The Latest Golden-Yellow Waves Bring the Divine Mind to the PAT Who Are the Human Representatives of the Monad of Christ Consciousness

by Carla Thompson, April 12, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is the complete Elohim message and, while I usually hear word for word what it is that they have to say, it has become more the case that I am receiving information through clair-cognizance. When I receive information this way I need to spend extra time to make sure that all aspects are clearly and carefully presented. I found this message complex for this very reason.

When I received your e-mail describing the massive energy wave, the Elohim remarkably arrived instantly as soon as I opened your e-mail. I knew immediately that this was an auspicious day with an important message for each and every one of us.

” Greetings Dear Ones!  We are the Elohim!

We announce with great joy and wonderment the arrival of the honoured and cherished Divine Golden-Yellow Light pulses coming directly from Source which now serve to complete the final connections and alignments of your bodies, the physical, the mental, the emotional and the Soul bodies. This Divine light completes the newly attained level of connection beyond all previously measured/identified constructs into full engagement of and adaptation to newly received light codes carried upon this light wave.

The Golden-Yellow waves that all of you have been experiencing not only correct any misalignment, they also serve a most divine purpose, the illumination of the Human mind.  We welcome you in the new era of the Divine Mind!

These waves shall have profound import upon the cognitive functioning of the human brain, whereby new synapses are activated resulting in enhanced upper/higher cognitive function. You will notice with sheer delight how easily all shall flow as it is released from the chains of the human brain.

The Divine Mind shall open your mind to new horizons of expanding wisdom. With true wisdom comes a grander perspective. Higher perspective informs higher consciousness.  Connection of divine mind to a higher consciousness imparts complete understanding that the Source lies deep within your very heart and soul.

As representatives of the Golden-Yellow Light, the Christ Consciousness Illumination, you are now graced with a heightened discernment, profound perception and understanding/comprehension of All-That-Is.With this insight you carry integrated awareness of Universal Consciousness where all is known, even the understanding of your own ego-mind, with all it’s fear and misaligned beliefs.  The ego-mind has served you well to this point through your many incarnations and now it is time to rejoice as it enjoins the Divine Mind in All-That-Is.

As we have said to you before and once again, stress at this juncture, now as Ascended Masters bathed in the divine Golden-Yellow wave, all old beliefs that no longer serve, beliefs that only serve the ego-mind, shall now be dropped and replaced with the allowance of new thoughts, including new ways of looking at your lives and those with whom you interact. A systematic replacement to this new way of thinking shall at this time honestly reflect your evolutionary path of the human ego-mind to the Divine Mind.

We ask you to confront all inner thoughts of competition with others. We ask you to drop the pretence of false offense. We ask you to let them all go! Concern yourself with One Being… and That Being is You! 

For we say to you now that You are the new Earth keepers, the Ascended Masters of the New Era.

And so it is natural to open up to all the new energies with a fresh and open mind, these new and magnificent energies that come in waves from All-That-Is, much like the waves upon the ocean beach, which flood and ebb incessantly, in perfect form.

Embrace the Golden-Yellow light Now and in Every Moment! Envision the descent of this light into the crown chakra every day! It is a conscious decision to decide that you are Divine in your Being. It is a conscious decision to know that you are always connected to All-That-Is. Fresh measures are required now in order to rise above the intransigent stimulation of the third dimension.

As Ascended Masters you know of what we speak! You know your time has come!

We Are the Elohim!”

I have the intuitive impression from the Elohim that we of the PAT as well as those light workers who resonate with these teachings are OF the Christ Consciousness, from  all previous comments and the plethora of energetic experiences that have come my way.  This is our Soul MonadThis Monad is of the Golden-Yellow light and has been represented by great teachers, including Jesus/Sananda, Buddha and Confucius.

In today’s posting “This Is the Truth, Ma ‘Ahna’h Ma” channelled by Jahn Kassl  we understand this concept:

What really matters is your awakened consciousness and not your ability to imagine an ideal world or to despair on the fact that it has not taken shape yet.

By activating “awakened consciousness” we embrace the Divine Mind and by engaging the latter skills we simply focus on ego-mind.

Today the Elohim are imploring us to take note of every thought and examine it’s origin and it’s implication. As we clarify our thoughts and hone our discernment skills we shall actively move our transformation forward by purifying our ego (dealing with fears and concepts of separation) which they have said to me today will eventually be an integral part of the Divine Mind. It is my understanding that as our ego evolves, it will unite with the Divine Mind when the Golden-Yellow light acts as a catalyst to illuminate our consciousness.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts on this message.

With much love and light,


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