Why the Orion Monetary System is in Its Mortal Throes

by Katrina (Freia), March 30, 2013

Hi Georgi!

I enjoyed reading your recent article about “money” and how difficult it will be for people to understand the concept of a new kind of monetary system based on meritocracy which will be completely doable with free energy and new technologies already available, but bought by huge corporations and shelved in patent offices collecting dust. Also, thank you for the Physics of Ascension article!

I wanted to share my story that symbolizes in a small scale, the desperation, and how pitifully low the old Orion Matrix monetary system has succumbed to, almost frantically scavenging every penny they hope to collect before time is up for them.

Yesterday, to my great nuisance, my phone started ringing at 8am, throughout the whole day, never anybody leaving a message, from numbers I knew from past experience were money collectors.

Finally at 9pm, after 11 calls, I grabbed the phone, enough is enough!  Surely, it was Bloomingdale’s, to whom I already spoke to only few days ago, when I explained my situation and why I cannot make payments of any kind at this time, but felt like I was being bargained with, when the caller kept reducing the amount asking “well, can you pay $15? No? How about $10? $5? My answer was, no.

Then yesterday, when I answered the phone, I was so fired up, that at the end, I actually apologized “this kind Bloomingdales lady”, wishing her good evening and Happy Easter before we hung up, as I understand she was only doing her boring and non-rewarding job.

Our fairly long conversation started by me asking “who is your underwriter?”, “who is your underwriting bank? I insisted and demanded to know repeatedly without getting a simple answer. As she wouldn’t reply to my basic question, I went on a full on rant :

“How pathetic it is, that I, and so many others are being squeezed out of their few dollars in their pocket, and how the constant phone calls are border-line harassment. One only needs to open their eyes and see the sorry state of affairs of ALL now collapsing banks and credit agencies, that ever were associated and did business with Central Banks, including their reptilian CEOs. I asked if she knows what LIBOR really is/was??”

No answer. Okay, neither did some people even in the finance sector, when the news about LIBOR and their rigged system broke out last year in July. Well it is now common knowledge that they were artificially manipulated in order to make the banks appear “healthy” by bloating or lowering daily interest rates, which were pulled out of thin air and sent to central banks.

The CEO of Citibank resigned not too long ago. The CEO of JP Morgan Chase, (Chase being on top of my personal shit list) Jamie Dimon,  should have resigned last week instead of Ida Drew for billions of dollar of losses in their operation unit in London, and is probably now singing like a canary, in hopes to get a shorter sentence when the shit will hit the fan, while pointing his finger at 15 other crooked banksters like Judas. And trust me, none of these insidious parasites would EVER give up their position and power, unless there is a real reason to “resign”.

AND –  I went on to explain to her how my credit rating was top notch of 785 until 2008, and we all know what happened then. First Bear Stearns, followed by AG, and all the rest of “too big to fail”. Why is it that when you rob a bank, you go to jail, but when a bank robes the people’s monies, they get bailed out?? As a matter of fact, I am sick and tired of being penalized with a  29% APR, just so I can go and spend MY money in YOUR store. I believe I have paid my fair share of these penalties, called interest rates, and waaaay more!

How I already had few days ago proposed an arrangement that my account be frozen until I can make a payment, as I have NO intention of going shopping at Bloomingdale’s any time soon. I have been your customer for 14 years and now you are sweating me over a measly balance of $170 on my account!

“Lady, I broke my wrist, I have 4 pins in it and haven’t had an income for awhile. So, no, right now I am not concerned about you reporting me to all and any credit reporting agencies, as they are going down too, just like all big banks!”

Then I got quiet, and felt bad, and the lady at the other end with a little voice said “well, Ma’m, I am actually calling you to find out if you are going through financial hardship, and to see if we can make an arrangement to pay at a later time.”

“Oh, ok, NOW you can do what I ALREADY proposed, just a few days ago, and I was told it is not possible!”

She replied “Ma’m, I can see, that you spoke to someone already. They work in a different department, and were not able to make this types of arrangements”.

Now I had calmed down a bit, but I still quipped: oh, so you do business in “need-to-know-basis” as well! Just like the military and the government. Did you know there’s 33 levels of clearance in the government, the president only at level 18? When are we going to stop wasting everyones time, and make everything transparent already, so that the left hand knows what the right one does!”

The phone conversation ended by her giving me a “direct number” to this particular department of financial hardship in order to finalize the payment agreement. Ok, great! Another level of business as usual, I see…

If only people knew how they have been hoodwinked all along with this debt based monetary system. I feel very bad for so many people who lost their homes in foreclosures, as no real loans were ever given, in a form of either a wad of printed paper, or anything of real value, for that matter. It was just a click of a keyboard, a digital transaction of nothimg tangible. It was all a hoax to milk people with inflated interest rates on loans, that never existed to begin with.

At the end, I am observing this parody of global banking system fiasco without any emotional attachment, and how these banks who once were too big to fail, are now collapsing like a house of cards.

With Love and Light,

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