How to Be Victorious “With a Little Help From My Soul”

by Gwen Olsen, April 6, 2013

For you have come here to conquer, dear ones, but first of all you must conquer your own doubts as to what abilities you may have for stepping out and declaring yourselves to be the new rulers of the world. For that is indeed exactly what you are, but as the word ruler still connotes something sinister for so many, let us just add a few thoughts as to what we must mean by that. For in your eyes, a ruler will in many ways equal a despot, and your world has had its fair share of those. And still to this day, there are many individuals who can be given that same title, not just in their own realm, but also further afield. But we speak not of such lesser men who put themselves above others by the force of instigating fear and uncertainty in others. No, we speak of individuals who are held aloft by the very light that they carry within. And it is this light that is now finding a home in your somewhat worn and weary physical body, and it is indeed this light that will make you the new rulers.

For this light will find a way out of you, and when it does, nothing can stop it, not even you. And as such, your actions will all be guided by this light, and in so doing, it will ensure that you behave in a manner that will guide all others around you. And that is the way to rule, by action, not by edict. So yes, in all respects you will be the rulers of this world, for it is indeed by the very fact that the light will speak to all others around you by your way of living, and then, it will be given unto others to follow in your footsteps. And so you will rule the land once again, not those usurpers who look upon it as their given right to command everyone else to obey by their every whim. For these rulers of the old, no matter if their kingdom is a fiefdom encircled by high walls of security or is in some lair hidden away in a high rise building somewhere, will all start to topple from what they see as their oh so lofty perch. For just as you will guide others by way of the light that you carry, people will be unable not to see the hollowness and crepuscular absence of light that will seep out from all of these self-proclaimed tyrants. And then, the choice will be made, whether to follow in your footsteps, or whether to stay on in the shadows of these former rulers.

For that is truly what they are, they are becoming obsolete even as we speak. But you, dear friends, you are becoming lighter and brighter by the day. And even if your physical body is still having a hard time coming to terms with this fact, it too will soon start to understand that it is indeed lightness itself...”

The manuscript of survival – part 296 • April 6, 2013

Hi Georgi!

I just got back from New York Thursday night. It was a good trip. They put me up at the Crown Plaza Hotel on Times Square. I was only given a 5 minute segment – even though it was on stage with Dr. Oz – and it was all scripted. Yep, they chose sections they had transcribed from our phone interview and requested that I answer specific questions with those specific answers. So, there was no volley back-and-forth as in a “normal” interview. Oz read his entire script from a teleprompter!

I felt somewhat disappointed and let down because the segment prior to mine was my area of expertise – the creation of disease and psychiatric illnesses. There was a heated debate in that segment between the psychiatrist that’s the medical correspondent for FOX News, Dr. Keith Ablow, and the head of the APA, Dr. Lieberman, that I would have given my eye teeth to have participated in. But since I have no letters behind my name, they wanted me to talk about the fluff, like how to look up dangerous side effects on a search engine (duh!) and how samples aren’t really free – crap like that. They didn’t even want me to give the details of my niece’s suicide, just suggested that I mention it.

I was a little nervous at first, but once we got the cameras rolling it happened in the blink of an eye and was over before I knew it! Now, we’ll have to wait until it airs to see it. I know that I adlibbed a little from the script with messages of self-empowerment and partnering with your healthcare provider rather than giving their power away. But I left out some details and examples they had asked me include, such as how Lipitor creates
erectile dysfunction and the same company makes Viagra.

They put me in a limo to the airport right after my segment and my flight was direct and uneventful. I watched the movie “Cloud Atlas” (A German film by Tom Tykwer who is the best German director I know for two decades, George) on the flight… Have you seen it? It was very synchronistic.

So, last night (4/4) as I was winding down and readying for bed I checked in with HS to register my complaints and demand an explanation. This is what I received:

Message from My HS:

Me: I hope that I did not let you down. I feel good about my appearance, but confused about its purpose. Can you enlighten me as to WHY I had to go do this at this time? Why did I omit certain elements of the script and add others? I knew exactly what I was supposed to say!

HS: You, dear One, have made us exceedingly proud once again. Your team has fought valiantly and you have been victorious over the dark at long lastAs they flail and scream at their inability to penetrate the barriers protecting the ascending population, they agonize in fear of their own demise. It is this peak of anxiety you have recently sensed in your field – not your own.

This purging will continue in the last throes of this reality and you may still find yourself uncomfortable physically at times, but know that ALL IS WELL and we are rejoicing in the HR and sending you our deepest love and support. All of you have earned your spot in a celestial eternity!

The audience you will reach is some of the most resistant, programmed minds of the masses. This seemingly mindless TV show has merited its weight in gold today!

This is why you watched “Cloud Atlas”, to relate to its character, the oriental martyr and revolutionist who escaped her servitude and slavery and became a wayshower for all who followed. Her mere act of “breaking the yoke” and escaping the programming altered the future of mankind simply because others had listened to her “final broadcast” and messages of truth.

This is the cosmic significance of what has just transpired. These words/Light codes will reach millions of viewers worldwide and they, in turn, will transmit them to millions of others. All will be touched by your energetic and thought fields through the TV transmission. Remember, there is no separation in time and space as all is illusory.

As for the omissions, not only did the section on “disease creation” NOT transition well, but by using that example you would have clearly pointed to a particular manufacturer. This would have created a liability issue and BIG headache in the future.

We added the elements of self-empowerment through “partnering with your healthcare provider and doing one’s own due diligence, and directed people to appropriately use a computer search engine to uncover potential threats. We instructed people with deeply embedded Light codes and helped them to awaken by your admonition to “Stop giving their power away!”

Now, relax, rejoice, rejuvenate…you are almost home!”


I’ve felt really good physically the last couple of days and can hardly wait to catch up on the missed posts and emails this morning, just to see what is afoot with everyone else. However, I had to transcribe this from my journal and share this with you. (April 5th in the morning).

Much love and light,

P.S. I wrote this email to another PATster yesterday (4/5), but since you hadn’t posted, I assumed you were down for the count and did not want to bother you with this lengthy email. However, yesterday held some interesting events as well that I wish to report. I had an unusual confrontation with both a friend and my mother. Both refused to hear what I was saying and got very defensive and started yelling at me.

The common denominator between the two events was they both completely lost their cool over my disclosure of a truth and I remained as calm as a cucumber… quite unusual for me! A confrontation of this nature for me is few and far between because I will generally remove myself before allowing something to escalate to this degree and then suffer with anxiety and ruminating thoughts for hours afterwards. However, there was NO TALKING sense to either one of these individuals and this time I stood in my power and declared the truth without anger or emotion and/or backing down one iota. The man was actually the husband of a good friend. He is a computer geek who considers himself an aware intellectual – into yoga, raw foods, etc. However, my suggestion that there is a “divine order” to life sent him in a complete tail spin! Even his wife couldn’t get him to listen to what I was saying as he screamed that he “didn’t BELIEVE me” and I “could not prove this!” I later discerned that he simply couldn’t hear me.

My mom on the other hand, came unglued when I pointed out her victim consciousness that permeates all of her experiences. She flipped out when I suggested she look at how often she is “victimized” and determine what the common denominator of all those experiences was…! At the conclusion of that telephone row, I told her I loved her and that it is her choice to “believe” what she chooses. When I hung up I did not feel a need to “save” her from her ignorance or convince her of anything. In fact, I felt somewhat relieved. The savior complex has truly departed! Thank God!

Plus, yesterday they chem-trailed my portal all day long! The sky was a soup of toxic chemicals attempting to block out the sun’s rays. They are obviously desperate to stop ascension at this point.

Dear Gwen,

this is excellent news and your dialogue with your HS is superb. I would very much like to ask you to have a second glance at this issue and decide one more time whether we should not publish this email with your HS’s dialogue on our website. It will be a great asset to the PAT as it demonstrates your /our victory in the citadel of the dark cabal.

Besides only our dedicated readers will read and appreciate it. The others will not understand what you are saying, just as your relatives did not get it what you are telling them, but this is no longer our problem  Even if some outsiders read it, there is nothing to lose and everything to win.

You have now established firmly your moral ground and you should announce your truth adamantly and without taking any precautions whatsoever. This time is passe. You are now divinely protected, as all of us, and it is now our time to appear on the stage as you have done it in front of a huge TV public in the USA and have affirmed your truth. Nobody will be able to stop us anymore as we are already victorious – in this particular moment and in all moments in the Now, as we have already abolished linear time on the earth and now operate from the fulcrum of the source.

Think please about my arguments one more time and give me a short notice as to how you have decided.

With love and light

As you wish, Captain. My only concern was that the site is monitored and perhaps someone might pre-empt the airing of my segment in some way. However, in retrospect that is NOT an empowered thought and I have canceled it as such. I didn’t want to appear to be bashing Dr. Oz or his show, which this email obviously does, but I also want to uplift and support the team in whatever way possible. Proceed.


Dear Gwen,

thank you very much for this decision. When will this show be aired?


They have not told me yet. I will let everyone know ASAP.


Excellent. If you inform me, I will immediately publish it, so that the PAT members in the USA and Canada can watch this TV show. As far as I am informed it is not aired in Europe, but there may be some less known channels that do it.


They will post it online with an excerpt from my book as well, Georgi. So, when they do, I’ll share the link for you to post.



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