The Higher Realms Are Playing out Their Ascension Scenario as a Grand Slam in Bridge

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, March 3, 2013

Dear April,

today (March 2) at breakfast we in my family agreed upon that each one of the three women – my wife and two daughters – have rejected my idea of ascension in the average 1.5 time a day for the last 15 years. This makes roughly 25.000 rejections since I started with the last most intensive phase of the LBP. In addition come all the rejections outside the family. I should say “Enough is enough, my dear friends from the higher realms!”…

Contrary to some other PAT members such as Carla, I am not having any blissful waves these days as reported by them, but I am still processing the same old dross. On Thursday for instance I processed a lot of negative patterns from the LW community such as high esteem, hypertrophied spiritual ego and their panic that they might be left on this earth and not be among the first to ascend. Very unpleasant sensations. Yesterday I was sensing all the time the disarray and panic among the dark political elite and their minions which was represented as a constipation clinging to the idea that everything will stay as it is.

OK, I understand that these are the last convulsions of the dying old matrix, but “My dear Charlie”, as my deceased father-in-law used to say, can’t the higher realms make up their minds finally and pull the trigger? I have no idea what they are awaiting anymore. It must be obvious that under such conditions we cannot display any “Divine Authority” but can only barely survive.

Now that we are already in March and nothing tangible has occurred so far, we must check one more time what is going on behind the veil. There is a total radio silence from my HS which does make me feel very happy. It could be the proverbial lull before the storm, but I am not so sure. I do not want for the PAT to wait till equinox before something happens and I am too tired to be the cheer leader for the rest of the time.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for sharing with me your recent thoughts and experiences, it helps me greatly to know what you are encountering.

I am sorry to hear that your family still does not see or understand the ascension process, and therefore cannot recognize that the entire world, let alone you as an individual, has been engulfed in this most spectacular transition for the last several years. I can’t imagine how challenging and just plain unhelpful that must be for you. I think I sometimes take for granted the fact that my immediate family is completely on board with ascension. My children have been schooled in it and are prepared as well, though I don’t share specific forecasts with them. Instead I just make sure that they are prepared in general for the inevitable. But you are a very strong and courageous soul, and your singular sense of ascension purpose IS of great benefit to your family even if they don’t realize it consciously, as you’ve previously discussed. I know it’s probably very wearing for you at times, especially during heavy wave and/or cleansing activities such as these, but in the end, when our ascension process does complete, think of the PERFECT TESTIMONY that will be left behind by you, by us, for them to WITNESS. It’s the “when” of it all, that I agree is becoming a bit aggravating again.

I too am feeling that we need more explanation. I think we all understand how fluid the process is, we feel the intensive rise in energies and waves and don’t dispute this sense of culmination, however, continuously being told “your only a few days away,” and then never quite getting there, and instead being smacked with the cleansing of yet more dross, is not going to be enough for the PAT to keep their momentum up and will in very short order, become disheartening. I will ask the difficult questions to HS and get a new message to you most probably sometime tomorrow (in time for you to publish same day).

I do wonder about something though. In regards to the latest Decree and urge by HS for all to more deeply “commune” with one another in Oneness and Divine Authority – You see, I feel like that came in from HS because some of the PAT are/were not consciously making the connections or shift in perceptions/empowerment that yet needed to be done at this final, critical stage… though they are very close.

To put it simply, think of all the energetic work and activity you’ve done throughout your life Georgi, whether it was your energetic work with Obama, the Pope, visiting other ascension candidates etc… and you were able to do this powerfully and fearlessly because you allowed yourself to fully step into communion with Self and Source and didn’t even have to leave your house in order to do it. Therefore you always feel empowered and supported, while performing such divine, ascended master tasks. There are only a handful of PAT members, for which I can gauge, who also participate to this degree and who even link up/join you when the work requires a tag-team approach. This I feel, is the ideal approach and/or way to connect for the PAT to connect, move, and have its BEING.

Much like you had to coax the PAT to finally join you at the nexus point of Source, perhaps now it would be helpful to coax them yet again to join you in engaging in more of these types of energetic activities, or at minimum (as HS attempted with the decree), have them step fully into their united strength and power, to further topple the balance of power as Daniel so eloquently put it. For you cannot continue to do all this alone, and that is not part of the plan either. At some point, we all have to follow your lead/example Georgi – that is why you were/are Captain. It does the group no good to have only 1 or a few fearless warriors. Because you end up with all the dross clearing while everyone else enjoys more of the benefits of it, though they still suffer, don’t get me wrong.

I don’t mean this to sound critical of the PAT. On the contrary actually, for I feel that everyone is so very close to this understanding and sense of empowerment and Divine Authority that comes with it. I think specifically of what Daniel shared and how it took him only the insight and that slightest shift in perception to realize and live from the truth that “love abridges everything.” And now I feel that Daniel is truly linked up, on, fully empowered, feels truly supported and is ready to go!

While conceptually all of the PAT gets it, they must find a way to truly live into it as you and a few others have managed to do. Because really, these are basics upon ascending, this is how we will function and communicate as a collective unit, somehow I feel that we must have a basic handle on commanding and communicating our individual and collective presence energetically. And also because if there are any remaining negative structures/imprints that need help being brought low, your method is the ideal one (thinking of Pope’s resignation and your role in that) and would be much more potent if others were joining you in these endeavors.

I’m also sure that what I just mentioned is by far not the only nuance we are dealing with in this very large orchestration of ascension. As always there are many other factors that come into play and I look forward to attempting to delve into those with HS. The above were just my personal 2 cents on what I’ve felt and observed as a PAT member, and I could be completely way off in my assessment, as it is difficult to get a clear reading on anything lately….

Oh Georgi, I wish you could feel the blissful waves that Carla and I have described, even if but for a few moments in between the unpleasantness. They are truly wonderful and so incredibly uplifting!

Please hang in there my friend. We will get to the bottom of all this one way or another. And again, I will start with badgering HS for more clarity. We all deserve to know what to realistically expect.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

thank you very much for your very uplifting response and for your comforting words. I just came back from a horse ride with the gig. We have the first sunny day in a month and although there is still a lot of snow on the fields, the sun is very powerful and is melting the snow very quickly. The sky was really royal blue and full of bizarre cloud formations only above my head and portal, which very much looked like ET ships or formations. Thus I came back recreated from the horse ride and your email performed a miracle in my soul. Thank you one more time.

The decree of the PAT to claim Oneness and Divine Authority was very timely and helpful – no doubt about it, and it surely fueled the ascension process more than a notch. Actually the problem is not the PAT, as everyone from the group does his utmost to help accelerate the ascension process and one could not expect more from them.

The problem are as usually the masses. I suspect that they are still not that much ready and the situation is not as magnificent as your HS told us recently. We may be near this end, but we are still pushed one more time on the verge of complete exhaustion to reach the final threshold of ascension. It is a matter of fact that none of us was released from his cleansing duties notwithstanding the promise.

I personally did not believe that this would happen. Of course the quality of the cleansing waves has improved a little bit compared to last year, but we are now in a different energetic situation and it must get much better after all stargates were fully opened and earth and humanity were flooded with source energy. Given this energetic background we are as stressed as before and it does not seem to end till ascension.

I will forward you the email from Dorie as of today, which also confirms this experience. Obviously tomorrow another huge wave is expected to arrive – but what does this mean? They have not stopped this whole month. One more does not matter any more.

I have the feeling that they have modified the plan one more time for whatever reasons although I have no precise idea how the first wave will take gestalt. I have the feeling that we may as well attempt the full ID split with the PAT supernova the way the preparations are going now and for this reason they may wait till equinox. This is what I am sensing now and this notion does not make me very happy. But on the other hand if we finish this dirty job with one fell swoop, so much for the better.

Wish you a nice weekend and thank you very much for your moral support.


Dear Georgi,

I’m so glad you were able to get out for a ride yesterday and that you found my note a comfort. I too have to comment on how beautiful it was yesterday here as well. It was still really cold but the sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue. Looks like today will be the same, which is wonderful as it helps a lot amidst the intense energies.

I have to admit that unlike yesterday, I feel positively awful today. I did my very best to get some clarity from HS, which I feel was provided, but I just don’t know what to think of the message and what to believe anymore. I had to block out the severe cramping in my stomach in order to take it down and therefore if it sucks and doesn’t make any sense, please don’t share it. I just really wanted to try and get some new information so everyone wasn’t left hanging yet again.

I will definitely try for a better, clearer message in the next couple of days and am sorry that the latest news is not what we were hoping to hear. Again, I think I’m just confused because it’s the same HS tap dance routine, and yet, I KNOW exactly what I’ve felt and experienced since our merge process began, and therefore believe without a doubt that we are physically ascending presently, even though the tired routine is the same.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a pause in the energies and some additional clarity.

Much love and light,

HS Update 3-3-13

Me: Alright, so I know we all felt those last few waves, and have no doubt that more are on the way. In fact, I feel positively awful this morning, another sign that a powerful wave is coming in even now. While I and the PAT do sense all that has and is changing with each passing wave, we have to know, what is going on? Shouldn’t we have ascended by now? And why are we still performing so much dross clearing when you plainly stated that we were done with the bulk of those activities?

HS: April I’m sorry, I know you’re not feeling well – I know these waves are getting more and more intense for you and the PAT. And while you sense the great promise of oneness and transformation held within each passing wave, it is also very taxing on your physical vessels as you expand and inhabit further and further into full Self and the full Collective Self.

The dross clearing you are doing is actually a result of the now super charged magnetization process. And as souls are drawn to you, to your light, you are assessing – we are assessing, how easily they embrace your light and are able to assimilate it, or portions of it. And often times what may happen as a result of this, is that it feels like that individual, system, or community that is magnetized to you,will almost literally throw up/vomit on you all that needs transmutation when coming into contact with your vibration.

These are nasty experiences for you I know, and taxing to wade through and transmute, however, you do so very quickly and efficiently in these remaining days, especially as you tap into the collective Law of One, the PAT, and draw on their collective power to transmute such lingering thought structures/ blockages/ resistance. Unfortunately these types of cleansing activities will be a part of your experience as a master walking amongst lower vibrational forms (for a short time yet), however, if you approach each encounter with the collective power/vibrations of the PAT unity field, you will blow through these remaining thought pockets in much shorter time. But no matter how you look at it or execute this function, there is no question that there is a lot of potent, high vibrational energy pulsing through your fields.

On the other side of this experience is the sense of being magnetized further to those who already “get it” on some level or another. And these encounters are much more pleasant for you as so many of the PAT have shared. Because instead of heavy transmuting, you are instead performing more of a heightened harmonization process on and with them which ends up being an uplifting encounter for both parties. This side of the experience is part of the grouping of “ships” as reported by GaiaPortal.

You see many of these souls, some from the lightworker community, who have recently disassociated themselves from their former groups/circles and/or sources of support. Many realizing that they have since grown out of them. And as a result their awareness movements are rapidly on the rise and a reorganization/ weaving of them into new groupings or their final “ships” was called for.

And of course, you run into scenarios that fall sort of in-between the two extreme situations.

All of this is further fueling your ascension and rise in visibility, as well as their ascensions. April you’ve sensed this each morning for the last week as you awoke and noticed something in your senses and/or reality has shifted – deepened, yet lightened. In fact, the PATs collective merging process has gone so amazingly well, along with the further weaving of the web of light, that we now find ourselves entertaining a slightly different scenario.

While it is true, if we were only interested in your ascension and that of a leaner one for all of humanity, we would/could have physically ascended you countless times before – as our forecasts have indicated. But please let me try and explain before you get upset.

So many on the lower and middle rungs of the ascension ladder/web of light have climbed very high in recent days. The movement in the masses in general has also been quite exceptional, though again it might be hard for you to see this through their purgings on you. Let’s just say that the web of light, even parts of the PAT unity field, just got heavier, so to speak. More souls have joined these critical points/positions. All levels are ascending/expanding very rapidly, as we knew would be the case especially once your merge process began on top of their heart centre openings. Therefore you’ve accrued some additional weight on the web as well as the unity field (more have joined the PAT ranks in the sense of the larger overall PAT) and this weight needs to be redistributed/ shifted to better accommodate/serve all. This also gives us in the HR’s pause as to the most recent scenario.

You see, if everyone is now much closer in light quotient gradation it might better serve the Divine Plan to allow more time for all to continue to rise, shift, and merge with Self in the oncoming energy waves, building to a full PAT ascension supernova/ID split around the March equinox.

The two ascension scenarios work for different reasons and this is why they are so often switched in and out for the other, depending upon the progress of humanity in general. But do know that if you were to ascend in waves, upon your return/disclosure only those vibrating at a frequency high enough (an ascension candidate) would be able to see and interact with you up until the final ID split. BECAUSE there is so much rapid movement happening amongst all of humanity, to various degrees, it may be more suitable to have you all remain VISIBLE and interacting with them, until the final ID split, allowing for a larger harvest, which I might add is not in this case simply an over optimistic assessment on our part, it is in truth a testimony to all the hard work and excellence of dedication as demonstrated by the PAT that has made this possible.

What we witness from our vantage point is nothing short of SPECTACULAR! If you could only see all that you’ve managed to set ALIGHT for you are the Weavers/ Architects of the new firmament, and what you have built, and IS manifesting, is simply exquisite!

There is another highly charged wave coming in today/tomorrow. Again the frequency is becoming almost relentless, barely remaining are the pauses in between each wave, reminding you that you near the culmination point/manifestation of all of your work throughout all incarnations. The further you rise, completely merge, and stand in conscious Divine Authority and communion with each other, the faster and fuller they will also rise, magnetize strongly to you, the unity field and web of light.

A decision has not been made yet in this overall extremely fluid affair, but after this next wave and period of adjustment/integration, we will have a better sense. For if the opening/ ascension process of the masses were to slow down considerably, which it could as each wave brings more and more with it, then we might still wish to consider and enact the initial plan of ascension waves. However, if the masses continue with their forward movement/ momentum, the latter scenario of a full PAT ascension/supernova/ID split would likely be the adjusted scenario.


Dear April,

I had to laugh while reading your email as this is precisely what I got telepathically as information from my HS that made me so angry these last days. We are one more time hostages of our success as dross cleansers for humanity. We were so effective these last two months in 2013 in cleansing human darkness and attracting the masses to us through the magnetism of our web of light that we really become the closet for their deepest and darkest goo. That is why I complained that I sensed nothing of the alleged and announced release of the first ascension candidates from their function as vacuum cleansers for mankind.

I registered this switch in the current ascension scenario several days ago and this made me really angry, but I knew the reason this time – the HR are now planning a “grand slam” as in bridge and you can only win a grand slam if you squeeze your adversary to the very last minute. I do not want to delve into this complicated and highly sophisticated card play, which I used to play very well in my youth, but this is what now comes to my mind.

This is exactly how the HR now operate – they have all the trumps in their hand and can switch between the two major alternatives – play out their trumps in advance, i.e. ascend a small group earlier as initially planned and heralded by your HS, or keep them in their hands to the very last minute and then play out all of the trumps at once and make a grand slam (ID split and PAT supernova). The ones who are thrown under the wheels are unfortunately again the PAT as humble human beings.

Let me tell you my vision from two days ago when I communicated with my HS. I was simply told that we/I have done so much effort during this whole incarnation to reach this final success, that I should not put all this at risk by being impatient and try to reach a quick personal ascension based on illusory points of linear time. There is so much at stake at this auspicious moment in the history of this planet, that the few more days we will sacrifice for humanity will be paid back with huge cosmic dividends. And this is how All-That-Is goes.

Now we may decide to be enraged about this new development, as I was several days ago  when I discerned this new switch in cosmic strategy, or you may stay relaxed and acknowledge the advantage to ascend more souls at once around equinox, based on our repeated sacrifice on behalf of humanity. This is the stuff from which all saints and angels are made. Ultimately it will come up to the same end.

As long as we are in human bodies, we are hostages of this dumbed down humanity and the more we enlighten and energize them, the more important we become for All-That-Is, and the more difficult our departure becomes. It is indeed the classical catch 22 and beyond any human logic.

With love and light

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