Personal Opinions – April 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor


After reading all of the correspondence that took place yesterday and considering the energetic situation the last 24 hours, this is what I have concluded.

The HR used April’s HS to send this message, which as Daniel says, was so obviously a lie to stimulate us into approving the new plan. After the Boston incident we were involved in a series of test runs to gauge the masses willingness for us to come back as ascended masters before any other catastrophic occurrences. At first I gauged that the masses did better, but actually they failed miserably, mainly because of the continual news coverage. For about three days there was no other news on the major networks. Even earthquakes in Iran that killed many more people than the Boston incident was not even reported. 

So the PTB succeeded again in determining what they chose for the masses to concentrate and believe. So HR is forced to go back to the original Polar Shift scenario. But in order to do that we, the PAT have to accept such a plan. How do we accept it? By realizing it and discussing it. Then in our dreamtime we build  the blocks necessary for the new scenario. Thus why we were knocked down so badly the last 48-72 hours. We are the ultimate architects in 5D.

So here we are again on a slightly different path, but with the same destination. Of course any of us would prefer that our HS give us a true message about our ascension condition, but this is not how it works in the HR. As Daniel has compared it to a chess game. The plays are not so important as the final result and this is what HR did, it used April HS message to spur us into accepting the best alternative now available. I am getting April 29th as an important date.


Dear Jerry,

I am so glad that you confirm my assessment. I have prepared a new publication – the second message from the Elohim with a commentary from me, where I address this issue one more time in the same manner.

As you have not read it yet, this is an even more powerful confirmation that we are in full synchronicity and see the unfolding of the events behind and in front of the curtain  in the same way. This was one of the most dramatic moments, similar to that prior to our last decree and I am convinced that the new scenario with the magnetic pole shift is an asset for us and will lead us quicker to ascension than waiting for the masses to awaken on their own before we can ascend. Well done!


Hi Georgi;

Thank you as always for keeping the website up and posting these most important dialogues between all of us.

I’m so sorry that you are stuck in the middle of having to captain the ship and edit the website along with playing angel (this apparently means intermediary or middleman in Greek) and interpreting for all of us. You must know this is literally the only lifeline, safe space and arena of hope many of us, dare I say, most of us have. So my eternal thank to you and I hope you have the energy and interest in continuing providing this for us.

I had considered the idea that we should be completely self sufficient now and not look to you and the website as a crutch, but I largely disregarded that possibility for several reasons, least of not which is that we are in uncharted waters as this exact scenario has never been successfully accomplished before and may not have even been tried before. So my conclusions regarding this were quite simple; as long as we feel drawn together to connect and support each other through you, each other and the website, this must be appropriate and necessary.

This whole situation is so entirely fucked up as we are being used and abused with almost no information available as to the truth about why, why, why this is so. Considering my previous conclusions, I suppose this question is also answered; we have no truthful or reliable information because the Higher Realms also have no fucking clue, as above… so below…

Please post this for April if you would be so kind Georgi. April certainly must know she is the most invaluable asset to the team and I count her and the other channels as the most brave and most admired amongst our group. To have the clarity and ability to bare your soul to the entire world is such and amazing gift, one that I personally am not fully connected with, is literally the most admirable and amazing quality I can imagine with my monkey brain. She has set the bar of what to aspire to and I can not thank April, Dorrie, Carla and everyone that has been so selfless to do this.

My personal update is that the ascension process is still first and foremost in my thoughts, I don’t really have a choice in this either, but my 3D body and mind have reverted to a survivalist mode. Regardless of the outcome I am experimenting now with chemical intervention in order to cope with this reality our bodies are stuck in. This is a personal choice and I strongly recommend that others do not follow my example.

So whatever happens, happens and if this somehow interferes with my personal ascension process, so be it. I know the risks and how to manage them, or so I think… famous last words…

I’m still here as always, but I hopefully will be more happy and or numb to the mind and body tortures I must endure.

My best to you and everyone, as always,
Marco NYC

Dear Marco,

thank you for your support and very kind words. I will forward your email to April of course. I have another article which I will publish later on in the day after everybody has read the discussion, which gives vital clues as to what is ongoing behind the veil. It is breathtaking and the dynamics is really heating up like a Boston pressure pot shortly before explosion.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for forwarding me Marco’s message. It was very helpful and soothing to read after all the talk of me being a bad/corrupted source of information. It’s interesting to find out how people really feel about you and your contributions, isn’t it? Especially when it’s part of the family whom you’ve come to grow and love so well. The good thing is that I have lots of experience in my life in this regard, with family treating one so callously. I am not purely my messages, I am a human being and do not appreciate being spoken about in this way. It is no wonder you did not include me in these conversations. I have spent countless hours, many of which I didn’t have in the first place, in order to be as responsive to the PAT as possible.

I understand the latest messages were not popular, and are still confusing. Hell, I’m still somewhat confused, but I never declared perfection or to always being right/correct. I simply do the best I can when you ask for a HS update and I’ve never channeled for another group besides this one (in case my motives are also in question). I’ve always advocated for others to be in touch with their own HS’s, to get the information first hand for themselves because it’s not good or healthy to rely on others all the time, as you’ve so often said.

Having said all this, the PAT can go ahead and throw all their anger and frustration my way. I can take responsibility for this recent message I shared with you and all of those in the past that were strangely enough confirmed by others, for being a “corrupted” source. But do not expect me to ever be responsive to and for this group again. I’m incredibly hurt by the words that so called masters feel free to banter about me and it’s clear that the heart/compassion component is severely lacking, and being tired or fed up is simply no freaking excuse. Folks should choose their words more wisely as one of my favorite quotes illustrates so beautifully below:

Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Everything else has already completely shifted and/or left my life this year beginning with the death of my beloved brother the first week in January, so I can’t say I’m even surprised by this division of ways, but it still hurts.

I of course wish you and the PAT the best in all your future endeavors,

Much love and light,

My dear April,

you make the mistake again to take it personally. It has never been about you and all the participants have said this explicitly that they are only interested in finding the truth. We have all admitted that our HS have also cheated us all the time. Besides I will just publish another article where I evaluate your HS’s message one more time from a broader view and explain why it contained important information.

Please do not make the mistake to take personally the frustration of the people – they have the right to be frustrated, but it is the most awkward thing to take this personally.

You have no idea how many frustrated messages I receive daily where the people project their frustration on me as if I am a guarantee and responsible for their ascension or well being and when they do not manage to cope with their emotions and lives, they believe they have every right to project them onto a retired German-Bulgarian physician somewhere in Germany, which they even do not know how to find on the map  and make him responsible for their misguided lives. I will send you below a typical letter as an example I have just answered before I read your email

If I would have displayed this kind of unnecessary sensibility, I would have closed this website at the very beginning.

There is nothing you should be angry or indignant or hurt about. You have done an excellent job and I will show this in my next publication. And do not get irritated by the frustration of the people – it is wise to let them express their feelings especially when they seem to be directed towards you. After that they will be more convinced about the appropriateness of your messages and will even have a bad consciousness. Just stay cool and let the people be emotional. The only persons you should avoid are those who express no emotions, but calculate with cold, dark intentions. Emotions are always manageable.

This is the secret of my wife who lets the people express all their emotions and even aggressions and even play the role of the lightning rod for them and then when the people calm down they regret their behaviour and feel more attached to her than before because she has not rebuked them and forgives everything. Her behaviour makes my daughters really angry as they do not understand it. They themselves are much more aggressive and quick in hitting back when they feel attacked.

Now that you are a real ascended master you should be absolutely immune against all human emotions, not fearing any negative feelings or rejecting them, but letting them being expressed as they immediately disappear after that like a morning dew in the sun. Of course you need not consider all these recommendations as your days on this planet are numbered, but it helps especially in the last most chaotic moments.

With love and light


Hi! Georgi,

Distressing is an understatement as to what is going on with this so called Ascension process. A friend of mine wrote the other day…”This Ascension has DESTROYED my ability to live in 3D any longer“.

That really seems to sum it up for so many people I know. There is more harm being done on every level of our being due to the lies and what I feel our being Played with. It is like the God’s of Olympus playing their games with Mankind etc. Are the so called God’s really ET’s that are playing with humans who have been implanted with Chips? Is this how messages are received? Are the Chips causing the physical symptoms? Etc. Etc. Can symptoms be a result of microwaves or whatever from the chips? There are more negative things related to all of this than positive at this point.

I can not tell the deep depression that so many I know are suffering as a result of following this site and others. In a way myself included! I stopped teaching these things because I do not want to be responsible in causing others this pain or creating anymore karma. I see their pain and the sorrow of living in 3D every day now. True….we are Ascending, but this may be a process that will take another 100 years, unless the Pole Shift comes first, which is most likely.

I don’t believe that a True Higher Self will LIE. That means that the higher dimensions are no better than the 3rd. Something is very wrong here Georgi. We have to step back and stop being controlled. I see more harm and disappointment in Light Workers and Star Seeds being done which lessens The Light as being a possible part of the Dark Plan. How many more YEARS are we going to fall for their out right deception? What was the purpose of so many millions of humans being abducted and implanted besides being used to create hybrids??????? Control!

As I said Georgi…of the many, many people I know…Light Workers, Star Seeds and Reiki Healers at this point more are falling away from the it all and simply are saying… what will be, will be. I will try and be the best person I can be and that is all I want to do at this point. Their hearts are broken from delays and lies.

Will you put this up on your site?

You are all in my prayers and many blessings,

Dear Marjorie,

I am afraid but I cannot share your pessimistic view of the events. Of course I also get depressed from time to time, but this does not last more than half a day and I always find ways to improve my mood through using my inner strength.

If people are depressive longer than 24 hours then they have a real psychological problem and I would have advised them in earlier time to visit a psychiatrist. Now I know that there is no remedy, but find the strength in themselves and regain their faith.

With love and light

Dear Marjorie,

I am afraid but I cannot share your  pessimistic view of the events.

Hi! I do not feel I am being pessimistic Georgi. Just trying to find answers. I am trying to look outside of The Box. You are refusing to do so it seems. Are you afraid to share what I wrote on your site because it is not in agreement with you and the possibilities I suggest as to WHY? Surely not because of what you simply call being pessimistic. It may give others food for thought?

Of course I also get depressed from time to time, but this does not last more than half a day and I always find ways to improve my mood through using my inner strength.

I am happy you can do that….

If people are depressive more than 24 hours then they have a real psychological problem and I would have advised them in earlier time to visit a psychiatrist.

That is my point exactly. Those I spoke of are depressed by the lies and constantly being deceived. They have lost faith in this Site and others. Even with my Site that includes info. on the Ascension. I just don’t want to be part of being responsible for their heartache any longer. If they went to a psychiatrist who knows nothing about Ascension, they would put them in a Nut House.

Now I know that there is no remedy, but find the strength in themselves and regain their faith.

The remedy since last year especially would have been Ascension before now. That would have been the remedy from all the deception that is being fed to us Georgi. You do not want to think outside of your Box as to why over and over and over again ALL the PAT has been lied to and just keep going on and on and on. Is it a matter of Ego?  Is it because of Control? It is time for the Higher Realms to Put Up or Shut Up.  More harm is being done that good as this stage of the GAME!

Much love and light to you Georgi and the entire PAT.



Dear Marjorie,

if you have read my latest post I am already in the 5th dimension and you must be in the box if you have not realized this fact. If some people do not have faith in our site, they should not read it. It is as simple as that. The number of my readers has however doubled in the last several months, so that I do not see any credibility crisis.

All those readers who are fully in the LBP have ascended with the entire PAT and know this and do not need this website to believe in this fact. They have a direct contact to their HS. They only read this website as they need a connection to like-minded people they cannot find in their neighbourhood.

Our website publishes though the most open-minded, honest,,self-critical, insightful and spiritually-factual discussions worldwide and there is no other ésoteric website that is barely reaching this high level of truthfulness. If you find another website that is comparable to ours, I urge you to present it to me and I will scrutinize it and give you my professional comments.

If you have a completely different opinion than myself and most of our readers this is your free will to do so. But it is rather stupid to expect me that I will agree with your opinion, don’t you think so?

With love and light

Hallo George,

After digesting the latest from the Elohim and your discussion, I have the following to say.
What upsets me most is the way that we were being “ignored” by the HR. It is like we are just seen as robots, to just do our job, and that our opinions do not matter.

Many of us, the awakened star seeds, had gone through hell in this lifetime in order to reach this level of awakening, having sacrificed much in the process, even before the onset of LBP. So therefore, I would like to know why did the other HS’s who are partying in the HR, not wake their incarnated selves up. They had all this toxic, negative, emotional world at their disposal to do it in, just like we did.

In any case, we are the ones that are doing the most important work on the frontiers of hell. I always thought that we were seen in a high regard and that our opinions on this website were serving as an important guide as to the situation on the ground for the HR. This however does not seem to be the case.

I am deeply disappointed, not because I did not ascend last week, but because I (along with many others), have repeatedly warned against the “Lullaby awakening” method for humanity. My memory is a little impaired due to LBP, however as far as I can  remember, since about the middle of last year, after we learned that our saviour attitude was misplaced, (yes we wasted some time through that)  we spoke out many times against a slow “lullaby” awakening. This, however, seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

The HR can make an accurate assessment on the vibration, or energy and enlightenment of an individual, however to gauge the level of conditioning or programming of humanity is part of the 3D situation, therefore difficult to assess from the higher dimensions. So they needed an event such as an act of terror (Boston bombing), or THEY COULD HAVE JUST ASKED US. It was friggin obvious to me that this “lullaby wakey, wakey baby” method would take many years to unprogram humanity. We have mentioned it time and again on the website. Are only 3D humans reading the website then? Or does our opinion not matter, as our HS’s make the decisions for us.

From about 11/11/11, after my first failed ascension run, my biggest fear would be an ever changing Ascension scenario with the accompanying delay. Unfortunately that fear came true now for the umpteenth time.

Yes, the light energies around humanity and Gaia are much improved now, however at what cost. Many of us are battle fatigued, many lightworkers have already turned “hedonistic”, especially after the failed 12/21 ascension attempt, and my family members that were at one stage interested in ascension, have completely lost interest and are of the opinion that I have lost my marbles (which does not bother me in the least btw).

Oh, and the pole reversal scenario has always been my favourite, as I was already expecting it in 2010.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

you are presenting the human perspective and in this your arguments are absolutely correct and justified. I assume that our HS see the situation rather differently and here is rub.

I  also believe that we have been unduly sacrificed on behalf of humanity, while many other souls could not awaken their star seeds on the ground for whatever reasons, which we cannot know now.

Have there been strategic failures in the selection of the appropriate scenario in the HR? Most probably yes, but we will know the full picture only after our ascension. Now we have no access to the major energetic parameters that determine the decisions of the HR as we see the unfolding of the ascension scenario from our narrow point of view, which is again the human perspective.

However I do agree with you that this perspective was fully neglected in the case of the PAT, i.e we were sacrificed without any compassion for the sake of higher, lofty goals that are no longer human in nature, but had to be implemented nonetheless by mortal human beings in humble physical vessels, so that the pressure exceeded by far the endurance of the most daring human individuals. That is why there must be now an end with a bang and not with a whimper.

I would only correct you on one issue. The Boston state terror act was only the human 3d-trigger. The actual test run was accomplished through our fields by transmitting huge amounts of source energy to humanity simultaneously to gauge their emotional and mental response to this external trigger. The event itself is irrelevant, but the reaction of the people was in the centre of interest in the HR and it was found to be not very positive.

This conclusion led to the implementation of the initial scenario with the magnetic pole reversal first yesterday (April 18). The elements of the ascension scenario are a few, but their combinations are infinite and herein lies the difficulty for us to discern clearly the chest play of the HR.



After reading today’s posts, I’m just confirming that on the evening of the 17th, while watering the lawn, I spontaneously received the feeling that something good had just happened and my spirits were lifted all of a sudden. I conveyed the message to our daughter Angelica as she was by me when this happened.

Georgi, what I don’t fully comprehend yet is, what purpose would (the PAT’s) HS have, to purposely deceive us with misconstruing info?

Thank You for your time in responding~

Dear Theresa,

I myself have no final answers to this question, but only some suggestions which I have presented throughout our discussions in the last two years.


Beloved Georgi…

I know I am in 5D and feel it often when I let my mind free. A free mind means I am not thinking about the past or mundane works, or preoccupied with dramas. I have been encouraged to do creative works, so I am sewing and painting and playing my harp.

This is when 5D is so visible. When the mind is allowed to free flow. The world around me looks liquid-like. There is a difference of sensations. I feel so blended with everything.  It is joyful without cause. We are still in for the “radical sift” which could be within weeks.

May has a lot held within its days, and it is then we may see visible proof of all we have read here, what you have written, Georgi, so much about. It is not something we may be privy to knowing before hand. As experience of this in its purity is some of the information we all are gathering!!

I keep receiving specific and strange commands in order to prepare for this time period. Listen within and follow it, as these preparations are very specific to each individual. I received one instruction and am having a bit of ‘struggle within’ about the why of it, but I am following it out to the letter as described today…. for each piece of the puzzle must fall in to place now to speed this transition onward.

I Love You!
~ Love, Carolyn

Thank You George,

Yes yesterday started out pretty bad feeling, but progressed on to become a very nice day as it turned out. I went to visit my oldest daughter who always seems to carry with her, her own special energy and it always makes you feel good. I have 3 kids who are all blessed with being just a step above me conscious-wise and seem to really know how to handle this place. But George, I know to how we all fit into this huge puzzle with the placement of where we all stand for the job at hand. I always knew I had brought my children here for a good reason. I guess, I was just always too much the “mom” and did not allow them to show me how many ways they could teach me about sustaining this life. And so my day ended much nicer as I said.

Jerry wrote a wonderful article that is just the medicine that I needed to hear, as it is so many of my thoughts also but with all the correct spins attached. Yes we all know that our contracts are up and that is why we all feel like such crap because we are still here and sure I can go back and get back into the old garbage, I just did not know if I should, which again could be looked at like a “no brainer”, but  it was the fact of going back in and going against the grain that made me wonder what I should be doing. I wanted a reference point even though there are none. But you and Jerry and all the others are that for some of us who are probably being told by our HS’s what to do but are just to ornery to listen. Thank you 100% and George they have the most special gifts I believe awaiting you for all this that you have done for them.

Love always,

Hi Georgi,

I dreamed last night I was pregnant and ready to give birth. I looked down at my stomach and there the baby’s foot was pressing out and I could see the little foot – it made me weep.

I was ushered to the “birthing area” but I was thinking that I didn’t have the symptoms that birth was imminent. People were bringing me gifts, like the Wise Men and I felt a little sheepish.

Then I looked down again and the baby with uterus was no longer attached to my body, but I was holding it up and against my body by a strap that went around my neck.  It (the baby) had separated from me.

I feel like I was representative of the Earth Mother, who’s “baby” is now separated and only a small strap holds her new Self, very little.

It is so much more significant when we can experience these visions for ourselves.  I wouldn’t normally bother to share my dreams, but I think that if I am having them, then we all are. I KNOW we are.

I love you all….

Justin Ann
Blue Ridge Mts. of Virginia

Hi Georgi,

I’ve been reading the updates from the group. I’ve always felt that the scenario has to remain fluid and flexible for Ascension for several reasons:

1. If we are unable to awaken the masses sufficiently prior to pole-shift and disclosure, then we will be needed on the ground to assist during catastrophic times.

2.  If the masses awaken sufficiently prior to pole-shift, (perhaps with disclosure happening as well), then we will not be needed on the ground.

The determining factor is the awakening level of the masses. The dark cabal wants the masses to be in chaos and slumber, so that they can have more entities in the B earth.  They will do all that they can to continue the slumber… chemtrails, gmos, radiation leaks, disinfo, false flags, etc.

So, it appears that the burden of awakening others is squarely on our shoulders.

By the way, I am practising my gifts each night as I reach out to you, the PAT and my loved ones in my meditations that go one until I sleep. I also think of you all throughout the day linking energetically to the PAT, while I remind myself that all that I need to Ascend is within me. The Kingdom of Heaven is within me. One of my favorite thoughts to concentrate on during my meditations.

Soon I am expecting to hear about our telepathic conversations from the other members of the team.

Much love and light to you and all the PAT.

Dear Charlotte,

thank you very much for your validation on the fluidity of the ongoing ascension scenario. Indeed the key variable has always been the level of awakening of the masses.


Hi Georgi,

Do I understand that the ID split is in actuality the Web split to sever the web of light for A+A/B from B?

The latest Gaiaportal’s message-April 19 describes an 11-fold increase in energy in, say, a time span of 20 hours? If that acceleration continues, then I would expect a “moment singularity”, if I can use that word.

“Frequencies of transformation among up-grading Hue-mans are increasing, and currently have reached 11-fold from time of prior post (April 18). The frequency increase varies from individual to individual, yet the 11-fold number signifies transmittance of new 4-7D codes into the consciousness bodies of each.

Indications of frequency increase include sense of dissonance with all prior life pathways, release of all internal energetic “packages” which no longer support the increasing frequencies, and a desire for, and attunement with, completely new directions of movement, energetic, consciousness, as well as 3D.

“Galactic body” alignments accompany these increasing frequencies of transformation, and result in attraction of each Hue-Unit to appropriate Galactic study groups and Galactic-Purposing families. Such include Gaia-based as well as non-Gaia-based organizations.”


Dear Dennis,

this message is significant indeed on the background of the two previous ones and also the earlier ones when another 10-fold increase was announced. It could be that we are now preparing the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal. Read also our discussion which I will publish today.


Dear Georgi,

The latest message of the Elohim confirms the feelings I’ve been having for quite some time with respect to the ascension scenario. Obviously the HR still strive for the best possible outcome, which can only mean to heave each and every incarnated soul to a higher level, and in order to achieve that, we are needed on the ground until the process is finished 100%. If I’m correct, the Gaiaportal message of yesterday points out that every incarnated soul on Earth has chosen to walk the ascension path from now.

“Those walking “alternative to the “up step” time lines will find themselves directed back onto the “up step” time line. All currently residing upon (and within) Gaia have agreed to this re-direction, challenging as it may be for some of the “humanity” (small h) group.”

Logically, those who have recently chosen a redirection to the “up step” path, will need to release their obsolete beliefs, behaviour patterns, fears etc., which is something they cannot do without massive energetic support, high-frequency energy pulses, transmitted mainly through the energy fields of the PAT. I do not know how many souls have just recently chosen the “up step” path, but this could signify a prolonged stay for us, since without our presence on the ground, there can be no planetary ascension.

It is more than bitter to drain this glass of truth, but it seems we will have to set our minds on a prolonged stay, and be ready for further transmitting and cleansing, and the related physical/emotional/ mental discomforts, that once again reached a peak in recent days. I’ve been experiencing recently a great deal of existential fear energetically, which were also confirmed by images in dreams. Amidst these cleansing waves, I still have difficulty to discern what belongs to the collective, as some of these emotions/fears seem so personal. Anyway, I’ll keep doing my best to deal with the situation and stay focused.

I hope you are feeling well, and I welcome any insights or corrections to my assessment.

Yours truly,

Lieber Georg,

alles auf dem besten Weg – habe heute nacht noch die neueste Meldung von Jahn Kassl gelesen und sie mal kurz übersetzt. Mittlerweile habe ich schon etwas Übung. Die Zeit wird knapp und ich freue mich auf Dich als bald aufgestiegener Meister…
Dear George

Everything is on the perfect way – I have read this night the latest post from Jahn Kassl and have quickly translated it. In the meantime I am getting more skilled in this. The time is getting shorter and am looking forward to see you as ascended master….

As always in the service of the light
heartfelt greetings
Björn Kurt, Switzerland


by Jahn J Kassl, 19th April 2013

Honoured Humans,

wake up, get up before the time is getting too short and the will of Mother Earth to dispose of all those, which show no empathy for the healing of our earth shall become reality.

I am the One which is always with you – at all times.

Those which are laughing today shall drown tomorrow in an ocean of tears. Those which are shamelessly obeying the idols of this world will realize tomorrow that they have gone astray. Those denying their own divine nature today will pale tomorrow as they will realize their missed opportunities.

So remain steadfast and true in your decision to be devoted servants of God on earth, or become One now.

Time is short indeed!

Truly, I am that I am

I just got done writing this, and I saw the newest blog posts on your page.

Madge Midgely

A very timely and valid elaboration /clarion call – George


Dear Dr. Stankov,

Over here we use the saying “throwing ball” when a person does what he must do, according to what the circumstances will determine and without any alternative. I used that expression in my last communication made to you, because according to the symptoms experienced strongly by me since Monday, I had an intuition that they would extend the time of our stay on the planet, something not pleasant indeed, and it does not surprise me because having to wait has become a habit for me. But while I say, be willing to “throw ball” with each passing day, my will is waning, especially in a country, where survival today has become a real challenge and emotional stability is an illusion. However, I do not lose faith that soon, the ordeal will end.

As I commented recently, the collapse of the economic and financial system of this country (Venezuela), is just around the corner. Moreover, the food shortage has worsened dramatically in recent days, to the point that there are already long lines to make purchases of some commodities rationed. To this is added a political crisis, with marked polarization of society, with a sector that supports the current government and another sector that believes the solution lies in changing these politicians with other politicians. Both are engaged in electoral fraud, without realizing that the whole political system itself is a fraud.

Note that the current Venezuelan conflict has generated protests in other parts of Latin America, such as in Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, which can quickly generate what is called a domino effect. So from my perspective and location, I can see the speed with which events unfold that you predicted.

There is a time difference of five and a half hours between your location and mine. At this time is 3.20 am. I could not sleep all night. I woke up at 11:30 with severe headache and unbearable ringing. Since then I have not gone back to sleep. I will try to do so now that the symptoms have diminished. I hope you are better now and I send warm greetings from here.

Luis González, Venezuela

Dear Luis,

thank you for your comprehensive update on the political stalemate in your country and throughout Latin America. Many countries are now on the cusp of an economic and political meltdown and it can happen any moment from now on. The whole old system is highly unstable as it is no longer supported by the life-spending energies of the Whole. It is only kept alive by habit and inertia, stemming from the masses. But this can cease within the blink of an eye. I will publish your report today.


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