Burning Questions – Part II: Conversation with Jesus Sananda

channelled by Jahn J. Kassl, May 25, 2013

translated by Björn Kurt, May 26, 2013

Introduction to the conversation:

I like to go swimming. And today, I could listen in the locker room of the fitness club to the following conversation between two people about the wages and bonuses of the employees of the Austrian National Bank. And it went like this:

FIRST: Well that fellow earned tens of thousands. And not 12 but 17 times a year.
SECOND: What, 17 times?
FIRST. Yeah, guess that’s what it is like.
SECOND: Sure can’t do anything about that. But one thing I know is that in my next life I’ll be a banker!

Now there at last the penny dropped and I remember our conversation of yesterday: each one remaining on 3D earth is as entangled as the rulers of the power, which are dominating 3D earth and will continue to do so.

It’s just so that not everyone has the means to exploit the humanity. But if they could do so they would. Victims and culprits roles are continuously being exchanged up to the point where you have enough of this disgusting scheme. Is that correct?

JESUS SANANDA: I bless mankind. God is well pleased with mankind even if things happen differently than originally anticipated.

Yes, indeed, you’re right.

All, without exception, all the people who remain on 3D show a blatant lack of emotional, social, human, and spiritual competence. Common to all is to use of the system for themselves – at any price. And no matter whoever will be the victim. Some do this on a big scale, others have to eat the humble pie – it is only a matter of choosing your role. Once you are the victim, then again your are the culprit, but usually both at the same time.

For even the most powerful tyrant is a victim – victim of his decisions to cause suffering, which makes himself a prisoner of these decisions, since any such acts need to be balanced in one way or another.

Like a fly caught buzzing in a cobweb and with every movement it gets more and more entangled in it, so all entangled people who serve the self-interest in karma, which will one day require a balance – whatever day that might be. That is also the reason why, in this 3D world at this level of society, things look very poor.

A new man of hope has hardly entered the center stage of politics and he already forgets all the promises he had been making as a yet “powerless” candidate in order to sell himself. All beings on the 3D which are the victims would make a perfect fit for the “profile of the perpetrator” and they simply do not act so only from lack of suitable occasions.

A fact, which is important to recognize, so that you finally get away from any mercyfulness and that you understand how it all plays together. That all this is coherent and logical and above all how all obeys the individual need of a human for new experiences.

ME: “Opportunity makes the thief”?

JESUS SANANDA: At the level of 3D earth this is part of the game – yes.

ME: I have to acknowledge more and more people are getting ruthless. Personally, I do not feel touched by this as I see people are (almost always) acting in a friendly manner towards me. But as far as I observe others, that people get more and more stressed and even loosing it. Individual exceptions given, but in my opinion the general trend leads us right into madness.

JESUS SANANDA: That is because you are currently acting on all levels and you are also experiencing all levels from 3D-5D. All shades can be shown to you, so that you can distinguish and differentiate.

In the last days, it was mainly the 3D layer, into which you’ve been tuned, so that you may anchor your inner certainty that everything has its accuracy. For thou shall not turn neither go back, neither look round you nor fell depressed, so the day of farewell is coming.

ME: Yes, today in the locker room and later while swimming, I clearly realized how this awareness began to anchor in my cellular consciousness. The choice of each human being is holy – that is it.

JESUS SANANDA: That’s it and there is nothing absolutely nothing to add.

ME: Last night I had a dream in which I travelled, where trains depart and stop – on and on. I often dream of trains, travel, trips etc. – is it related with the shift of the worlds?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, it has got to do with the shifts. And with the fact that everything is constantly changing, that everything is in transformation, that the timetables of trains are constantly being changed, that is where chaos prevails and yet that everyone still catches the right train and will reach his destination.

This time is truly tricky. Grounding yourself by deliberately pursuing your daily routine. This cannot be repeated often enough here and today. Do not take off before you will not be called upon! Do not take off now that you shall be ascended! Go step by step, never two steps at once. That’s more important than ever. Step by step on solid ground.

ME: I would like to ask you whether it is good to prepare for these upheavals by storing food supplies, water and other resources?

JESUS SANANDA: If it soothes you, then yes. But it is not necessary! Why? Since everything is taken care of. In 5D there is no need for this thinking of piling up food. It is a “rational thought” on 3D as this may decide upon life or death. And it is part of that reality.

On the 5D Earth this behaviour is unnecessary because everything flows in abundance. Even in the time of transition to 5D you will not lack anything. It is needles to explain The How and Why right here because each one connected to the Source of all Being can recall this fact on his cellular level.

For those who remain in 3D, a reasonable stock can be useful – the decision is up to each one of you.

ME: In the messages that I received in the last days on the issue of the 3d-earth split it always sounds like every man – even though the actual decisions have been made – is able to change his mind until at last moment. So new decisions are therefore still possible?

JESUS SANANDA: Until the last moment, yes! For this purpose it is important to know that we from the spiritual levels of light are proclaiming our announcements based on the potential that is being realized. This may change to a certain degree, but they can never be undone.

This means: Everything the spiritual levels of light are proclaiming will happen, even if it is different or some things may shift – it comes with the certainty with which the sun rises in the east and sets in the west – which by the way is no longer a constant, because this reality has been moved long since. Your observers of the stars know this.

“Until the last moment” means – that it is so by the grace of God. To God everything is possible, so also this and it shall happen.

Basically what needs to be said is that decisions on the global earth scale as well as in the galactic context have been taken. The big arc has been drawn, and also the small details for which the worlds have decided are standing out clearly.

Thus it can be said that the proclamations of the last days concerning the schedule of transformation are of a very high accuracy and the individual person gets an opportunity to repent until the last moment indeed.

ME: That’s a wonderful message for all!

JESUS SANANDA: For all those who hear and assimilate this message. For those who are aware which unique gift this is – and it affects especially people initially going to the 4D Earth, which grow not into the reach of ascending to 5D Earth. In 4D the potential is there for such cases.

On 3D these cases are very rare, even now at the End of Time and at the beginning of the 3D-super-earth.

ME: Thank you Jesus, now my awareness of this issue has hugely deepened and I also think the people who follow these lines can realise the full picture of these processes. And I’m grateful to be able to pass that on. Despite the urgency of the messages and the approaching events, I feel no fear, not even in my personal environment, my family and within the inner circle of Soul Mates no kind of fear is felt or experienced.

JESUS SANANDA: This is a clear sign that you all live for a while now a life beyond the 3D layer and act accordingly.

From a certain point in the evolution of a being fear belongs only to a part of the past and does no longer reside in the presence of this being. Therefore, you are no longer of interest and significance as to the continuing play that now unfolds on 3D earth. Because the forces of the dark feed on the fear and a human being free from fear is useless a in their opinion and needs to be removed (eliminated).

This will happen now – without the influence of any of the evil powers – and they will be left alone to continue in their play.

But you, who have overcome your fear will, detached and free, enter the new worlds before you shall – after a long, long time – return back to this planet as honoured beings. That planet that is now choosing again its descent into the darkness.

ME: The final word of our conversation today?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, from today’s perspective all has been said. Every man now has the opportunity to decide how to meet this change – the cards are on the table. Some jump at the chance, some refuse the game and some do not even bother to sit down at the table and have left the game saloon long since.

God is omnipotent and His grace is ever present. The kingdom of God is your rightful inheritance. Take it while it is still available to you.


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