The Wisdom of the Crystalline Child

by Michelle from Mexico, March 25, 2013

Dear George,

I am not entirely certain as to exactly why I might be writing this, as it is not my custom to do so, especially via the Internet, but for several days I have been reading your postings. Thank you. While wishing to express my interest and sincere appreciation for your candor and information, I fear it may not be the only reason that I am contacting you. I would hope to make this short and succinct, just a hello, and a thank you and to send a big APPLAUSE to your stamina, integrity and courage to continue, 

I sense myself holding back currents of pain and uncertainty and un-knowingness that may erupt in this writing to you. NOT that I am seeking personal comfort or attention. I can and have long lived without both comfort and human attention and, although I don’t miss or require the attention part, the lack of comfort at times has been nearly unbearable. But I have found relief, pure unadulterated relief in some of your postings. Not relief from the social poisons and ignorance and outright pain, but an Inner Relief, a sense of knowing and now (thanks to you) being in-touch with my Self once again and your truth does echo.

My young son and I are not Mexican, but yet we find ourselves living in the city of Merida, Yucatan, MEXICO. For many years it seems he and I have existed outside of the mainstream norms and basically have not much contact with the the outside world here or, while living in any country or in our travels, we have no real social life, no real friends or have basically no other family members. It´s just us and a few cats and a dog, and now a small garden.

Many times my son states that he just feels ´gone´, and that nothing around him (including the house) feel real. He says it looks artificial… etc. I know my son means that he does not feel ‘gone´as if he is the thing that is Not Real. I have found that his ‘goneness’ refers to his feeling very detached from all that most folks would deem to be real and solid and important, and he is unable or at times unwilling to identify with or participate with .. .well, with basically all of it. He truly says that IT IS NOT REAL.

I do not think he is in any form of denial or has any real issues or problems, because I have had him thoroughly tested and evaluated and this from a very early age, preschool, etc. He sometimes enjoys the ´´movie or the show´´ as he likes to put it, but often times remarks that we need to ´change the channel´… and sometimes I truly think that he does change the channel or ´show¨, although by doing so, sometimes it is done by merely walking away from the current scene.

I don’t mean to use your time in reading this to speak or brag about my son, this is NOT the case. There is just so much that I don’t know about him. And so much I think I may be learning from your postings. Possibly one of the reasons we live in our own ‘bubble’ is because this child has rejected most, everything mainstream society expects of him. He refuses to comply with most social structures, such as schooling, etc. etc. And he does so  not by being violent, or acting out, he just simply and all too calmly finds a way to NOT do it. When scolded or in facing repercussions, he absolutely cannot be ruffled, he will not display anger, he will only maintain this calm inner knowingness and bewildered frustration that seems to display that WE are the stupid ones for not ´getting it´.

You can see in his demeanor that for whatever his reasons are, he is certain of them, and therefore does not feel obligated to change or comply. He does not even get emotional about it, which at times is scary for me, as I get scared for him. I think sometimes it just makes him sad, but not for himself – for the rest of us.

For example, to  enter Kindergarden, he was to be tested on math and reading abilities. This was a normal entrance requirement and would aid the school in placing him in the correct level and class type. The math evaluation was to be first, followed by a break, then he was to take the reading evaluation. While waiting for him in the school hall, he and the director came out and I thought it was break-time. But I was wrong. The director stated that they were finished. I asked WHY and HOW. I was then told that my son had informed them  that since he could only count from 1 to 10 he could not possibly take the tests. I stood up from my seat and scolded him in front of the director as I knew that this child could count at least to 100 as well as add, subtract, and more! But oddly enough, the director believed him and Not me!

So we left, and, while walking, I explained to my son that he had only hurt himself with this charade because now he would be placed in a class of slow learners and he would be bored because they would not be giving him any challenging material, etc. etc. etc… and I asked him WHY would he choose this? I also offered to take him back inside the school for another try. He calmly explained to me that he knew that if he told the director he could only count to ten, then he would not have to take this evaluation as he had already wasted his time being here and now he thought it was time he should have lunch. I almost cried.

He was almost 5 years old at this time, but he had been like this almost since birth. Maybe the boy-child has it right. Because I am beginning to slowly see and recognize that the world is a quagmire of bullshit. Not much real here, not much that I ever learned, or did, or what society told me, I needed to do to survive really seems to hold much weight or truth or purpose.

Lately, I find myself more and more losing interest in all things, materialistic, no longer crave or want any possessions, I simply am very tired of being pissed and bored with our present human conditions. Many many times my son and I have felt and known that something good was coming, happening, we felt it, we experienced it… yet there was no real proof or reason to be feeling or experiencing this.

THANKS to your postings I am beginning to get a glimpse at what the heck all this might have meant. Thank you sincerely for sharing. Thank you may seem a small and useless word. But even writing now seems to be a very limited expression for what one can sense and know with the soul. So please know that our souls thank you. Also I give thanks for the courage of your work. I had to say that, shallow as it seems to do, I think you probably deserve a better form of thanks for what it is you go through. I hope that this ascension you speak of will fix that.

Sincerely and most Respectfully,
Michelle and son Trueman

PS: Okay, forgive this second and last email, but I actually forgot to include why I was so thankful for encountering your information..and appreciative. I too, have felt these energies or whatever you call them in the last several days…and that is what caused me to begin searching and searching for whatever the hell it was that could be happening.

The lightworker websites always say the same old mumbo jumbo more or less and, although I catch a few similar notes on what I experience from time to time within these changing tides, NONE OF THEM could identify with the last few days now and describe to me what the hell is really happening.  And apart from the physical discomfort, the whole world around me began to look very very different and unsettling, at times surreal and dark, almost scary feeling, but this also came with an added inner peace which further baffled me, and I began to understand what my son may have been feeling at times.

I don’t know, but I truly must say that if I had not found your website, I would have not managed to get through this as I have now, thank you. You make sense, and that goes a long way to pointing me in the right direction and granting clarity, because truthfully all this feels much like being inside a Salvador Dali painting.

Gracias! not sure that I am purified enough to ascend, but I would sure like to get off this ride! So if I can´t join you good folks of PAT, I do indeed hope to join the ascended ones sooner rather than later. ja ja saludos

Dear Michelle,

I am happy that you have finally found us and that the postings on our website have helped you better understand the rapidly changing world around you, and first and foremost, the amazing and very mature behaviour of your crystalline son. You should be proud of him and not force him to do anything he does not desire, as he knows better than most other people what is coming very soon and what is real. By the way how old is your son now?

The greatest problem of humanity is not to be able to perceive the truth about their terrible existence and what makes it so terrible most of the time. It is their ignorance, and when they have the possibility to transcend their mental limitations, most of them are scared and resist any change. This is what we will soon witness on a global scale, but this will not alter the inevitability of the coming changes. This human intransigence will only harm those, who resort to it.

In your personal case I do not see what else you can do, but try to inform you as best as you can and our website gives you a plethora of information on all aspects of human life, mostly about the LBP and ascension, in which you now seem to have fully immersed.

To respond here also to your second email / P.S. – you are absolutely right: Most of the other LW websites on the Internet are bullshit and they do not reflect the real energetic processes and conditions, in which Gaia and many humans are now involved. They do not educate, but only confuse, as they merely reflect the egomaniac, guru-tainted perceptions of these New Agers.

But even this inability to reflect adequately the perceived reality is part of the dark heritage of the Orion matrix, which many LW still harbour in their narrow weltanschauung and are not able or willing to let go of. This is a fundamental gnostic problem based on human indoctrination by the old, now rapidly dissolving Orion system, and this is the only reason why ascension had to be postponed so often at the expense of our group – the PAT.

Otherwise we would have been the only ones, who would have qualified for ascension and all other souls would have been doomed to stay on the catastrophic earth B or die in the course of this year. This is however not the outcome we came here for. Now the prospects are really bright, as we have managed to awaken more incarnated souls than our most daring forecasts have envisioned and thus our return back to the Source this week is fully guaranteed, just as ascension of humanity to the 5th dimension, to paradise, is beyond any doubt in the coming months.

With love and light

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