The Elohim: You Are Undergoing Massive Transformation of Your CNS Prior to Ascension

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, April 9, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is a very interesting message from the Elohim regarding what is evolving in this moment.  It came again in somewhat difficult language and I have adjusted some of the words to suit.  Please feel free to adjust any word that may be more precise in meaning.

It seems there are three distinct infusions of light codes that have come in over the past two days and please correct the timing if I am mistaken.  The first set came on the Golden Wave (to me yesterday at 11:11 a.m.), 

Dear Georgi,

I have just now at 11:11 (April 7) felt and seen a large wave of golden light flood the planet. I only had a one minute notice of this wave. I have sent it to you, the PAT and the web of light.  It is still flowing strongly through my fields. I sense it moving through the entire crystalline grid like the other waves…..

With much love,

The second wave from you today (April 8) to the Russians (they are telling me those of the ‘Russian Root Race’) and a third infusion from you (today) meant specifically for the members of our soul monad.

“Greetings!  We are the Elohim!

Massive connection flows within your physical vessels that support inward expansion through deep connections to never before activated, successively aligned interconnections within the inner energetic structuring of physical body to spirit body interface.

The re-commitment of directed connectivity implies understanding/acts as an interface with newly opened dimensional realities. The codes transmitted recently by Source, to you through the Golden Light (yesterday at 11:11 a.m.), and by your Director (today) are necessary to activate these inter-spacial junctures.

The infusion of these special codes is required for all of humanity at this time.

Further, the codes spoken of by your Director were sent indeed for a certain population  (Russian Root Race) carrying genetically buffered DNA strands. This buffering actively blocks natural access and assimilation of ‘Codes of the Golden Wave’ which are the precursor to successful transfiguration. There is another ‘Golden wave infusion’ coming to seal this re-alignment (This could have been the wave I and Carla experienced at the same time yesterday, see below).

The second light codes received by your Director were for the sole purpose of activating certain gateways within the DNA of this soul monad (the PAT), necessary for the up-coming transfiguration of these vessels.

This ascension process is complex and is continually unfolding in it’s expansion, even though the current energetic imprint is identified as a ‘void’ which connotes emptiness and lifeless engagement, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The ‘whiteness’ so many are sensing is the vast rebuilding of a once fallen firmament.  It is now rebuilding and expanding in beautiful symphony/harmony with the creationary processes recovered at this level. The renewed firmament is perhaps one of the more complex phases to complete as multi-dimensional connections are realized.

This is a very special moment, where the creation of Firmament is the affirmation of the existence of Source in the all-inclusive expansion of this portion of this Universe.  Nuclear energetic infusions/explosions and massive disruption from misapplication of crystalline core energy at the times of Atlantis and destruction during the ‘Electric Wars’ create cross-dimensional and intra-dimensional misalignments that until this moment have prevailed.

This is a moment of great joy and of enjoyment as Source itself has once again successfully created a beautiful resolution to an obvious contraction within this reality.

Behold the magnificent and delicately intricate beauty of evolution in All-That-Is!

Know that each and all of you are active participants in this beautification. You, who are spiritually aligned, devoted to Source and to Love and to Truth and to fellow humanity!

Your path is clear, your success is assured!

You are so very honoured!

We are the Elohim!”

With much love and light,

Dear Carla,

I just woke up from a short nap, after a very powerful wave with extremely high rotational velocity has hit me (22.00 pm local time, April 8). I am not able to concentrate much on the text, but I agree that it is rather abstract and complicated.

But I will read it tomorrow one more time before publishing it.


Dear Georgi,

I have been hit by this exact wave now for the past two hours. There is nothing for me to do, but to lie down and sleep.


Dear Carla,

I read this morning the Elohim’s message one more time with a clear mind. I also had the advantage this time to have read the latest message from Dorie’s HS, which complements the Elohim’s message.

We are now undergoing a profound reorganisation of all our neuronal pathways in the CNS in order to be prepared for the full implementation of the MOS (multi-dimensional operating system) which will activate our inner senses, so that we will be able to see directly all energetic levels .At the same time our vision will be released from its perception of the current holographic model by being restricted to process only a very narrow spectrum of photons pertaining to the bandwidth of the visible light. It is a complete rebooting of our nervous system in anticipation of our transfiguration.

For this same reason we are now constantly transmitting new codes to humanity in preparation for the ID shift and the expansion of their consciousness. Only today Rob Behr from Holland has written to me from Italy that he was sent by his soul to travel to the coast of Amalfi as to transmit some very particular codes associated with current failed medicine that is on the verge of total collapse and also to invigorate old signatures left by Francis of Assisi in Italy.

These processes are so complicated that we are indeed left in the white. The creation of the firmament is another building lot that has been announced for the End Times by many sources and is part of the final preparations prior to our ascension.

From this information, it becomes clearer each day that we are now accomplishing a global overhaul of all energetic systems of Gaia before this collective soul can finally rise to the 5th dimension. She must acquire its purity, as GaiaPortal has also reaffirmed, and this could not be done before the last dark entities have been defeated and removed from the earth. This was accomplished last week and now the final cosmetic work is done on our nervous systems and on the energetic systems of Gaia.

Our ascension is in full sway, but one should always keep in mind that it is a process and that only at its very end will the final transfiguration take place when everything is at place and ready for the shift.

With love and light

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