A Latvian Psychic Confirms the Impending PAT Supernova and the Magnetic Pole Reversal

by Gatis Arents, April 25, 2013

Hi Georgi.

Since confirmations are never enough, I have a few for you. Yesterday I visited my medium again, she is a powerful psychic and has a very clear channel to her HS, I have witnessed more than enough times that what she says has eventually fulfilled and she has helped me many times when I was in need.

So we talked about many things you are talking about on your web site. Most of the things she agreed with because she got the same info for some time now, some things she did not agree fully, but still, the overall information is the same.

For example, she confirmed 100% that yes, the scenario has been changed and the world will have to shake most of the people awake, because there is no time anymore, the train is fully tanked up and already starting to move. So that the pole shift thing is certain, bet she just was not certain about the dates, she said it would most probably be somewhere in the middle of summer or so.

She confirmed that the PAT will ascend just before or during the global cataclysm that will be the pole shift. This will make the PAT fully awakened ascended masters on earth to show humanity the way and to guide them. The PAT will have some practice time to get the hand on their new tools and abilities, during which they won’t be able to harm anyone including themselves, just like a training time. This is as one of your friends already mentioned in one message.

We talked about free energy stuff, since this is what I have been studying for years and she confirmed that all the delays and disappointments in this area for all free energy researchers are not as much because of the Orion system and dark cabal, but mostly because of our HS and the decisions in HR that such machines will only delay and brake down the ascension and awakening process. So all the experiments and tests we have done were just as a training, a learning curve that we have graduated. But our work on these machines will start after the ID split.

She was very excited when she heard the word “PAT supernova“. Supernova was the exact term that her HS has always used to describe the awakening of the lightworkers.

Anyway, the info from most sources tends to agree with what you are saying. Even I myself feel now like I am sitting in a theater, the two bells have already been ringing, the lights are dimming and now the show is about to start, so brace yourselves, the most exciting time of your life is now beginning.

Thank you, hope this helps.


See also this message for further confirmation of our impending ascension:


I have written in my two latest reports that I was involved in the last several days in cleansing the secrecy paradigm of the dark secret services that suffocate humanity like a cancer in conjunction with the lies of the FBI around the Boston marathon bombing. This channeling below now prospectively confirms these last cleansing waves that flowed through my body. As Jerry said the best indicator for what is happening on the earth is to carefully observe and gauge the changing quality of the energy waves in our personal fields and the intuitive knowledge that they evoke in our minds:

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: An Entire Paradigm of Secrecy is About to be Shattered


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