The Importance of Being Honest

by Marek Prochyra, April 26, 2013

Dearest Georgi,

After reading your article “Clarification” I have a strong feeling that in it you were talking mostly about me and to me. If not, then super, and you can discard this email and save your time for other PAT members that need it more.

But if yes, then there was a big misunderstanding between us. Part of me says: “Leave it, it doesn’t matter now”, or: “If you’ll write an email you’ll look like you’re feeding and struggling with your ego”.

But something stronger pushes me into writing this email. You’ve probably stricken some unknown emotion within me that hurts and which even my closest ones weren’t able to evoke with their insensitive comments about my stupidity believing in this ascension

I am with you and with the PAT nearly from the start of our webpage (after you published an article “Letter to Lightworkers” ) and I treat you as a close friend and a teacher.

Throughout all this time we’ve exchanged together a quantum of emails, in which I was expressing freely my experiences, feelings and questions, which you’ve always answered quickly and more than satisfactory. Quite a lot of these emails became even articles on our website, though I haven’t written them with this intention in mind.

The same way as you feel disappointed that some of your “students” haven’t even now, before the very end, grasped the basic facts about the ascension, the same way also I as a student feel very sad when I realize that after all these things mentioned above, I could be in your eyes seen as such an uncomprehending and dull student.

As you’ve said: There’s no doubt that the magnetic pole reversal is a necessity. I still remember your article “The Magnetic Pole Shift is coming in this Fall as Part of Earth’s Ascension” containing all the details, published in September, 2011. One would have to be blind to not see the condition of this planet where humanity behaves like virus eating its own host. Also the fact that such a reversal will not be the first one in the history of Earth should convince everyone of the inevitability of such a resolute action.

In truth, I’m still not OK with a decision of HR to execute this action only now, so late, when even before November, 2011 and moreover afterwards it was obvious that the humanity is so deep in the 3D and in the automated style of thinking that it’s not in its ability to change the course.

Another thing. When I’m evaluating my life and looking at its quality (LBP, misunderstanding of the others, … ) I can’t help but I see it as a miserable and very unhappy (these are very mild words). I can’t wait for an ascension or death – the order doesn’t matter. This feeling can’t change even with (only now) slightly improved health condition (livable, but not pleasurable), perfect wife, good children, highly respected job position with a relevant salary, new house, …

So, in my case, there can’t be any word of basic, existential fear. The misunderstanding probably raised from my sentence “I’m confused”. Even now I don’t know why I used this combination as my only trustworthy source of information is our website where our common experiences, HS messages and your explanations are of deep sense. Other sources, including GaiaPortal can provide me only with some additional, confirmatory information.

Throughout my life I’ve noticed that I must have some special “gift” to raise stupid question or illogical sentences, which many times triggered very strange reactions and emotions in my closest (disgust, disappointment, even anger). When I later re-remembered or read again my own questions I was always surprised how could I have asked such a bullshit.

I’ve thought that you know me enough through our extensive communications, that you know that I don’t believe in such an idiocy like: “I’m afraid of MPR ( where in fact I’m looking for it and can’t wait for it to finally start)”, or that “I’m thinking that we’re
cherishing the destructive, catastrophic scenarios”.

This misunderstanding is probably what hurt me so much. The following paragraph of GaiaPortal was the one I didn’t understand:

“As Hue-manity aligns, and more and more of humanity (smaller h) begins to align, with these healing energy streams, and accepts those processes within themselves, Gaia rests in the resulting peace, and needs not the “catastrophic” adjustments previously thought necessary.

I should have probably formulated my question better to: “Does it mean that when Hue-manity and hue-manity align with the energy and processes, the MPR will be postponed and the ascension delayed again?”

So, maybe my original question should have triggered you to writing this excellent article summarizing once more the whole process with all the decisions that we’ve cooperated on for all the time.

But, all of the above written haven’t changed a bit anything on my feelings against you.
I still appreciate you as a great teacher and a big friend helping others even in the tough times where you’re struggling personally with troubles.

This is what makes you a Captain of our team and as such I will remember you and I will leave this Earth with this impression.

Let’s see each other above and celebrate the end of this misery.



Dear Marek,

I am very much impressed by your absolute honesty and it does not matter at all if I tell you that you were not meant by this article, but this person will receive your email immediately as he decided to react emotionally as you have described it for yourself at the beginning. However he could not display this kind of objective sincerity and honesty as you do in the aftermath of the discussion, which actually triggered this publication.

But I have just published a follow-up to A Clarification of the Clarification which I hope answers some rest questions in your mind which the first article did not address as to keep it simple and straight forward for didactic reasons.


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