How It All Began… and Will End: A Short History of Ascension

Jerry R James, April 21 ,2013


if you have time, please help me to understand what you think this HS is saying.  Not clear to me.


“You, dear one, saw yourself involved in a meeting where final decisions were made, where contracts were signed, and you were not happy about it because you knew that this was the last and final alternative, the only alternative now to the situation on the ground. You saw that the decision was made to put the magnetic pole shift scenario into motion, you all unanimously decided to ‘make it so‘. And while you understood, as your HS, that this decision represented what was in the Highest Good of All beings upon this planet, it brought great distress and depression to your 3D counterpart who would have to be the one who would suggest or even hint at the possibility again, especially after trying so hard to keep that scenario, as you refer to it in your 3d mind, ‘the worst possible scenario‘ off the bargaining table. But understand, this is NOT the worst scenario, it is just a scenario, an enactment of the final act to a play that could have had so many different endings. Never the less, it is the ending that the minds of the masses chose, and when we say THEY chose, it is because in being so closed minded YOU were left with no other scenario options to choose for them. Know that they are bravely embracing this option, so that you can finally set them free.


George, I wrote this explanation to Jean, a new reader to our website. It helped me to summarize the background into the current situation. – Jerry

How It All Began

Thank you Jean for asking me as it will help me to clarify it for myself. A little background first. I have come to realize over the years that there never was an ascension plan. There was only a destination. Earth had to evolve into a 5-D state in order to survive.

This was clear after World War II with the development of nuclear power. In order for the Earth to ascend a call went out from God to all civilizations all over the galaxy. The best and brightest were selected to incarnate, many for the first time on this toxic planet during the baby boomer years 50s early 60s. These starseeds were selected to awaken the masses of humanity in time for the ascension. Other starseeds were born in smaller numbers before and after, but used for a slightly different purpose. Then there was a new round of incarnations in the 80 and early 90s all for a different purpose also.

Anyway I won’t get too lengthy. The strategy had been to start awakening these starseeds in 1986 and really awaken big time by 2000. These awakened starseeds would bring in the new energies through their bodies and distribute it to the masses. Social change would occur quickly. That way the Earth could easily cruise into the new age, but this did not happen.

The dark and powers that be (PTB) knew what was coming mainly because of their extensive use of time travel, remote viewing etc. The starseeds actually awakened rather early in the late sixties and were doing their job really ahead of time. But the dark had their plan all in place and had many, many victories. The Vietnam War, The assassinations of Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nixon Watergate etc. etc.

Instead of TV showing happy scenes as had been on “Leave it to Beaver”and “Andy Griffin” were people felt safe families and local systems worked, there were Kent State shooting and Vietnam body bags all courtesy of the Orion controlled  media. So the 70s revolution fizzled and starseeds and others lost hope and became part of society, part of the problem. Health care costs and regular living expenses, gas and other things that had been affordable were tampered with and women and men were both so busy working that they could not think of anything other than survival. The dark were doing their job well in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. The solution for some of the starseeds was new age healing etc., which had truths as all religions, but still the same traps.

Now comes 2000. Not many starseeds awake. Many involved in alternate healing, seminars and other superficial things to make money and manifest prosperity. This was really big manifest prosperity.

The energy to ascend Gaia comes in as scheduled from the Central Sun. The few pure enough and awake enough get fried big time. And the others continue to chant heal and be part of the system. The few who are partially awake have no choice they are too debilitated to be part of the system. To make a long story short, we have continued with this scenario for thirteen long years.

The galactic federation who is overseeing this process from the HR have many representatives incarnated now from many civilisations. Most of them have not awakened or have only started to. They were supposed to be sharing this burden all along. The masses have not been able to awaken sufficiently because enough workers to transmit the light are not available. So strategies after strategies have been developed to accomplish the goal of ascending as many of the masses as possible to an Earth A/B, where they can been guided into enough truths to allow them to ascend to the new 5-D earth.

The problem is the same old one. The dark have been defeated on many levels, but most people out of habit and fear still continue as before. When the Powers that be sense that the masses and asleep starseeds might be awakening they create another incident (9-11, Boston etc. etc.) to distract them, put fear into them and make them believe their safety lies with the current system or even more laws and control.

… And Will End

So as Dorie has said we are left with only one alternative. Awaken the masses with a startling event. Time has run out and that is an understatement. This was always an option that others, including Edgar Cayce intuited, but we tried to avoid. The masses have really voted for this because it will allow them to finally break the ties to the current system, which is so deeply embedded in their being.

We as PAT and that includes others who are not aware of the Stankov’s website, are the only truly awaken starseeds. We meet often with the galactic federation in the HR during dreamtime and awake time to discuss and develop and approve strategies to meet God’s objective of ascending Gaia. These meetings are lengthy and fatigue us to the bone.

It was always the plan to ascend as many of earth inhabitants as possible in a conscious form in a light body. This was a new scenario as usually everyone just dies and comes back on a new ascended planet. This model was and probably will be used in the future on other worlds. I hope the HR have learned a lot from this experience.

So what Dorie is saying in order to save the ascension process for mankind (The Earth and PAT will ascend regardless), we are left with what we thought was a worst possible scenario – the polar shift before ID split. This would have happened anyway, but after the ID split and only affect the dark and others on Earth B. So I know this is complicated and I hope it helps. It helped me to write it to get all the pieces in place.

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