Gaia Is in Her Final Labour of Birthing the PAT Supernova

by April Bender, March 17, 2013

Dear Georgi,

As I expressed to you earlier, this week has been a dozy for me! Not so much with physical symptoms, but the clearing of emotional ones.

Below is the latest message from HS which I found very helpful in clarifying these recent experiences. I don’t know that it gives us a lot of new information, but some is provided along with some additional advice concerning the coming days.

As always, I look forward to your initial response.

Now I need to get caught up on the last few messages/articles you’ve posted on the PAT site.

Hope you’re doing well Georgi.

Much love and light,


HS Update – March 17, 2013

HS: I know you’ve been wondering what has been going on behind the scenes this week, and why you are experiencing such heavy emotional purgings. Let me explain.

As the moment of Gaia’s labor is but a hairs breath away, some tidying up yet needed to be done. I speak of fragmented/unfulfilled timelines and pathways, pockets of stagnate energy, as they collapse in upon themselves prior to the finalization of the major 2-3 timelines. You see once the final thrust/birth ensues from the PAT Supernova/Gaia birthing process, that energetic momentum will carry/funnel at highly accelerated rates, all other earth dwelling energies properly to their new/correct timelines. This is the first major climax of the magnetization process. Therefore, we don’t want any dead pockets, or energetic roads that lead to nowhere, so to speak still left open/available for the masses to access or get caught up in when the Supernova detonates. We need to clearly funnel them into one of the three major timelines.

The closing and transmutation of such pathways/timelines/circuits is almost complete. The PAT has done a tremendous job facilitating this. Unfortunately for some, this meant transmuting the heavy mental and emotional energies that created the fragmented/off-shoot timeline to begin with. But again, you are emerging out of this process now.

And as some of you may have noticed, Gaia is now calling your consciousness back to the “womb.” The Mother energies are now almost fully flooding the planet. After the equinox, these energies will be pouring in at full capacity, obviously tied in to the birthing sequence, and will finally balance out the father energies within this realm. She is calling you back to the womb now as it is almost the time of YOUR, Gaia’s, and humanity’s GRAND rebirth. But YOU and GAIA shall lead the way and you shall do so TOGETHER.

Therefore, in the next days expect your experience and communion with the Mother energies (on every level including cosmic/galactic) to expand, deepen and even to blanket and/or cocoon you within the womb in preparation of birth. You may already be sensing/experiencing the color of her energies rather strongly. The newly ascended earth/Gaia and the corresponding Mother energies are magenta in color, but this spectrum ranges from a soft dusty rose color, through a bright fuchsia, to a deep, rich magenta peppered with golden flakes. You may experience any and all grades of this vibrational spectrum.

And in fact, we in the HR recommend that when consciously Communing with All or Connecting to Oneness or 5D, that you use these energies as the platform or launch pad for such meditations/intentions. Doing so, will further solidify and align ALL optimally as we move into active birthing. And aligning with this spectrum/energy will move you instantaneously into the womb, into proper alignment for birth as a Collective, and will also offer you considerable relief if feeling drained, overwhelmed, or isolated. For this is not only a place of unity, oneness, and balance, but also a place of refuge, safety and great, great love.

The blue Father energies are already here in abundance and now pink/magenta Mother energies prepare for their full descent/reactivation, and this blending will fully and incrementally eliminate duality as we know it.

The dark cabal are doing their best to distract the masses during the birth and to lay their foundation for earth B. Each party, the dark cabal and the PAT/HRs have made their final moves leading into the birth. Both know how critical this time is. It is now up to each and every individual of the masses and what they choose to experience going forward. Both sides/parties stand in anticipation of their final harvests. No judgement or guilt is necessary on your part, for each soul will choose the experience/timeline that is right for them in their individual journey of soul evolution. Be at peace with that, and know that final divisions have already begun. Though there will still be more time for shuffling between AB and A.

We suggest you spend your remaining time in deep telepathic communication and Communion with each other (the PAT), and with Gaia in ONENESS. We’d like your attention and awareness focused on just those two levels/areas for now as all energetics must now be streamlined and focused moving into the “moment” of birth. Obviously you can communicate/visit with whichever realm you wish, but we ask that the majority be spent or intentioned within the “womb” of Gaia with the collective PAT, especially during this next week.

There will be more information to come in the coming day or two and as always, more light packets of information for you to digest on many different levels but all is in preparation/ building in climax for the moment of birth of the new firmament, which shall indeed manifest or emerge upon our world in the “twinkling of an eye.”


Dear April,

thank you very much for your latest message. I can confirm that I am now fully immersed into this merging process with the womb of Gaia. This process is too vast and of truly cosmic proportions and it is impossible to imagine or describe it in humble human language. I only feel how it carries my body away and expands it beyond measure. I am encompassing the earth with my expanding field of vibrations  and her field is enveloping mine, but in a way that all human details disappear and everything is dissolved into one huge stream.

I must admit that I do not see any colours, but I have always had difficulties to visualize colours contrary to other people, such as my wife.

I also sense the elimination of remnant pockets of dark timelines and obsolete dark patterns which enter my field like flashes of negative perceptions out of nowhere, as was the case this morning when I sensed acutely the despair of all those souls, who have now finally realized that they will stay trapped in physical bodies for another dark Kali Yoga cycle of 26 000 years. Most of these souls were stooges of the dark cabal, such as the current paid Internet trolls, some of which are now gaining glimpses into their own dire destiny due to their current tiny progress in personal awakening that is triggered by the powerful energies, which PAT is relentlessly transmitting from the source. But one must be very careful not to be trapped in such dark negative bubbles even for a second as these souls can no longer be saved.

We must now indeed fully immerse into the new balanced feminine and masculine energies of Oneness within the unity field of the PAT and thus create a cohesive thought field that will activate the event horizon of the PAT Supernova and the birthing of the new earth.

I also strongly feel the irreversible separation of the three timelines that will be fully manifested after our ascension.

With love and light

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