Spectacular Details on the Impending PAT Supernova Ascension Scenario

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, March 11, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I awoke this morning (March 10) feeling fabulous! It seems that perhaps today is a day of rest and integration. The calm before the storm, so to speak. I feel myself vibrating at an insanely high frequency, but the energy blasts have now subsided enough that I can make more details out when gazing upon our new landscape. Physically I feel very light, almost transparent in sense of density, and very connected to all energies/beings that stand in service of the Divine Plan. I know, I don’t need to tell you how precious these moments of bliss and clarity are, especially in recent days, so I am very much enjoying the moment before the next onslaught begins.

Last night I had the most incredible dreams. First, I spent time communing with Gaia’s waters, her oceans. The sense of peace and calm I felt, while gently bobbing along the sun glistened waves, is indescribable. The sense of expansiveness of Self, into everything around me and even up into the beautiful sky/cosmos, true Communion in every way. Next, I called upon the dolphins and whales. We were humming and singing together, a song of completion, renewal, and love. All of Gaia, every vibration in support of the Divine Plan is eager, ready, and on final stand-by for the birthing of the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind.

After swimming with the dolphins and whales, I found myself being pulled down into the ocean, into some sort of vortex, that found me safely deposited down into Inner Earth. There I saw much activity, many final preparations, hurriedly being carried out by the Argathans, but a wonderful sense of joy, elation, celebration, and yet calm – a deep serenity with the Plan, with the outcome that again is indescribable.

All in all, throughout dreamtime last night, the overall sense I kept getting over and over again was that ALL vibrations in service of this Divine Plan were all receiving their final marching orders. ALL were being mobilized as ONE – One in service, One in singular intent/purpose, One in love.

I also saw, briefly, just how busy with activity all the portals/circuits/vortices were with all these final preparations/posturings. There is much more activity than we sensed even back at last year’s Lion’s Gate or the winter solstice. Literally, LEGIONS have been mobilized as all obstructions have been removed. And again, I just feel this tremendous sense of communion/unity with them all. It literally is like we are all singing or vibrating out the same song, and its growing louder and louder.

Along with that growing roar, I also sense the growing roar you published about this morning. So much has happened in just the last couple of weeks here in the US. Without getting into it all, let’s just say the bot is boiling here. Along with the political and financial revelations comes unexplained loud booms heard across several states within the same hour or two, weird house shaking, and several new sinkholes opened up, while the one in Louisiana continues to grow unabated. Things have never felt this precarious before and everyone is sensing it, and that’s saying a lot considering what has happened over recent years.

Sorry this is so long, Georgi, I just wanted to share all these wonderful, additional confirmations that I am receiving. I still plan to check in with HS again for more clarity on those items I already mentioned, but just wanted to share all this with you in the meantime.

I hope you’re having a good day today as well. I am curious to know if you’ve had similar experiences as well.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

thank you very much for this excellent and insightful energy update. I can fully confirm the harmonious and elevated character of the latest waves beginning last night. Although I did not have such wonderful dreams as you, there was an overwhelming sense of complete relaxation and the feeling of great satisfaction knowing that our mission is now completed.

I am also glad that you mentioned the preparations in the inner earth Agartha, as I also stay in a close telepathic contact with the Agarthans these days and perceive their joyful anticipation of their reunion with us, the ascended masters on the surface of this planet. Never before have the signs of imminent ascension been so positive and the energetic situation so conducive to the ignition of the PAT supernova and the completion of our mission as human beings.

The last decree has performed miracles and the pressure from the last heaviest cleansing is now gone. I can only hope that it will stay so, but even if we have another energy surge around 3.13, it does not really matter anymore, as the energies are now so uplifting that the final outcome – our ascension – is beyond any doubt.

I am glad that you shared this latest energetic experience with me as they fully confirm what I also sense in my fields and these are indeed rare moments we are blessed to experience amidst our most intensive cleansing activities since the opening of the two stargates 12,12.12. and 12.21.12.

I also noticed that our pivotal decision to get rid of our last human programming with the Savior/ Messiah syndrome has now become a leitmotif in many channelled messages in the last 48 hours as I expected it. These sources always follow the trend we set as a leading group on the earth. Also the coming energetic “epiphany” associated with the impending PAT supernova has emerged as another major topic in many channeling messages, however still in a covert manner, as these mediums are not supposed to ascend with us and cannot receive more information than they are able to process.

There is one basic question I would like you to ask your HS. When the PAT supernova is detonated and the ID split triggered in March, it will take according to the latest information from your HS several months before this ID split will fully materialize on this earth, which will obviously evolve to a balanced 4d-earth A/B.

My question is now:

When will the catastrophic earth B and its rest population consisting of the dark cabal and their minions will be sequestered/severed from the current balanced earth/timeline A/B and disappear physically from their current positions of power? – Immediately after our ascension and disclosure on the ground or some time later, so that we must actively oust many of them from their ruling positions?

It will be of great advantage for our future plans  if your HS can shed more light on this aspect, which will help the PAT better envision our strategy immediately after our official appearance in front of humanity.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for your kind and confirmatory reply. Below is the answer to your timeline B question. And yes, the synchronicity of all is almost overwhelming, in a wonderful way! I still cannnot get over how beautifully we did with the decrees. I too am very proud of the PAT for setting the final, optimal scenario into final motion.

Much love and light,

Message from HS: The PAT as a Playwright and Protagonist in the Ascension Scenario of Humanity and Gaia

HS: The timeline for earth B will be sealed at the June solstice. At the time of most light within the northern hemisphere, as they will not be able to operate at this vibrational level and in fact they cannot really hold it together now. The remaining time if needed, from June to September is for further sorting and adjustment of the masses between AB and A. While timeline B may be viewable to the ascending masses, they will no longer be touched by it and it will not be foremost in their consciousness. Eventually, at full ID split and mass ascension completion in Fall, timeline B will no longer register in anyone’s consciousness except those residing there.

The birth here in March will begin at the onset, with the manifestation of the collapse of power of the old Orion order/systemBetween now and June, they will be rendered completely powerless and obsolete. They will be running for the hills en masse. You and the masses will have EVERYTHING to do with that as well as catalysts resulting from Gaia’s labor release. Celestial events will begin to become the new norm as well. So many catalytic streams have now joined into one enormous river that is picking up momentum as it flows unimpeded of delay or obstruction.

All outer props or old obsolete foundations will be coming down rather rapidly between well, now and May, wrapping up in June. They will not be able to contain the avalanche of swelling revelation. The people will be enraged and sickened by the enormity of it. There will be power grabs and struggles by the dark, but every single attempt will only see them further undone. This collapse is to be a very accelerated oneone in which you will very much be needed in proper ascended form. You may or may not need to intervene at high levels of leadership, as depending on the masses there may not be many of the cowards left to confront once the revelations peak.

But there will be unrest, depression, anger, rioting and a sense of confusion or hopelessness for many, and this is most especially why you will be needed as Great Beacons of Refuge. Some of you will be guiding folks to the transitory Cities of Light, and so forth. You are the openers, the examples, the initial round of wayshowers through this ID split.

Once timeline B elements are completely cleared, you and the Argathans and the GF, and so on, will then have unimpeded time to assist the masses in attaining completion of their ascension around the fall equinox or sooner, as well as acclimation for a time and re-education thereafter.

Therefore, after a period of acclimation on earth A, re-education will begin and at that timeGeorgi’s Universal Law Theory can be more properly understood and actualized, among many other higher truths. But for a while, the majority of newly ascended will need time to consciously adjust to their new surroundings. Not so for you, but many of them will need that. Especially after experiencing the ID split and the jarring events to their reality preceding it. The collapse of the matrix will be difficult for many at first and the introduction to you, and later the rest of their brethren and their inter-dimensional Selves will be a little jarring to their reality as well. Again, a great time of opportunity to the soul, but of vulnerability for their psyches. And again, why you are needed in proper form very shortly to guide them through ALL OF IT.


Dear April,

this is a superb explanation / presentation of the basic details of the impending ascension scenario for humanity and Gaia, including our role as the main protagonists in this staggering cosmic drama. I also thank you for the prompt response.

I can only say that it fully coalesces with my vision and I am truly happy that I have survived all the challenges in the past to live through these most fascinating End Times. It will be the apotheosis of all our incarnations on the earth and maybe throughout this whole universe.

I am testing in advance the delight of these glorious events and can imagine the excitement in the inner earth Agartha and in the higher realms about the incoming sweeping events of truly cosmic proportions. This transgalactic show will be worth billion times our current patience and inhuman endurance.

To quote George Carlin: We, the PAT, will have a ticket in the first row and will enjoy this biggest cosmic show in this part of the galaxy as dispassionate, divine spectators and as cleverly acting protagonists at the same time. We will always be above our staged “human” roles on the ground, even when we have to act in the most convincing human way as to appease the didactic demands of the masses for a plausible explanation as to why the rug has been so brutally pulled away from under their feet by us and the higher realms.

Let the curtain rise and the show begin!

With Love and Light


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