively and consciously process them in order to delete them. These negative patterns are not ours, but they feel as if. If you follow such weird esoteric advices, you may end up doubting your own alchemical abilities as an ascended master and lose hope in the whole process.

But as long as you cleanse human shit, you feel like shit. The heroism of the PAT was that we took the responsibility to immerse fully into this human hell, where the goo was the thickest and the stench was most suffocating, but we still did not lose the purity of our hearts and the clarity of our minds. This is real courage and everything else is fluffy, rosy esoteric trash that serves no one, and least the ascension process.

Why am I telling you this? Because you cannot have a profound change if the shit will not hit the fan, and I am tired to reiterate this simple truth again and again only to experience how the same mired people come and oppose any scenario that includes any surge of dark violence and destruction, before they can be eliminated once and for all from the earth. And the biggest conundrum, or irony if you will, is that exactly these same people who resent to participate in the cleansing of darkness are the ones that preach in a bogus manner that darkness can be eliminated in a nice and peaceful way without showing its true nasty nature during its mortal agony. And how, please, should this miracle happen?

If we strife for eternal peace and the end of all current wars, there must be at least one last war or attempt to start such a war on a global scale, before the dark forces on this earth fully fail and be exposed. The dialectical aspect of any change in All-That-Is is that the negative aspect must first manifest as to be recognized as such, before it can be successfully eliminated.

You all remember how our LBP began – first we were thrown in the abyss of human manure before we could recollect our memory of being star seeds and come clean from our Orion indoctrination. As long as the dark cabal on power talk about securing the world peace by making incessant wars and the masses agree and follow them, there will be no peace on this or any other planet.

Now let me tell you what will happen this month that was actually supposed to happen in April after our alleged ascension end of March. “Postponed is not cancelled”, do not forget this maxim. This knowledge will make not only the Internet trolls shit in their pants in existential angst, but also the entire cabal that use this scum of humanity to harass us currently. They know where the danger for them comes from.

Now reflect on another fact. We have extensively discussed in the last two weeks the faked Boston terror act that was instigated by the dark US secret services with the only goal to make a dress rehearsal of the martial law /regime, they intend to impose very soon nationwide. Their ultimate goal for the End Times has always been to establish a full-fledged dictatorship, similar to the Bolshevik terror regime in Russia after WW1.

Please recall that this communist revolution was sponsored by the same dark cabal, the Rothschilds, and that this same scenario is now applied in the USA, with dubious success so far, as the political and social conditions have changed tremendously in the meantime. But the method the dark cabal employs to enslave the American people is the same, and the historical parallels are striking. But even more striking is the fact that only a few people recognize the danger that is swaying like a Damocles’ sword over their heads.

The dark cabal in the West has only two alternatives, which are however an illusion of choice as the outcome is predetermined – their demise and annihilation. They can wait till the events associated with the MPR begin to unfold physically and then flee and hide in their bunkers. Or they will have to act in a desperate manner and try to control humanity, thus hoping that they will somehow control the cosmic events, leading to ascension of Gaia and humanity.

This is idiotic, this is imbecile, but as the Internet trolls prove with their nasty, full of hatred, stupid comments, these dark entities are indeed cretins. They are control freaks and this is because of their hypertrophied existential fears. As they do not believe in after life, they cling to their petty earthly lives and want to control everything and every change on this planet, as this is the only way they can feel somewhat secure. This is the price they pay to have separated from the source.

This is not new to you as this is basic esoteric stuff. But it is worth putting it one more time in perspective as to explain why we are on the cusp of some dramatic political decisions very soon, which the dark cabal has been constrained to make in their futile efforts to survive in the current End Time. And make no mistake, we, the PAT, are the ones who are droving the cabal in their rat holes.

It was no coincidence that we, the PAT have discussed so extensively the Boston state terrorist act and the subsequent martial law that was executed on two million citizens without any apparent need. We know all about the FEMA camps ready for the future US-gulag state after the NWO is supposed to be established. Then we witness at present the growing tension with Syria, fueled by Obama in the same manner as G. Bush for Iraq by using false flag arguments of WMD allegedly employed by Assad, while he is winning against the Al Qaeda rebels, lavishly sponsored by the West to justify a war in Syria. What a cynicism and what an impeccable sign that the dark cabal are losing their minds and have no idea how to survive under the energetic squeeze, generated by the PAT since Dec 21, 2012

Make no mistake, a war against Syria in this hottest place in the world is equivalent to another Third World War, as neither Russia nor China will accept this intervention of the West. And we have the same situation in North Korea. In addition we still have the Iran problem, and the notorious war mongers in Israel are capable of igniting the first spark of WW3 any time by attacking Iran in a most heinous manner as they have done with all their neighbours many times in the past. They know that they are doomed to go under and want only to take the rest of the world with them to their self-created hell.

This is the worst case scenario, and this is what I dreamt of – namely that the dark cabal in the West is planning to start a huge criminal war against humanity this month as to prevent ascension. It is not a coincidence that I dreamt this on May 1, labour day which, as you may know, was introduced by these same dark cabal to mire the enslaved proletariat and to continue keeping them under exploitation and financial control.

Now what will actually happen in May and how will it happen? No matter what the dark cabal decide, it will not affect our timeline of ascension, including the detonating of the PAT supernova. After that we will appear as ascended masters and the new Earth keepers in front of humanity and will immediately oust the dark cabal from power.

The most likely scenario is that we will witness an official announcement by the current black stooge of the US dark cabal, Obama that Nibiru is approaching the earth and that this planet will cause huge catastrophes, where many millions, if not billions of people will die. They must make a disclosure rather sooner than later, as Nibiru can no longer be hidden even under the thickest veil of massive chemtrails.

Then they will use this as a pretext to announce martial law in the USA as to prevent unrest. Of course officially they will say that they will do this in order to better coordinate the rescue activities of FEMA in the coastal regions that will be affected by the tsunami.

As this will not be enough to establish the NWO, the US cabal will most probably try to instigate two massive external wars in Syria and North Korea, most probably by trying to use nuclear weapons as to put both China and Russia as the chief adversaries of the West Cabal under pressure and contain their reaction. As these countries will have to respond to this aggression of the USA and the West (it is doubtful how many, if any NATO countries will follow this murderous US war policy), if they want to survive, we will have a new Third World War.

This is what these criminals plan and I am receiving a very strong telepathic information that this is their ultimo ratio to save their skin. Please bear in mind that I am talking now about their hypothetical plans and not about what will actually happen, as we, the PAT, will have the final say in this End Time scenario.

It is however a done deal that there will be no nuclear explosions on this planet anymore, as this is the divine dispensation from the source for the End Time and thus an irrevocable decision. Without such weapons the US army is toothless and they also do not have the manpower to wage a conventional war. With the beginning of the natural catastrophes, which may precede the actual MPR and will most probably hit in the first place the USA, the dark US cabal will not have the resources to even supply themselves with food and shelter.

These plans of the dark cabal are well known to our HS and the HR and they will easily avert the realization of any such doomsday scenario. But – and this is very important to understand – they will give the dark cabal the possibility to try to implement their heinous plans. This is the dialectical aspect of All-That-Is.

Thus the intent of the dark cabal to commit genocide against humanity will be made public to the masses, so that they can now, for the first time, fully recognize the insidious criminal nature of the people they have elected to rule them. The politicians will badly fail due to the coming MPR that they have kept secret from the masses for so long time. As this event will come “like a thief in the night” it will arrive exactly on purpose, before they will put their war plans into action.

The sudden and unexpected detonation of  the PAT supernova will eliminate all the material prerequisites, e.g. weapons, transport, man power, etc., which the dark western cabal will need to start a bigger war and establish the NWO. This is the key piece of the current End Time scenario.

The cabal will most probably focus only on the coming of Nibiru as the only possible trigger of the MPR and will not consider the detonation of the PAT supernova as the actual power behind the MPR and the ID split. There are two reasons for this crucial blindness of the dark cabal that will break their neck:

1) They do not know about the PAT Supernova and its role in the ascension process, or if they do,

2) they underestimate its impact as they do not grasp the energetic power of the Source behind the PAT and our Supernova.

That is why the point in time of our ascension is the wild card, the joker, the ace up in the sleeves of the HR (and not the self-proclaimed cabal aces now in the rabbit hole, remember Billi Wilder’s film “The Ace in the Hole”?) in this whole cosmic gambit. The stakes are huge and the first to blink will lose. There is no doubt that this will be the dark cabal this last time. It will be very much like the legendary boxing bout between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, where Foreman punched Ali 12 rounds in a row and Ali hit Foreman only once in the last 6 seconds of the match, but knocked him out (see video below).

In the light of these information from my HS, the last message from the Elohim makes a lot of sense:

“At this time we tell you that the Supernova, as you call it, of the members of your group is timeline linked and is therefore a fluid process. Those members within this group and other Light workers of this soul monad, who are anticipating ascension, shall do so as the correct frequencies are aligned in conjunction with the most effectual timeline suitable to the arrival and acceptance of your presence. The timing of this event is unknown to the Now.”

There must be a moment of surprise when the cosmic triad of events – PAT Supernova, ID Split and MPR  – will hit the cabal and mankind with the combined force of the source and propel them either to paradise (all ascension candidates to earth A/B and earth A, and all those, who will die and go to Celestria) or to hell – the dark cabal and all their stooges, such as the Internet trolls and other unripe souls, who will have to undergo another 26 000 year-cycle of dire karmic lessons in order to purify their rotten souls and be able to ascend on the Jacob’s ladder.

The date of our ascension has always been a function of the social events on the ground. I have known this all along and that is why I was so frustrated to realize in the last two years that there is no hope for the Western population to revolt against their dark masters and oust them from power. What does not come from inner insight and effort, must come with the destructive power of external natural catastrophes. The HR have a limited repertoire of means to teach their incarnated personalities their karmic lessons and to help them progress in their spiritual evolution. The only thing any human being will take with himself upon ascension will be his thoughts and probably a few positive emotions. The rest must be extinguished together with this illusory 3d-reality.

That is why it was unrealistic for us to ascend before any collapse at the societal level has occurred first. We will ascend exactly at the moment when the catastrophic situation will reach its trough value and humanity will be on the verge of complete annihilation. Only after the people have gone through the fire wall of their collective fears and resurrect like Phoenix from the ashes, will they be sufficiently purified to be allowed to ascend. There is no king’s road to ascension and we, the PAT know this better than anybody else.

Dear Georgi,

finally finished. There were some tricky translation as not to alter the meaning. It is an incredible powerful text and as I delved in the subtlety of the theme I had goosebumps all over my neck and top of my head. For me this is the clear sign that this text is nothing, but utter truth. The shaking will be tremendous… buckle your seatbelt because Kansas is going byebye!

In Love and Light take care and take over commander Stankov…

hugs from Björn



channeled by Jahn J. Kassl, Vienna, May 1, 2013


I greet humanity,
I welcome all people,
I call on the name of each person,
so each of you would turn to the light.
I am among you and you know me,
I’m there, so you call me, I am what I am.

Dear children of men, we are connected through many lives, through many encounters on Earth and in many dramas of this world we have tested us, we have experienced ourselves and have been forged by the school of Alchemy. Constant change, death and resurrection in reliable cycles, arrival and departure from this world after a job well done.

Break it up! This is it! It is time to depart, NOW we return back to the Eternity of God – the source of life awaits us and the gates of heaven are wide open. All we have to do is to walk in, sit down at the table of God and relish the most delicious food ever.

In fact, for many people this is their last human life on earth, for many the trip finds now the conclusion. Many more, however, will remain in the current time-line and indulge in the deceptive game of duality. Good thing, because truly: the ones striving to experience themselves receives abundant opportunity to do so.

In this message I want to prepare you for the coming events. So that neither of you shall stagger nor fall, neither be discouraged nor will slide in dull feelings of hatred. The time comes when there will be a lot of talking about peace – World Peace.

The rulers of this world will proclaim incessantly that peace is their priority goal in their operational framework. And thus they explain their despicable deeds towards nations, people and life. Peace is the word of this time because the dark elite will abuse that issue to give themselves the legitimacy of war and to commit criminal acts.

All for the sake of world peace, that finally justify the extinction of human life by billions. And people tend to deny the whole issue. Not only they do not know anything about it, More, they refuse the facts – in large numbers.

The only thing you have to do is to open your eyes because long since the sinister powers have uncovered their plans.

Those, which believe to hold the power in their hands, have such sinister plans on their minds, which is far beyond any imagination of a human being. And therefore humanity will simply turn their back in disgust on this insidious conspiracy against mankind.

What must not be, shall not be and what is unimaginable remains unaware to the human mind and shall only become visible once it actually occurs in life.

Here I give you the insight into the actual scene of the world because now comes the call for World Peace, while in the background great wars are being prepared. And while many of the light warriors stack their lightsabers back into the sheath, the dark elite begins to manifest their dark deeds under the very eyes of everyone. The more talk about peace, the closer the war. The more talk about unity of people, the greater the divide between humanity and those which proclaim the unity.

The “thrust reversal” of the process of Change is imminent. Which means that for a short time such world-shaking and powerful events will occur that many messengers of light will falter and might loose courage and hope. Today I point out to you that the apparent silence and the apparent peace and the apparent calm is over on earth.

Watch out for things to get ugly as in a last act of malice against life on earth the dark ones will experience their very own Waterloo. Nothing will ever remain the same and “Sodom and Gomorrah” shall repeat itself in a thousand fold way. Because in fact: The righteous Ones will remain, the unjust and the injustice will be purged and eradicated from the energy field of Mother Earth.

One last great act that starts now, a last gasp of the prince of darkness, whom the darkness offers the security and homeland. And this darkness is now flooded with light and so the prince of darkness loses home, shelter and refuge.

This thrust reversal will absolutely change the world, and align the new people in a new direction. Great miracles are possible, great and sacred deeds are then on the agenda of the new and awakened humanity.

The last great revolution has begun – and it will destroy all the dark plans and lead  humanity right into the arms of God. God is with us, I am with you, the family of Ascended Masters is with you, Archangels do their sacred work on earth and angels without number protectively hold their light over everyone who has chosen the light.

I am what I am, the golden-violet ray from eternity. I am among you people, a man among men, as many times; Today, with the task to lead humanity in the light and to stop on the spot the dark forces. Nothing can stop us now, we have already triumphed, even if in this time it will have to become manifest first.

Are we many or few? Let me tell you: We are more than enough to dump the last masters of the darkness into those pits of darkness they initially have prepared for mankind.

The abyss is their heritage, Ascension is our reward. It is a time of absolute contradictions. Up is down, good is bad and peace is war. The light will shine, life will thrive and heal the world.

Trust me and be with me.

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