Energy Update of the PAT – April 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor


I would be less than honest if I expressed ‘surprise’ concerning the masses of the US and their addiction to this failing paradigm. The people, as a whole, here are about as sharp as a sack of wet mice when it comes to actual real events. Most people who don’t live here or wasn’t born here have no idea how deep into the abyss of the human psyche the subversive brainwashing of Americans has become.

I have been strategically placed here in the heart of the ‘bible belt’ in the southern parts of this country and let me tell you, it doesn’t surprise me in the least. There is a certain arrogance that is instilled into the ideal of being ‘American’ where we are taught to not look at or into anything outside of our shores. That we are the greatest thing since sliced
bread. Foolishness really…

On another note: Have you seen the murals painted in the Denver Airport? There is one where you see multitudes of people marching off in a ‘trail of tears’ like fashion to an end where they are bashed in the head by some kid with a club. I believe America is probably the most successful Orion based colony they have created. And a majority of the people who are going to be in Earth B are going to be these poor bastards here.

I remember when you first put out there that we should send a message to the HR that we will not take part in Ascension trial runs anymore. This happened right around the time I realized that America is predominately composed of idiots who wouldn’t accept the truth even if the poles reversed and light beings walked the the earth and occasionally kicked them in the face.

HS taught me a lesson some time ago concerning this… ‘Everyone is sovereign and it is their sovereign right to decide to be dumb shits! Let them be, stop wasting your time preaching to these people. The ones you will touch will find you, but it won’t be many.’

Keep up the good work until the end or beginning (depending on which dimension your point of view resides),


Dear Michael,

thank you for  your cunning comments on the futility to awaken the human population and in particular the Americans. I think that now all pieces fit together and the mosaic of ascension is ready to be unveiled.

I have seen the murals at the Denver Airport and have watched several videos on it. Spectacular, how arrogant the dark cabal can be in exposing openly their agenda and nobody seems to get it.


Dear Georgi,

For the first time, I am going to have to disagree with you.  “I very well understand and share your disgust with the complacent behaviour and lack of any ethics and morality of the American people.”

How can you make such a broad generalization about the American people….especially from this video? I watched it all the way through. First of all it looked like most of the people he asked to sign his petition are Mexican immigrants (and I am NOT insinuating that the Mexican people are dumb)..and the first two woman could barely speak English… they probably had no clue what they were signing. They never say how MANY people they asked to sign his petition and out of that, how many said “no”. It is an entirely skewed propaganda and does not reflect all of Americans, just a tiny handful of people, in what looks to be a California border town.

Anybody can go out and do what this guy did, post it on YouTube, and make it look any way they want to.

I believe there was no discernment on your part on this one.

In Love and Light,

Dear Vicki,

well done – I was waiting who will make these just objections first. Of course this video is not representative of the US population, but it has its symbolic meaning nonetheless. I can assure you that the Germans are not a little bit cleverer, probably less fat than the Americans, as George Carlin complains:

This video had only the purpose to underscore the necessity of the imminent magnetic pole reversal and to show that there is no evolution with this kind of debased human society.

Besides, we are not a sociological institute to perform representative surveys and polls, but to collect our personal glimpses from the ever changing human landscape and interpret them in a highly subjective manner, which 99.99% of humanity do not grasp.

We are just as non-representative of humanity as this interview for the US people, but we are still the key pacemaker of its progress, just as these people that were interviewed demonstrate the necessity to collapse this Orion society.

It is as if to watch Picasso’s painting “Three mademoiselle”  and to complain that French women are much more attractive than Picasso has painted them.

With love and light

George Carlin was awesome!  I truly believe his early demise was caused by the Orion’s.   I was lucky to see him in person years back.

Yes, we do have a lot of obese people. They have put high fructose corn syrup in everything and most vegetables are GMO. They control most of the food supply, so you have to read food labels and sometimes it’s not listed, or they hide it under other names.  But you see, they made it so only the nasty food is affordable for most people, so it is hard to avoid a lot of these additives. A lot of the times it is mostly the very low income people that are obese.

That is why I became incensed when Michelle Obama went on her kick with school kids about eating the right foods. Easy for her to say, the elite can get whatever GMO-free food they wants, while these poor kids she targets at school are lucky if they get one good meal a day. Oy!  Don’t get me started on this. Let’s just say that because of gov’t overregulation, most farmers have given up after the harassment and have sold their farms or only grow soy and corn for the gov’t, so the major populace has to rely on what is in the big market grocery stores. It’s not like Europe, where you can go buy fresh food locally from your butcher, or local farmer. People on low incomes have to rely on “convenience” foods, which are very unhealthy, but inexpensive and you can feel your family much cheaper that way. Hence the obesity increase… I’m sure this was all planned out by the PTW.


Dear Vicki,

Yes I am fully aware of this unfavourable situation with food supply in the USA. I must admit that we are in a much better situation in Germany, where I can get cheap bio meat, vegetables, eggs and bread in the local shops, even in my small village, five minutes away on foot from where I Iive. Even the big store chains have a better food quality than in the USA, although probably less good than in France.


How mind control leads to magnetic pole reversal

Exactly what we needed! Thank you!

My heart, soul and mind are completely with the magnetic pole reversal scenario now.  Especially after seeing the detestable dedication of GW’s presidential library.

He should have been served with war crime papers, but instead was being celebrated. We really do need the magnetic pole reversal to level the playing field. The few souls that I’ve been working with to open their eyes will find their way.

Much love, peace and joy to you and PAT and the world,



I have felt the strong full moon waves the last few nights, but I am not knocked down by them for as long anymore. I feel despite all that has happened to me, I am physically in good shape and may actually make this shift without transitioning by death. This did not feel the case just a short while ago. Still my mind and soul are very weary. It gets harder to do simple tasks everyday even though I am not really fatigued most of the time. Things lose their interest more everyday. I know many people who have lost a spouse go thru this, but I think it is something more. I have no interest no ambition, nothing. There is nothing left to hope for no future to look too. Just a big fat zero, I am so apathetic. I wish that I could feel a little of the bliss waves that you, Carla and others feel occasionally, but I don’t think that I will as long as I am in this reality. I have been crucified too many times and the wounds hurt badly.


Dear Jerry,

notwithstanding the occasional blissful moments, I experience the waves coming and going on a daily basis, but much more better to bear than in the past.

I also have this apathy and reluctance to do anything else apart from editing this website and even this activity has lost its lustre. But I am doing it because there is nothing else I would do otherwise in this reality. It is obvious that our HS are telling us: “Full retrieval from this reality has already commenced and there is no need to invest any energy anymore in it as it has already crumbed energetically in the higher dimensions  and will soon crumble physically in your reality.


Dear Georgi

I was feeling very good lately, but today I have stomach pain again and also if I expose to the sun, it causes me headache!! Is that possible? I hope you are OK.

Thanks Doc

Dear Martin,

I had also a severe cc-wave with a headache this morning (April 26), which only receded half an hour ago. It is absolutely normal. The waves are now coming every 24 hours.


I have this question my friend: Why do we suffer so much? And other people not at all? Do you have any article about this? Thanks for the respond, my friend


Dear Martin,

if you have read the latest message from Dorie’s HS, you will find the answer there:

“We ask that you PLEASE be proud of yourselves in coming THIS FAR and accomplishing what you have already accomplished thus far, and being strong enough and brave enough to do so, when no one else could be or would be. This is why your mission has been so hard. You were the only ones willing to do this nasty, dirty job, and even though our words may ring of insincerity, we truly are in gratitude for all that you have done.

In plain English  – we were the only idiots to agree to do this rotten job in the whole universe.


Ha, ha, ha, thanks Doc. I love your sense of humor!!!!!! You make my day. – Martin

Dear Georgi,

I just finished reading all the latest posts and am continually disgusted by the hubris displayed by the U.S. government and the unimaginable ignorance of the American sheeple! It still makes me want to cry and puke at the same time… especially things like the Info Wars video on people signing the petition to bring in the Orwellian police state. OMG! It only further illustrates to me that people neither listen nor do they think critically while communicating. Furthermore, statistically only 3% of Americans read books (about 15% read newspapers and magazines) so, the majority would not know who the hell George Orwell was or what an “Orwellian police state” is even referencing! If it isn’t on the “boob tube”, believe me, most Americans have not seen nor heard of it.

On April 10th, I was seriously hacked in spite of two security systems, and my computer’s CPU was fried. I had been receiving Internet troll SPAM pretty heavily since my return from New York, and was alerted that I had been hacked right before the system crashed. I was unable to repair it and had to purchase a new laptop.(Several hundred dollars I didn’t have.) So, I was basically offline from the 10th through the 23rd. I am now back up and running.

Just to update you, the show that I taped in New York was originally supposed to air on April 11. Apparently, I didn’t receive the email announcing that date but received one on the 11th from the producers saying the airing of the show on “disease-mongering” had been “delayed” without any further explanation. I’m not really concerned about the timing. I’m sure it will air when it is supposed to air and I’ll let you know. But I did find all this to be quite synchronistic as you had also expressed having problems with the Internet trolls again, and Corey was diverted from his activism work by a server virus as well. Do they really think, they can stop/delay ascension with all these antics? I’d find it laughable if it weren’t so damn annoying!

Yesterday (the 25th) I had the most powerful download of energy that I have ever had during daylight hours. My head felt like it was going to explode. I could do nothing but lay down all day and fight nausea and fatigue, my skin was burning up as I drifted in and out of 3D. This morning I feel much better, so I wanted to shoot off this email before another big wave hits. They are coming in at an unrelenting pace these days!

I find myself in somewhat of a conundrum at present. I am ready to recede from my whistleblower capacity and become the ascended teacher that I am intended to be. However, the demands on my time and attention in 3D and requests for various radio, TV and documentary interviews appear to be on an upswing. I received nine such requests, while my computer was offline. I understand the importance of getting the information out but like you have observed, I don’t see the masses responding in any huge way. Yes, the people in my personal networks and associations seem to benefit from my activity, but they aren’t the ones who desperately need it – the masses are!

In the past you have advised us to withdraw as much as possible from 3D experience and I have done so to the best of my ability. However, I feel somewhat compelled to continue to research and expose the lies and deception that permeate this reality for as long as I remain here. Especially when things are continually happening that fly under the populace radar, like the fertilizer plant that was blown up in West, Texas just 30 minutes north of me. There was a “lock down” issued after that event as well. People were told by authorities to stay in their homes from 7 pm to 7 am following the explosion. Of course, this was not interpreted to be “martial law”, nor was it given any substantial coverage by local media. People just accepted it as a necessity for their safety.

So, following the Boston bombings and the Texas false flag (which, by the way, there was also a drill running simultaneously to this event just like in Boston, except it was supposedly to be for a nuclear plant explosion in central Texas). Americans can now anticipate lock downs and home-to-home searches in staged crises situations. The precedent has been set with very little objection or outcry from the American public. God help us all!

With love and light,

Dear Gwen,

I am happy that you are back again with a comprehensive account on your latest activities. I somehow envisioned this delay in your TV program, but please do not ask me how I knew it.

Although I recommend in principle not to engage too much in 3d-activities, there are always huge exceptions depending on the particular situation. In your case, you have already established such a broad path in revealing the crimes of the pharmaceutical industry and the health care system that it will be a pity not to embrace such occasions and continue doing this valuable work as long as you are on the ground.

It is not so much the direct impact you will score, but the symbolic energetic influence you will exert on the whole spiritual atmosphere around the earth in these auspicious times, when the butterfly effect is fully activated and a small pebble can derail the whole Orion express.

Hence you should follow your inner voice and participate in all incentives you deem appropriate and will not deplete you physically too much.

The waves are indeed relentless and this is the most sure sign that we are in the last preparation phase for our ascension and the triggering of the magnetic pole reversal and ID split.

With love and light



here a few quick thoughts and things I have experienced/felt/noticed lately:

– sudden changes in vision, like I will be looking at something an suddenly it will go out of focus an my depth perception for things right in front of me will cease for a few seconds, normalcy returns within seconds, but this often happens up to twice a day or so

– the ever increasing feeling that very soon I will suddenly “disappear”, as in dematerialize

– Frank’s email describing his own ascension test run was eerily similar to the one I experienced and emailed you about sometime in the last 2 months, I forget the exact date, which is only further validation of the process for me

-Literally just not wanting to talk at all. especially about things related to the Boston bombings and the other stuff going on the toxic planet currently. No desire at all to even attempt to wake up any remaining sleepers, which you stated already was no longer our job here

– I am having the dreams that the rest of the PAT talk about, although my memory of them upon waking are very hazy and tend to fade quickly, but the parts I do remember include being in rather big rooms attending meetings and talking about the Process, and when I do have these fleeting momentary remembrances of these dreams, they fill me with bliss and comfort, even if I don’t fully understand or remember the actual things talked about or discussed. But more times than not, you or other PAT members talk about things on this website and I suddenly remember that I already knew that, because we were all there together.

– I am also getting the strong internal feeling that the 27th-the 30th of this month will bring something huge to the awareness of the masses, and I do already know I am not alone in having the feeling about these particular dates.

-I won’t bother mentioning the symptoms with which I experience from the waves, or lack thereof sometimes, because it seems to be a given at this point and there is no need in my opinion to even talk about them until they amp up to a level that REQUIRES talking about them.

– a complete loss of desire to make new friends, re-engage old friendships, be around others at all and frankly, alone time to just BE is my favorite time, even if i have to stay awake all day an late into the night in order to finally achieve alone time.

And finally, I do fully concur with the assertion that when the Magnetic pole reversal comes, we (or they I guess) will indeed be saved, rather miraculously somehow, and going to a new planet or realm and not remember what happened or perhaps only have fleeting memories.

Anyways Georgi, just wanted to send you a few quick thoughts and things I have noticed and felt lately, although I know its nothing new to you or any other PATers  The time is nigh. It’s imminent and already occurring, and we must gather the strength to be able to push it through next time, regardless of what our HS have to say about it.

With Love and Light I send this email Georgi, and I do hope you are able to respond whenever you can.



Hi George!

Geological verification that the magnetic pole shift is in process. . .

On Thursday’s show, investigative reporter  Linda Moulton Howe shared updates on the loud booms mystery, and discussed her personal experiences with animal mutilation cases, and life-changing light phenomena. So far, the mysterious booms have been heard all over the United States, and in just the last week she’s received reports from such places as Imperial Beach (San Diego), Indianapolis, Bowling Green (KY), Wichita, Foster (RI), Fort Polk (LA), as well from Queensland, Australia where back in January a boom impact caused glass to shatter. She presented insider information from a geologist working at a major U.S. military base who contacted her by email. He told her that as far back as 1998, miners along the Yukon/Alaska border reported unusual sounds coming from inside the earth. But since 2011, many geologists have noticed an almost 1,000% increase in soil liquefaction. Something is going on in the core of the earth that may be related to a magnetic pole shift or restructuring of minerals going down to the mantle, the geologist revealed, and this could be what is causing the booming sounds.

We’re on our way home!

Love and Light,

Dear Fiona,

thank you very much for this important geological evidence for the coming magnetic pole reversal.


Dear Georgi,

Wonderful posts and discussion the past two days on human behavior. It has helped my mood tremendously. When we all gave up our collective ‘savior’ complex, it was difficult for me. I have altered several relationships with my children by not trying anymore to reach them. These discussions have given me validation that I am on the right path in letting go and taking care of me. I have many examples which are not important, but the gift these articles have given me is that I have done my best and it is now time to let All- That-Is take over and just wait and observe and be ready to help very soon.

Now I want to tell you of my dream a week or so ago. I was in a room with my husband,[who died 7 years ago], I was looking out the window at a full moon which changed from full to a sliver and back again. After watching this several times, I asked my husband to come look at this. He said he was not interested. I then began to feel funny, tingly, all over. I came away from the window and walked to a chair to sit down. I called to my husband that I felt funny in my arms and legs. I also remember saying that I felt I was ascending. He said you are probably having a stroke. He was a physician, so the response seemed appropriate. I have not had him in dreams for at least 5years, so that part did seem odd. I tried to speak to him more but realized I could not talk. Then I noticed my arms and legs dematerialize. Of course I thought this is it. The dream ended and I woke up. I tried to understand the dream. I concentrated on it being a ‘test run’ again, and tried to understand why my husband was in the dream.

So last night, I do not know if I was awake or asleep. I woke up to look out my bedroom window at the full moon. As I watched it, it did the same thing as in my dream. It kept going from full to a sliver and back again. I woke this morning and was reading about the energies of the next few weeks with the moon. I do not follow astrology, so this is new to me. I feel energies coming in all the time and just deal with it. I do feel it significant that perhaps my HS was trying one more time to get my attention on this matter. I did not even consider the moon action in my dream. Then a week later almost the same situation presented itself. Slow learner. I like to think it is a reminder to pay attention to everything.

As I said, I have not been a follower of astrology. My question to you is about premonition dreams. I had only one that I recall. It was the night before my husband died of a massive heart attack. It was not a dream,however. I was riding in the car with him and looking at him while he was talking to me. His whole face was melting. After awhile I could not look anymore as it made no sense to me. Later that evening he looked fine but was dead within twelve hours.

Is this a confirmation to me that as you have published the next few weeks are detonation and lift off?


Dear Jennifer,

I pretty much expect that in the next few days or weeks, but still within May, we will detonate the PAT supernova. Your dream may be indicative of this period between full moon yesterday and the new moon on May 10th,  when ascension will occur. At least this is how I interpret it.

There are three eclipses on April 25th, May 10th and May 25th and this Wesak period ahead will be very powerful, as has been confirmed by all sources so far. Today (April 26) there was another powerful energy pulse from the source that knocked me down in the morning after the previous night pulse yesterday was a solitary peak. The energies are coming relentlessly and this is all in preparation for our ascension.

Now what also occurred to my mind is that you have not dreamt coincidentally of your husband. It may be to tell you that he is not ready at the soul level for this ascension process and may not accompany / meat you after your ascension. His soul may take another destination, Just a suggestion.

With love and light


Thank you for your interpretations. Like I said, I was more caught up in the ‘feeling’ of ascension and missed the ‘moon. Also thank you for the thoughts on my husband in the dream, I could not figure that out. These are really exciting times to be witnessing and I will try to be more observant and introspective.

Thank you, Jennifer

Hey Georgi!

The night of the full Moon, I went to sleep feeling very melancholy and sad, only to be woken up by very intense, debilitating pain in 3 separate body parts, that I have had most evasive procedures performed on. My right knee (meniscus and ACL surgeries), right wrist and bottom left teeth. Not only was it very strange to have the same intensity of pain in these spots, but also, because I never have any pain in my knee.

I then remembered part of my dream, I had just awoken from:

I was very high up, dragging and pulling on something really massive in size, with thick metal chains, which were attached to my body. I looked down and saw planet Earth below me, as if I had been hauling the whole planet up with my little body. Luckily, these chain were now just tangling in space, not attached to the planet any longer.

(No wonder my body hurt so bad when I woke up!)

I was whimpering under the covers from the pain which must have subsided because I fell back asleep, and had another dream:

I was in NYC and walked into a totally nondescript take-out food place with couple of tables, and I saw you. I said “Georgi, is that you??”. You replied “Katrina?” and we continued to exchange hellos. You then pointed at the TV and asked me if I had heard that someone had released a radioactive dirty bomb. I looked up at the TV screen and said “OMG! that’s right were I used to live! The lower East Side!”

Then a completely detached, nonchalant attitude towards this news flash took over, as if it really didn’t concern me. Even though it looked like my old neighborhood, it happened somewhere else. In a very different parallel earth, where people kept walking on, not paying any attention, like it was just another day.

I then asked you “so, what brings you to NYC?”

You replied “Oh, I might consider moving here”.

I said “Oh, OK, that makes sense, since you may be giving speeches at (what used to be called) the United Nations…”

(The current UN building was built in Turtle Bay on Turtle Island, disgracing the land that was sacred to the Native Americans.)

In the morning I woke up to a glorious day, without the pain.

The Sun is blindingly bright nowadays, it has made me remember the saying “In order to see the light, one must look at the shadows”. So true.

With Bright Light,

Dear Katrina,

thank you for sharing your two dreams with me: the second one evokes the impression that you have already experienced the ID split.

There is no doubt that we will whirl around the globe after our ascension and NYC will be an important destination. However I think more so about the NY City of Light that we will bring on the new earth after the detonation of the PAT supernova. There will be of course many more cities of light, dispersed the world over and we will lead the people to these cities when the magnetic pole reversal will come and the shit will hit the fan.

Hi Georgi,

An energy update: I experienced the most intense energy surging through me through-out the night of the 25th – I was amazed that I actually woke up the next morning and found myself still here. While in a semi-lucid state, I experienced opening my eyes and seeing nothing (as Daniel has also reported). I also experienced the earth shaking for what seemed to be a rather prolonged period of time – I looked for signs of my furniture having moved around the next morning, but there were none.


Dear Laurie,

I will publish today information that Nibiru has appeared again and will cross the earth’s trajectory at the nearest distance on April 27th. Its pull effect on the magnetic field of the earth is already felt very strongly (see below).


Hello George,

here is an interesting article about California and one real estate agent saying how they have never seen such a mass exodus of elite selling homes..


Dear David,

This is important news as I have just received information that Nibiru will cross earth at its nearest point on April 27 and trigger the MPR (see below).


Nibiru reaches the nearest point to the earth on April 27th

Hi George,

I found it worth to share this article which says that the Nibiru will be closest to the Earth in the next coming days:

And here is my quick translation from Hungarian:

“Thanks to a video (2009), which was made with a very good intuition, – against several other videos – shows the Nibiru’s orbital around the Sun is approximately the following:

The animation shows very well the Nibiru’s three important positions compared to the Earth and the Sun

2012 September 7.
2012 December 7-21
2013 April 27.

Obviously when the video was made, the Nibiru’s effect on the Earth was expected in September 2012, because the 12th planet at that time was closest to the Earth:

But the Galactic Light Federation prevented that this immediate effect affect the Earth (through MPR), therefore against the numerous Nibiru observations in autumn 2012, in December Nibiru seemed to disappeared. Now we know where: periodically behind the Sun, then from Jan 2013 it is visible again, so there are again a lot of real Nibiru-observations on video sharing sites, for example:

However the MPR is still possible, moreover it must inevitably happen, if the Galactic Light Federation does not intervene again.

This video shows the Nibiru’s natural law effect to the Earth’s magnetic axis:

Fenyés Áron

Dear Aron,

thank for your translation of this very important information on Nibiru. This topic disappeared from the collective human awareness after September 2012, but in fact the GF only postponed its appearance and participation in triggering the magnetic pole reversal. It is very logical that Nibiru was hidden behind the sun, probably with a slightly changed orbit and will appear again on April 27. This explains the ongoing massive poisoning with chemtrails by the dark cabal worldwide and in particular in Bavaria where I live. We were told by Dorie’s HS to expect completion of all determinations for the PAT supernova by April 29, which is a stupendous synchronicity, given the fact that your Hungarian source does not know about our predictions.

Thank you for this contribution.



Watch this recent video with David Icke just to get an impression how profound human confusion is and how impossible it is to make the people / journalists to discern the truth behind the current 3d-holographic illusion. By the way, I ask my readers to help me find the email address of David Icke as I intend to write to him and make him aware of our website as he is also not free of some illusions.





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