April 18, 2013 Was The Most Auspicious Day In the History of Mankind When the PAT Decided on The Magnetic Pole Shift as the Only Possible Scenario to End This Earthly Drama

by Dorie Bowlin, April 20, 2013

Dear Georgi,

For the past couple of days, I can say that Dorie had LEFT the building. (that’s normally something they would say about Elvis after he left all his performances, but in this instance it applied to me!) I had a vision where I saw myself at a big meeting in the HR and I put in my resignation! I told them to kiss my ass goodbye because I was no longer going to be their messenger and I was going to find a way to plug back into 3D reality even if it killed me in the process, because at least I would be dead and out of HERE.

The sadness that I felt the last two days Georgi, was unbearable, and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I was sad about EVERYTHING that a person could possibly be sad about, and understand now why I was feeling the way I was, and that it’s all just the process we move through in this ever evolving ascension process. It really feels like we are jumping on a trampoline, and as each jump catapults us into higher and higher loving frequency energies, the descent back down pushes us further into hell. And here we all are trying to jump with the Web of Light attached to our feet! DAMN!

But, today I’m back, with my sarcastic sense of humor and feeling better. AND I have a new message from HS…if you can believe it! LOL! It addresses my/our most recent struggles and also validates the decision to once again alter the ascension scenario, just as was intuited by myself, by Gaia Portal, by Jerry and Carla, and which your HS confirmed.

With much love and Light,

Message – April 20, 2013

What needs to be understood first and foremost by not just yourself, but by those who read channeled messages, is being a channel is difficult, it’s a huge responsibility that is not to be taken lightly. Now, added to that, if you are member of the PAT it also feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders – you know you have many individuals who are counting on the messages you give to get you safely back home.

To those who are angry or frustrated with the messages, we say to them, it’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone and be willing to connect with your HS and share with others. Try it sometime! Better yet, why not start your own blog and connect with the Angels, AA Michael, the Pleiadians, and if you are wrong in what you are misinterpreting, you can just blame it on THEM. But to have a discussion with your SELF, well, that takes a lot of fucking courage!!!! And you have to be willing to be WRONG. Yep, willing, because in allowing yourself to be OKAY with being wrong you open yourself up to discovering what it is you’ve been right about all along.

Why does HS lie, you ask? WELL, we most definitely look at it differently. We do not look at it as lying, rather directing you into areas where we can get you to see the truth, as your emotional reactions to the information we supply you play a huge part in the ascension scenario. It truly IS your fuel, and we use this to gauge and determine not only where the masses are at in the ascension process, but where you are at in the decisions we have to make on a scenario that will get you home.

It’s understood that to you it seems cruel and unusual punishment when we say, for example, “March 31st 2013 hold significance…THIS would be a good day to ascend!” And then for nothing to happen, well, it is most disappointing and infuriating and depressing, because you were all once again packed and ready to go. But, that date STILL held significance, even if you didn’t quite make it home, it was still an attempt. And then the further encouragement that is added afterwards to hang on a little longer is indeed the HR working diligently behind the scenes to adjust and modify what went wrong with the launching sequence, and then to augment and implement new strategies that will allow us to succeed on the next attempt.

IT SUCKS, we know, we are not cruel and heartless beings who do not care, we are not beings without feeling or concern, who lead you down all the wrong roads to keep you from the truth. THAT is the farthest thing from the truth. But as we have told you before, we are FOCUSED on the mission at hand, what is not just best for you, but for ALL in the highest order of things, and while certainly we have to take into account your physical well being and state of mind, our objective has always been to get EVERYONE from point A to point B in a manner that benefits the ALL as ONE. While it may seem cruel and heartless, up until now, with the veil of illusion that we have had to work against, it was the only way we could get you to do so.

But that has changed, and what you are sensing and demonstrating now are your abilities to receive this information directly through us without all the bullshit. It comes out in the course of your conversations and your dialogues, so that once the emotional energy is released and removed you can have concrete evidence of the underlying truth that existed within the messages that are receivedSurviving and overcoming the illusions of 3D is not for the weak of spirit!

We use certain messages to say, “PAY ATTENTION!! Gauge your emotional reaction to this! What is it telling you, is there truth to this, does it resonate, and if not, what can you do to CHANGE IT????” And YES, you can change it, you can modify it, you are not without power over the decisions that are being made. However, unfortunately, you HAVE BEEN pawns, as it seems, to how we present you the information for your approval. But once you learn how the game is being played, you can then begin to learn new strategies for how you can succeed in the final outcome that results in the highest good for all.

You, dear one, saw yourself involved in a meeting where final decisions were made, where contracts were signed, and you were not happy about it because you knew that this was the last and final alternative, the only alternative now to the situation on the ground. You saw that the decision was made to put the magnetic pole shift scenario into motion, you all unanimously decided to ‘make it so‘. And while you understood, as your HS, that this decision represented what was in the Highest Good of All beings upon this planet, it brought great distress and depression to your 3D counterpart who would have to be the one who would suggest or even hint at the possibility again, especially after trying so hard to keep that scenario, as you refer to it in your 3d mind, ‘the worst possible scenario‘ off the bargaining table. But understand, this is NOT the worst scenario, it is just a scenario, an enactment of the final act to a play that could have had so many different endings. Never the less, it is the ending that the minds of the masses chose, and when we say THEY chose, it is because in being so closed minded YOU were left with no other scenario options to choose for themKnow that they are bravely embracing this option, so that you can finally set them free.

The rumblings of Gaia that you felt within your energies the other day were a clue to that. Just as you have felt the waves of energy coming from Source pulses, you will also begin to experience even more of these same types of energy waves coming from Gaia now, and not just through your energetic fields and your intuition, but you may also experience these waves physically as they come through the chakras located at the bottoms of your feet. And just as the Source pulse waves have been a gauge for you to know where you at, and where humanity is at in the physical ascension process, use these waves from Gaia to inform you where she is also at in her ascension process.

As it stands NOW, the energy from the detonation of the PAT will be used to awaken the masses through the implementation of the Magnetic Pole Shift scenario. We, however, cannot give you specifics at this time, as to how the exact scenario will play out, as those determinations are still being adjusted and your inputs from the ground are being addressed. As Jerry suggested and intuited, the date of April the 29th holds significance in as far as putting the final determinations of this scenario into motion.

We ask that you PLEASE be proud of yourselves in coming THIS FAR and accomplishing what you have already accomplished thus far, and being strong enough and brave enough to do so, when no one else could be or would be. This is why your mission has been so hard. You were the only ones willing to do this nasty, dirty job, and even though our words may ring of insincerity, we truly are in gratitude for all that you have done.


Dear Dorie,

I have just read your message very carefully twice. It is so good, so up to the point that I will refrain from making any comments as not to dilute it. I may decide to write a separate article tomorrow and discuss the various aspects that this message has addressed one more time from my point of view, but for the moment I will simply publish it as it is.

Thank you very much and I am happy to hear that you are now out of the “deep gorge of tears” as the Germans use to say and have recovered your inborn humour and sarcasm. This is excellent.

I am feeling the stream of energies that are carrying me now up to the 5th and higher dimensions and I definitely no long belong to this reality. I have severed the last moorings and now I know that we have definitely reached the end of the rope. It is a gorgeous feeling. Have a rest now and enjoy your time.

With love

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