This Is the Truth, Ma ‘Ahna’h Ma

channelled by Jahn J Kassl, April 11, 2013

Translation from German in English by Björn Kurt


Reading this channeled message it appears very clearly to me that we all have to leave our comfort zone, forget fears of existence and avoid all compromise, but to fight for the real deal.

Translating the text, the excellent movie NETWORK came to my mind. Most of you might know the movie and this particular scene has lost nothing of its poignant reality, where the deeply frustrated and disillusioned anchorman speaks to the audience and with a voice of indignation publicly calls for a revolution…

Let’s face the truth and tell it to our neighbours and make it public through the social media…

in love and light

The Message

What seems immutable shall be changing, what did not seem to occur will be occurring. The change seems to drag on, people are impatient and start to lose confidence in Heaven’s messages and succumb again into the old reality of life.

Events that have been announced, did not happen and apparently the forces of Darkness keep on playing their sinister games seemingly unaffected by all this.

The Power of the Cabal lingers on, their grip on Humanity seems absolute, and there is no apparent escape and the wheel of time turns clearly towards world dictatorship and the “transparent citizen” has become almost a reality, like in Orwell’s writings, as every step and deed of each of us is being observed and exposed to the Dark Powers – seemingly.

As day after days passes and the constantly changing life Seems not to change. Invisible for all those wishing the Change To happen NOW, things evolve too slowly and hesitatingly.

So pull the days in the time and constantly changeable life, hardly changes, and remains invisible for those who change the yearn, all this happens much too slow and hesitant.

Today seems like yesterday – and tomorrow like today. No Change in sight! Or not yet?

What is happening in this time is truly unique and full of mystery. Unique because the human society is being transformed completely. This will only become visible to all those of good will at the point when the spiritual Light has taken full possession of the hearts of the people.

At that point the awakening will happen in ONE single moment and in that moment, this coexistence of mankind has passed and the old systems ARE history – the dark ones are defeated. A mystery for all of us since each of you cannot know WHEN that change  even happens, or has happened, and when this change breaks through at all levels of society.

It happens, that’s certain, but at that moment when it is no longer being expected or least expected.

The elites of this world carry on with their delusion and are eager to transpose swiftly their dark agenda. Which is: Total domination of Humanity!

However, the time works against them and there is less and less space for their crimes. Nevertheless, they crowd, as never before, to the daylight and the whole of humanity is confronted with the exposed reality of their plans, their ill-doing and those which are perpetrating those crimes.

The unmasking of the elites is underway and you are being amazed and also many of you do not want to believe how deep the rabbit hole actually goes.

This is a point which you have to overcome. Facing the cruel reality you must not turn away your face. If you turn away instead of facing reality the truth will have a hard time to be established in your beingToday you got to have the courage and the strength to face the crimes of the these powers in a detached way. Looking at the crimes is important to let your inner self to be convinced what is REALLY going on in the background and where this world – according to the plans of this doomed elite  – is heading to.

Yet you all have to confront yourselves much more with those heinous crimes. Still most of you do not want to admit even when the exposed reality looks right in your face. This is a reason which you are not getting aware of the true change and of the actual speed with which this change is happening and this is why you are unable to interpret adequately the nature of Change.

To you it seems as if everything is being delayed in a lengthy unnecessary way as if Change got stuck somewhere halfway and cannot progress any further. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is pure Illusion, nothing more. This illusion is only caused within you because you evade the truth of divine light. Because you still cannot face the facts that are brought to the light and because you still deny the ugly truth that is being exposed.

How can you reject something if you never have confronted it?

And that truly brings the dark forces in a new powerful position because they will deceive you as long as they can and they want to postpone the moment that will change everything as far away as possible.

Even that fails, and yet, the people that are consecrated to the Light are reluctant to face the foul odor – now spreading on earth – after the crimes of old days being exposed.

So I urge you to open your eyes for the abominable actions and projects of those who still think they are the masters of this world. Look at it and name it! Speak up and say NO. An compulsory exercise, so you can finally say NO and drive it away.

What really matters is your awakened consciousness and not your ability to imagine an ideal world or to despair on the fact that it has not taken shape yet.

This new world of happiness, blessing, beauty, of love and light is already created in your Heart and will become reality as soon as you start to face the world of darkness with the same attention as you bring to the world of light.

To deny the “Dark” or the “Evil” is, as if you would deny the storm and the rain or negate the trembling of the earth. As if you would not perceive leprosy in a human being and to deny the obvious just because it is not acceptable to you and you would be obliged to question your conceptions of your very own weltanschauung.

The greatest of all illusions is to negate the obvious and to declare the hidden as well as the invisible to be the reality.

The illusion that Change might be delayed or is not even taking place is due to the fact that you are too timidly taking part in it and that you are avoiding the world of today and do not confront it in a adequate way with courage and determination.

Who stands on the platform and impatiently waiting for the train, will miss it as he, in a moment of inattention, leaves the platform to seek elsewhere.

This means: the key to success is the constant attention on the way to expel and defeat any doubts. A man or woman totally dedicated to achieve Change has no time to ponder if and when this change will be completed. The path as the goal, without knowing the moment of arrival.

A man, however, installed in the middle of his comfortable furnishings and is waiting will become sluggish and tired and the day the Heavenly Father will bring the people into his kingdom he finds the man fallen asleep and he must move on empty.

Many people are firmly asleep and when they wake up and after looking round they ask in a distraught way: “Why has not changed anything”? Only to slip back into a deep slumber.

How do you want to witness the transformation if instead of waking up you keep sleeping?

Dear, beloved and exceedingly holy people!

Such is the Truth. As soon as you deal with the day to day business and do not deny what is nor what is being exposed to the light of day, then a new clarity will grow and unfold within you.

This world is an illusion, yet in this illusion at least a part of you is real. Therefore take this world as it is, for indeed:

The kingdom of heaven on earth shall prevail once the weeds are not being overlooked any longer, but once it is weeded out and removed with the root.

I am the Life, from the realms of the heavenly guardians for this world –

I am the love and the light



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