You Are in the Final Preparation for the New Planet Earth A/B

by Carla Thompson, May 31, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is a message that I have received from the Elohim. It has come in to me following my inquiry as to what I personally experienced on May 28th and I want to share it with you because I feel that from the information and impressions I am getting from the Elohim, we are now cleansing small and final pockets of heavy energy from our own timelines that are converging into the here and now. I feel that this needs to be completed before planet A/B’s holographic model is fully operational. As we have recently cut ties with Gaia from her 3D construct, we are now completely thrown into the 4D creation, or Earth A/B.  I certainly look forward to hearing what your impressions are.

With infinite love and peace,

 Message – May 29/30, 2013

“Greetings, we are the Elohim!

We are joining you now in support of your mission as ascended masters for the New Earth, Earth A/B as you call it. The New Earth has moved one step closer to it’s own realization as you have now ascended on many levels toward your ultimate destination and brought it beautifully along with you.

Please know that ascension does not occur in one fell swoop, in one motion, in one step, from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and so on. For there are infinite levels between each, as enfolded timelines arise each with consequences, each with infinite outcomes arising in form, function, expression, collaboration, meaning and beauty.

It is true that all members of your group are currently considered to be “crossovers”, each having experienced several timelines, timelines that are usually completely different even to other members timelines. Your own expression is present, even now, in many timelines. The members of your group share the  “current time line”, in this Now moment, together, and through this connection, this intersection, you are not only carrying out the cleansing of this timeline but also timelines of old. You are each specifically connected to each unique experience and therefore you each have unique abilities to cleanse all of your own respective timelines.

In this now moment you each present your own solution to past intransigence, past confusion, past pain, past horror. This is done by the inter melding with the incarnated expressions of your own past lifetimes and past experiences. Dream state work and waking state cleansing is creating a re-alignment to the harmony of All-That-Is and this is the precious gift of this work, be it conscious or subconscious.

This final preparation is critical to the encoding of the New Earth and it’s desired/optimal  way of being as identified by All-That-Is. This is one role you have as ascended masters in creating the Planet Earth A/B.

Planet Earth A/B is formulated with the purity of your convictions. This is why we wish you to hold as much joy and peace as is possible in this late stage, as all emotions held now shall become the initializing forces that forge the foundation of the creation of the New Earth. We are aware that you face physical, emotional and mental challenges at times and express our unwavering compassion to you in this circumstance. We are with you, each and every one of you, in every moment.

As ascended masters you shall find your abilities to be strong in that you are able to manifest that which your soul knows, and in fact even de-manifest that which your mind thinks it knows better. It is once again our recommendation to drop the thinking mind, the reactionary mind and instead engage the imagination. After all, your true power lies fully in your understanding, acknowledgement and acceptance of your own imagination.  See it. Feel it. Hold it. See the New Earth A/B as cleansed and purified on every level.  Allow for the creationary events that you feel are needed in order to awaken humanity.  Humanity must now awaken, for it is time.

Many of you have felt or perceived an ascended reality upon Gaia in recent days [May 28th for me, Georgi, where I found myself within an experience of what could only be described as wholly surreal, absolutely fifth dimensional] and from this experience that the Creators provided to you [me and other members perhaps], you are now able to directly/ personally  identify with the true nature of the ascended earth within the fifth dimension. The purpose of this opening is to show you that the fifth dimension exists at a very close level, at which you are now residing and through the use of your precious imagination you are able to project these qualities into the Now timeline.

So know that you are here to mould the final events and outcomes arising on this timeline that you currently share with your soul monad. Do expand your awareness into the layers of life upon this Earth up to and including the fifth dimension. Embrace your powers. Believe us when we say, you can do it.

You are deeply honoured and dearly loved with the grace of All-That-Is.

We are the Elohim.”

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