The Sphinx Speaks How to Make Real Change Happen

Channeler Petra Margolis, April 12, 2013

Moving through your reality is for many a hardship, yet a long time ago you chose to be  on earth. You are attached within the earth reality, not only through human belief systems, but also energetically. Yes, energetically, as your energy bodies are present within the energy upon earth, they are connected to your 3D reality upon earth.

The 3D reality is still present upon earth, even though some of you have moved parts of your energy into a 5D frequency, you reality is still 3D in a way as there is only a small group that was able to move to the 5D frequency.

What this means is that after death, your energy bodies connected to the physical body are still within the 3D reality, this results in your energy bodies staying connected into the 3D reality, and you will have to incarnate again into the physical 3D reality upon earth.

The other part that is still happening is that many, even though they were or are able to move into a 5th dimensional frequency, they are connected into the holograms in and surrounding earth. This is resulting in a sleep state in a way for many as most are focused on the little things, instead of the greater picture.

Staying in a certain state of being is one example, and focusing on acting certain ways is another example. What we mean by this is that many are still on the same path as before the shift /Dec 21, 2012), many have not changed their focus toward a greater picture.

What is that picture?

When we look at the time before the shift, it was all about the shift, moving into a higher frequency, becoming a better person, changing the world, hoping the change would come after the shift. Many messages are still feeding you the same material as before the shift, and you follow it as you have not looked at the greater picture available.

What would happen if not one, but many people would turn into light, the way Jesus did? What do you think the effect would be upon people upon your earth? Would it wake them up? Would it bring change? Instead of waiting for change, you can make change happen in an instant that way.

Yes, it is going to require a different mindset, as this is something that would require your full attention, dedication, trust within as there are examples of human following this path and completing this path, one of them, Jesus.

This doesn’t just require you to disconnect from your human reality, but you will have to disconnect from your spiritual reality as well. It begins with disconnecting from all that is within your human reality, disconnecting from all that is human. From there it is about moving through all that you are within the spiritual realities until you are able to disconnect from that as well.

Right now we see many still focused on the human reality, having some spiritual experiences, but many of these experiences are happening within the holograms and realities that have been created within and around earth to keep you attached to the earth reality and some of the realities surrounding your earth.

What is not clear to many of you is that everything that is experienced within spirit is also a created reality in a way. Many see relationships within spirit, other beings within spirit that have a certain way of life within spirit. These are just as much a created reality as your own human reality.

Any group out there within other dimensions is within their own created reality. Any connection you have to any of these beings is because you have been part of those created realities. But it is not who you are, they are all just lives you have lived within other created realities.

You have tried for so long to bring change to the earth; change is not something that is happening fast as it requires the ones that are asleep to wake up. Yes, many groups are telling you, this is what is going to happen; all we need is a bit more time, it is happening, we are working behind the scenes and more.

Others are focusing on the fact that the energies are changing, the earth is moving up in frequency, but this is a natural process for the earth, a natural cycle for the earth, this will not have much effect on the ones that are asleep, as this process is a slow process as well.

Some think, we need these other groups out there in our universe to show up on earth, this will wake people up.

There are so many messages out there that in fact do not bring any real change, except for the small changes of some waking up, some moving deeper within, some becoming more compassionate.

But these are all small things compared to the great picture of real change needed. Even if the real change was only for your own being, for you as a human.

The moving out of the incarnation cycle upon earth, the moving into the fullness of your being, being one with your own fullness as a spiritual being that knows and is aware of all that is present instead of being aware of some created realities. It is becoming aware of everything beyond these created realities, becoming aware and knowing who you really are.

In reality you are a source being, yet in a way this is also something that has become distorted in a way as many do not understand what it is to be a source being. If real change is to take place, the focus will have to be on bringing back the spiritual awareness and understanding of each being.

What better way than showing everyone this by following Jesus example. Going through the process of transforming the physical body into a light body (ascension).

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