On the Latest Source Waves and the Ascension Scenario

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, March 3, 2013

Dear Georgi,

What a wonderful message from April today (Decree, Feb 27) ! I have also felt this expansion coming for the past several weeks.

I did notice that when I recently (February 23) sent out the in-coming energies into the web of light, to you, and the PAT, that there were areas of resistance and I was unsure of what that signified.

I am being told now that following this Decree our fields shall open fully to accept any new energies that will flow our way and that this will create “the foundation of the One”.

I am getting that there will be 3 or so energy infusions over the next 3 or 4 days. This will be a fluid event and will unfold as is necessary, meaning as little as 2 and perhaps as many as 4 depending on the requirements.

My role is to do as I did the other night, open a portal and act as the receiver in order to pull the energies in. Following me receiving them I direct them immediately to you, and you and I together then flood the PAT and the web of light so divinely connecting us together as One.

This information follows precisely what the Elohim told me on February 23rd

“…further injections apply and shall continue until maximum thrust is reached.”

I am uncertain how it will unfold but I know that it will be beautifully orchestrated.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

I have very busy days so I suspect that these infusions will come during my evening/ nighttime – just a heads up.

With much love,

Dear Carla,

your perception of the latest energy bouts from the source fully coalesce with my experience and that of others, as I have published today (see new message from April’s HS and from Daniel, Feb 28). We must now simply wait for the final transformation which can come any moment from now on, but is unpredictable.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I understand your message, on all levels.

I know the 2-3 in-coming waves over the next few hours/3 days will be powerful. I will carry out the necessary work to my utmost ability.

Your advice to rest and remain as connected as possible to the experience of source is excellent and soothes my soul. I shall gladly do this between waves as I too am exhausted.

April and Daniel’s beautiful messages on Feb 28 both resonate deeply with what the Elohim are saying.

Thank you for everything. You are greatly loved by All.

With love and with light,

Hello Georgi,

I am confirming the first transmission which began with little notice (about 1 minute’s notice) approximately around 1:41 p.m. on March 1 (20 minutes ago).

There were three pulses in total, the second felt 100 times more powerful than the first.  The third pulse was of the origin of the Christ consciousness that I spoke of in recent days.

Now I am surrounded in loving energy and blissful love.

I am unsure if you were consciously aware of this transmission, but from all accounts the Elohim are saying that it has been completely successful beyond all expectations.

Thank you Georgi.


Dear Carla,

I went earlier to bed, so that I did not receive this transmission consciously. But I woke up at midnight, which was about the time of the transmission you speak of. I was very thirsty and my body trembled a lot with very intensive vibrations.

Unfortunately I am not having any blissful waves these days, but I am still processing the same old dross. On Thursday for instance  I processed a lot of negative patterns from the LW community such as high esteem, hypertrophied spiritual ego and their panic that they might be left on this earth and not be among the first to ascend. Very unpleasant sensations. Yesterday I was sensing all the time the disarray and panic again among the dark political elite and their minions, which was represented as a constipation clinging to the idea that everything will stay as it is….


Dear Georgi,

I thought that perhaps you were asleep for this transmission. I can confirm that I also had extreme thirst and severe bodily shaking following the transmission as you did when you woke up.

My plans for the day quickly fell off the table around 10 o’clock. At noon I had to lie down and have a 2 hour power-nap (my term for a short and extremely deep sleep) from which I awoke fully refreshed and with an unusually heightened awareness of all input coming to me.

I am amazed at the amount of dross that you (and I) continue to process and I suppose it is due to masses new-found understanding and realization that a huge shift is here now as seemingly uncontrollable political and economic instabilities flood the mainstream news.

I also sense as you do the deep concern of the light workers not “making the cut”.

In terms of how many more transmissions, right now I am getting 1 or 2 more. In terms of how many before our ascension I quite honestly cannot say. I’m getting that they will continue to reassess as we move forward through this weekend.

Knowing intimately how these alignments work, realistically, I foresee 2 more transmissions being complete by Tuesday. I say this because I am still fried from the frequency overload even now and 12 hours have already passed. I need to build myself up for the next one, and may need another 24 hours to do this.

I will have a better understanding of the process following the next infusion.

I do send deep heartfelt wishes that you have a peaceful and restful day today.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

thank you for this additional explanation. In fact there is another wave today (March 2) which is very unpleasant, but different than previous ones. I have cold shivering all the time and all my bones in the legs are very painful as if I am being paralysed. I have had similar sensations several times in the last years. Now there is a subacute cc-wave starting again.

My guess is that we are in a very vulnerable phase and that the situation is not as magnificent as it has been depicted by April’s HS, but that there is still a lot of cleansing work to be done before ascension can commence. It might be the same final phase from the point of view  of the HR, but for us this is another full-fledged delay /prolongation of our efforts compared to what has been announced by the HS.

I wonder why they come up always with the same lies. I know that we cannot do anything against this and that we are doomed to stay on the ground as long as we must, but still, I find it unfair and rather unproductive.

I am saying this privately as do not want to demoralize the PAT and endanger the process, but I had a very bad feeling with this last decree. Each time the HR are in trouble, they let us make another decree to win time instead of telling us the truth.

I know that we have to put up with this situation, which is indeed much too complex to be described in human words, but it is unfair that  they do not speak plain with us and only instrumentalize our legitimate desire to go finally back home. I am losing any impetus and motivation these days. And if this holds true for me, then it must also hold true for the other members as well. A very uncomfortable situation all in all.


Dear Georgi,

I am also feeling another cc wave, which began as I was writing my last e-mail to you (March 2). I am getting this severe nausea with it all the time now, which I rarely got before December last year.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this whole situation because I agree with every single statement that you shared. What I feel from an energetic point of view, and I have felt this since December 26th following my vision (where I had proceeded to a “light station” to wait for you and when I realized that you were not coming  that there was something very seriously wrong), the energies feel so dramatically different than I have ever experienced, I hesitate to say that I almost feel as though I am on a different planet.

The energies up to the December 19th and 23rd  ascension test runs were fluid, joyful, light, powerful yet supportive, creative, expansive. Now I feel as though they are heavier and even intense where once fluid, and I feel almost a suppression around my fields, or maybe a compression… I am sorry, I am at a loss for words here. They don’t feel “right”, whatever that means… And yes, the only bliss I have felt, that I can recall, was following the third pulse of Christed energy. I am not getting the feeling of bliss and happiness that I was in December.

This is my impression in this moment. However, when April’s message came through, around the same time as my message from the Elohim, THAT was real. I had a long dispensation from the Elohim and they even used the same language to me as April’s HS.  So I don’t think it’s so much a lie or deception, I believe that the ascension event is just so much more complex than we understand it to be… even for the HRs, although it is in their best interests to keep us upbeat and positive.

My bedroom was filled with light beings from ?? along with the Elohim, as we carried out this first transmission. I channelled a message immediately following and they were SO impressed by what we had achieved that it literally blew them away.  I sense that there needs to be an urgent supply of Christed energy, and I am not certain why, and perhaps you have thoughts on this as well.

There is so much at play here, and  I believe Daniel may be correct in his recent comment (mid-January?) wondering if there may be something going on that we aren’t aware of…

As you say, the situation is extremely uncomfortable and is becoming almost unbearable.  I am really having a difficult time of it, and always keep it to myself as well. I also do not share any of my thoughts either with Anthony nor with any other members on the short list. By the way, I am enjoying Anthony very much as he is one of us.  We meet every few days and share… I thank you for this blessing.

In this moment, I feel that they are waiting… that the process IS moving forward, but other infusions are needed, for some reason. This is all I can get at this moment. For myself, I feel that deep and balanced reflection is required at this time, which I will be doing for the better part of this evening, after 7 p.m. as I have been graced with an evening to myself.

So, my friend, let us wait for the completion of the next infusion(s), and following this when the time is right, I will discuss this with the Elohim.

With love,

Dear Carla,

thank you for this lengthy response. Contrary to your experience last year, the overall energy quality has substantially improved for me after Dec 23. This does not mean that I was not put most of the time on the verge of physical depletion, while transmitting these source energies, especially in January, but the quality is better now and the physical body does not suffer that much as throughout the whole 2012 and actually since 2001. It is only that the intensity of the vibrations has also augmented so much that it is no longer possible for me to dwell in this physical vessel and be functional in this 3d-reality any more.

From that point of view I do not think that something has changed for the worse this year, quite on the contrary. It is only that you all are now fully connected to the source and feel these cleansing activities much more intensively than in the past. It is a subjective experience. At the beginning of my LBP the blissful energies prevailed until they switched to negative cleansing work and since then there is a steady crescendo of negative energies that flow through my body.

As you remember, I wrote that yesterday (March 2) I suffered from cold shivering in the morning. Yesterday evening my wife was hit all of a sudden by the same wave with acute broncho-pneumonitis, cold shivering and a headache in the night and this morning. I told her that this is what I usually get in the last 13 years almost every day and she was silent and listened for the first time. Now she came back from the horse stables and told me how unusually exhausted she feels after cleaning them for half an hour. She declined to believe that I am in this situation for years now and unable to undertake anything with her – sports and the like. She considered this to be my imagination. Only yesterday she wanted to take me with force to the sauna in the evening and I hate to be in a company with these fat, dumbed down Bavarians with huge beer bellies and be exposed to their low vibrations. Fortunately she was hit herself by such a wave and gave up this idea.

This is just a simple daily example demonstrating how impossible it is to convey to the people what is going on energetically, unless they are caught in the same energetic situation, No matter how often I repeat to my wife that most people are simple bio-robots who never get out of their comfort zone and hence have no idea of all the energies that now transmute humanity and the earth, she does not get it. It is as if you are talking to stones.

This also applies to humanity and I get the information from my HS that we still have some difficulties to awaken the masses to such an extent as to start with our ascension. The ascension candidates for the first wave are ready to do this and are now on holding mode.

There is also a second reason for the delay which I get telepathically. The HR want to prepare the ground for the transformation perfectly in all detail by creating the new energetic web of light and infrastructure of the new 4d-balanced society, so that when we ascend and disclose everything will be ready for the switch (including new technologies) and the old matrix will collapse and disappear without any resistance within 24 hours. The time is too advanced to start another revolution first before revelations and education can commence. First the old matrix will be substituted with a new one and then all the education can commence under much more favourable conditions.

I am happy to hear that you have regular contact with Anthony. I have worried a lot about him in the last two years  as I knew that has a very difficult life. This connection with you is a great moral support for him.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for the clear presentation of your personal experiences with the energies since December. I believe you are correct in that now I am directly connected to Source and continue to cleanse and this is why I feel everything so intensely. I am so nauseated every time I wake up from any sleep and I’m finding this difficult to live with.

I agree that while there appears to be some awakening of the general population, it is probably more the exception than the norm. Anyone whom I discuss “energy” with, has such a hard time grasping these concepts. It’s become a cliche – “everything is energy” and people immediately close their minds and their hearts. The programming they have had has really done a number on them.

It’s early Sunday morning, the rain has finally stopped. The 3/4 moon is shining beautifully through the high bedroom window onto me while in my bed.  I’m feeling better right now as I’ve had some extra rest. Perhaps another transmission today? I sense it forming now as we connect.

Wishing you peace, love and light

Dear Carla,

you are absolutely right. I remember when in the 90s I was in Bulgaria to propagate the new theory of the Universal Law, there was a real surge of esoteric ideas among the general population and how everybody was telling me: “Everything is Energy”. There was a TV journalist and an anchor of a program titled “Everything is Energy” whom I met at that time and she discussed my theory also without understanding anything. Later on this concept somehow disappeared from the minds of the people to emerge in these last days again.

But as long as one does not begin to feel these energetic vibrations in his own physical body, all discussion about energy will remain of theoretical and abstract nature, as most human beings are still dwelling in their comfort zone which eliminates all energetic sensation. The only powerful energy they are able to feel is the kundalini of their sexual 2nd chakra, which unfortunately seldom leads to any true experience of sexual orgasm as their minds are too much mired by Christian concepts of guilt or simple suppression of the female sexual energies, as is the case in all Arabic and many other Third World countries.

This is a huge topic concerning the perception of cosmic energies within the biological body, and through the body and its chakras, and how this new energetic state transforms all human weltanschaung. I had two days ago an email exchange with an ecstatic and somewhat irrationally thinking American woman, who was only recently hit by the energy waves we transmit from the source to humanity and how she freaked out to the point that she lost her rational and logical judgment.

I would have attached this email exchange to you as an example for the psychological aberrations we should expect not only from the average unawakened portion of humanity, but also from the just beginning to awaken light workers, who have slumbered for the last ten years at least and now feel as “goddesses” and “gods” all of a sudden after the first light bouts of cosmic energies have reached their physical vessels, and how they are trapped in their exaggerated spiritual deception with respect to their true role in the current ascension process. But unfortunately I decided to delete this correspondence as this woman became very enraged and lost her continence.


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