Testing the Energetic Pulse of Humanity Prior to the Detonation of the PAT Supernova

by Silvia Gmeiner and Georgi Stankov, March 14, 2013

Dear George,

I am writing in English, so if you feel to, you can add it to the communication of the PAT without to much translation work. Surely, my text will need some improvement concerning the English grammar.

My writing has been inspired by your expression of the “real problem”:

The real problem are not the coming revelations, as these have existed all the time. It were the people who have their “eyes wide shut” that are the biggest problem. It lies in the lack of human propensity and readiness to address these crimes from a moral, ethical and emotional state of indignation and the courage to condemn such actions once and for all.”

This is the fact in our daily life here. If I share my understanding about how things are distorted and in what ignorance the masses are surviving in this enslavement program, I mostly get a telepathic message not to make them anxious, to talk about something else, not to bore them with repeating the same story again and again –  to keep quiet, finally. My expression of indignation is not well accepted in a society with a tradition in belittlement (a woman can also be a “woman-le”, a psychosis might be named a “psychosis-le”.

The place I am living is in Austria, near Switzerland. I can translate their messages, that I am too passionate, too vehement in my expressions. BUT: I am divine expression and I do not let anybody to stop my way of expressing my self, my divinity. I understand very well, that there is no need to confront, to explain to others any longer, I quit this need to awaken humanity in the End Time, breaking free myself finally.

Now I am listening to another question within. I learnt to bring my fear to the surface. As we know very well, to keep and store the fear in the unconscious layers doesn’t mean the fear has gone. Since most humans are in an ongoing telepathic exchange – it is clear, who is receiving, interpreting and expressing…

Tonight I woke up with a very clear mind, working on the confusing situation in the coming ascension for Hue-manity and humanity. And also the answer that we are already creating this situation to introduce a broader understanding to what is going on – telepathically. Watching myself how busy, seriously and uncompromising I am in clarifying and aligning my expression  –  the energy matching my expression and vice verse – for many weeks now AND with a permanent support by the PAT website.

Last week I experienced a “wake-up”, reading from a German journalist, a comment about her interview she had with Beppe Grillo lately. She wrote how she listened to false quotations from HER interview with B.G. in the news, knowing that she hasn’t yet given it to the magazine for publishing. Later she even found the same false report in the net of the Italian daily newspaper “La Republica”.

Her comment  – from a professional, intellectual German female mind – was:

“…because I was impressed, how the hate campaign against M5s (Movement of the 5 stars) found entry into the German media”…..

She might have screamed out loud in indignation, but instead, she is projecting it on Beppe Grillo, entitling her commentary: “The former comedian Beppe Grillo, the man, the laugh that went”.


She doesn’t recognize that it is she, herself, who should pass the laugh, because of the impertinence and lousiness of her employer. Reading this, I felt touched – while this deeply embedded ignorance of the intellectual mind became again visible to me,
it is revealing itself.

There is no abuse here  –  it is only about the ignorance of an ongoing ABUSE  –  the abuse of the people by the mainstream media, the abuse of the journalists by the MSM as their financier  – this is all going on in this same vein.

Furthermore, it helped me to realize for now and forever that there is nothing to expect in this regard and so I could/can easily walk away from the “saviour-program” (after other insights, of course).

Here is her statement in German:

“Weil ich beeindruckend fand, wie die Hetzkampagne über das M5s (Movimento 5 stelle) in die deutschen Medien geraten ist, habe ich darüber im Tagesspiegel einen Artikel geschrieben”.


The question, arising in my field is: How can we imagine to communicate in our divine expression after the “Pfingstwunder” (Pentecostal miracle) – the detonation of the PAT supernova? And also my concern of not wanting to get burned at the pyre this time (not just a joke).

Some quotations from April’s “HS”:

Now, what the masses do with that Remembrance and for how long they are able to consciously retain it, will be a completely individual affair. Obviously many will simply “thrive” off of this. It will further trigger other innate “memories” of the Life, of the Truth, of the Sovereign Creator, within them. And these effects will only continue to ripple out amongst the masses. Raising their vibration to the level of visibility and interaction with you as an ascended master“.

And further on:

The ascending masses in turn, follow this progression. As ascended masters you will be re-teaching many of them how to consciously re-commune with ALL, in which they are a part of / connected to, so that they too have a clear line of site to ascension and Self.

Since I find myself busy with this subject – watching myself expressing – I agree totally, reading from you, that

“It is our duty as first ascended human masters to develop coherent visions now how humanity will evolve to a new civilisation based on true and valid spiritual principles after the detonation of the PAT supernova this month”.

These days I am talking to the few people left in my next surroundings, that it is so important to understand that there are no coincidences (Zufälle) on this earth and in life, that it is important to understand and to know the way of creation. so humanity might be able to follow, to know by intuition that the perceptible reality has already been created in other realms. The visible, manifested part only means that this has been created already, which is absolutely well explained in the quotation from Seth and your article “The power of Nightmares”.

The answer to my question about this necessity I got tonight: That if humanity can agree – even telepathically – to the truth of creation, we’ll have less upheaval, less psychic stress and not so much mental pressure.

AND that we are creating the outcome simultaneously…

George, that has been some work for me – I am glad I did it. And I do not mean that I want you to bring it on the page only, if you feel there is something to share with the others too. I have to tell you that I am astonished about my intuitive understanding and getting answers to my questions, experiencing my connection with the realms of creation.

Maybe I am just “catching up” and becoming more aware about my creator being. I am grateful that I can also communicate with you and the PAT in this form.

I am breathing my passion.

Dear Silvia,

you have put your thumb at the pulse of the current End Time and have diagnosed the last convulsions of the dying Orion matrix. Of course, as with all wild animals, they seem to be most dangerous in their last mortal agony. But nothing is further from the truth with respect to the dark political elite.

Of course we are now confronted with more vehement rejection of our ideas than ever. But this has to do with the survival fears of the people that are now looming high. It is not only the established political elite in Europe that currently runs amok after the Beppe Grillo’s  epidemics has all of sudden dangerously eroded their electoral foundations. They know better than the masses that they are done this time and that it is not about Beppe Grillo and the establishment of stable political conditions in Italy, but that the whole system is crumbling not only on the fringes, but also in its core – in the Western centres of political power.

Fear is a bad adviser and the only reaction with which the political establishment can respond nowadays in their inherent robotic manner to the all-encompassing changes that lurk from all corners. This angst will be the motor of destruction of their compromised 3-reality, to which they stubbornly stick. And the elite know that it is about their naked survival, they have never cared about the people they should serve.

The masses, which they have always considered to be their stupid slaves, will ascend to heaven after they have gone through their tribulations beginning this month. The elite will be however drowned in the course of these tribulations or “will run en masse up the hills” as April’s HS tells us. They are not a match for the PAT anymore.

The moment this collapse will manifest, and its smell is already in the air, their fear, which now finds its outlet in all kinds of nastiness against the perpetrators of their alleged past stability and security, be they Beppo Grillo or the PAT (as in the eyes of the paid Internet trolls by the dark US and German secret services that tried in vain to harass me again in the last days in their mortal agony and pure angst of personal annihilation) will be gone for ever. It will be substituted with a total helplessness after the surrender of their political leaders, who will leave the sinking ship and will vanish from the scene as to save their lives. This is how the system will collapse without any fight.

In front of the coming perils, the people will forget their intransigence and resistance against our spiritual ideas and will flock to us to save them. Thus for the first time in their long incarnation cycle their survival instincts will do them a favour.

While the elite will crawl in their rat holes underground, those who have mainly contributed to this charade as enslaved masses will be hit with such a tsunami of emotional shame and disgust about their own debased behaviour in the past that all the barriers that now hinder our communication with these people will be torn down overnight.

But one must not give up these days sending signals to the masses, no matter how they react. One should only refrain from expecting too much from this action at this point in time. However even an angry reaction is a clear sign that we have planted the seeds of human awakening.

That is why I only recently compared the effects of the detonation of the PAT supernova on the collective mindset with that of the Pentecostal miracle as this myth is deeply rooted in western Christian minds. You should probably read my German books on Gnosis, where I dedicate more time and space to this psycho-energetic phenomenon of total expansion of human awareness.

During the detonation of the PAT supernova all angst barriers will be demolished in the people for a short period of time and the Christed source energy will flood their mental and emotional bodies, thus expanding them irreversibly for ever.

Of course most of the people can experience this energetic expansion (Entgrenzung) only for a very short period of time and after that they will short-circuit to the old human existential patterns, as otherwise their physical vessels will be burnt out. But they will still be energetically transformed for ever, even if they may not remember it consciously after a while.

The people are not yet ready to harbour such powerful, high-frequency energies for a long period of  time in their bodies without any damage, as is the case with the PAT. Even I, who am very experienced in accommodating such energetic waves and have raised my vibrations to that of the source long time ago, am regularly knocked down during each ascension test run as is the case today.

Of course the Germans, and in particular the Tirolers, are more dumbed down than any other European population. Their relative prosperity and social security add up to their total material enslavement under the Orion system, which is nowhere so dense, dark and omnipresent in a well-disguised historical tradition than among the Teutonic nations in Central Europe. And this is the reason why their collapse will be much more dramatic than in the USA, where one third of the population already lives under the poverty margin.

These are also the people that will lose most when we will ascend and will stick most stubbornly to their past material acquisitions. But the Germans also have the historical memory of two huge catastrophes in the last 100 years and are well prepared to experience a third one as Seth elaborates about the psychic realms, where all collective decisions are made and known in advance.

When the initial shock after our ascension will be overcome, the Teutonic masses will become within the blink of an eye our most devoted supporters and followers – I can assure you. But first they have to fall the steep Alps slopes downhills and end up in the deepest muddy pond, from where we will get them out with our glorious appearance as light gestalts. Just be patient and have faith in our omnipotence as human Elohim.

With love and light


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