The Worldwide Genocide on Millions of Children by the Vatican and the Church is Finally Exposed.

Actions Must be Taken by the First Ascension Masters Very Soon to Reveal and Stop these Crimes. 

by  Laurie Stearns and Georgi Stankov, February 26, 2013

Yesterday I published the verdict of the international people’s court of common law in Brussels against the pope, the British Reptilian queen and the Canadian PM, among others. for committing crimes on thousands of native children in Canada. In fact the scope of the crimes of the Vatican and the Church in cahoot with the ruling dark cabal in the West are much bigger and encompass the whole globe, where the former British empire and the current Commonwealth extended at the height of their insidious power.

Today, Laurie made me aware of two very important documentations which I want to publish for you below. They prove beyond any doubt that the Vatican and the Christian Church have committed an ongoing genocide on millions of children worldwide, while  being sexually abused by pedophile priests and then being killed in dark cabalistic rituals as to hide this detestable truth.

Now the PAT has transmitted the most pure energies from the source and has changed the energetic structure of the species “homo sapiens” as the prevalent earth’s population. This new energetic situation is no longer conducive to any secrets and the numerous past crimes, which the western clergy and the ruling cabal have committed on humanity, are surging on the surface. The shocking truth will be unveiled to the masses very soon with an impressive velocity and magnitude and will blow away their petty minds.

The collective mindset may be overwhelmed at the beginning and the immense scope and gargantuan wickedness of the dark ruling cabal may be too much to bear for the people, but they must be confronted with this bitter truth, as this is the only way to process it and to move forward towards ascension. No crime could be swept with a big broom under the carpet of past forgetfulness as every karmic crime is stored in the Akasha chronics of this earth and must be revealed before the new timeline of ascension can be introduced.

Therefore, there cannot be any well-intended censorship of what should be revealed, no matter how shocking, and the only restrictions should be not to demand immediate reciprocal justice for the perpetrators, be they passive perpetrators as the pope or active predators as the deceased BBC anchor journalist Jimmi Savile, while this organisation is still keeping secret to this very day the true scope and knowledge of his insidious crimes on more than 200 children.

Therefore, I consider the verdict of the common law court in Brussels to be of big symbolic importance that shows to humanity the true nature of the current dark elite, who have been ruling mankind and this planet up to this day. Now we are at the most auspicious turning point in the history of humanity and the old earth, when the arrival of the masters is due to commence any moment. This event of truly cosmic proportions will put an end to all past crimes committed by the former PTB.

This is the actual mission of the PAT from now on.

There is a heavenly order to judge the souls of all these perpetrators, and all of them must go through a most gruesome incarnation cycle on the catastrophic earth B for another 26 000 years before they can purify their souls from past crimes and qualify for ascension at the end of the next Kali Yoga cycle.

The tension is rising exponentially by the minute now and any medially gifted person on this planet must sense it. When the energies from the source have started to flow towards the earth with the help of the PAT – the most advanced group of souls and the only true ascended masters dwelling on this planet – there is no power that can stop this process, so that we can begin to celebrate our victory at this very moment.

And the show has just commenced, to quote Dorie’s HS. From now on it can only become much better, truly miraculous, most probably this week.


26th February, 2013

Dear All,

I am thrilled to read the verdict on the Church – Pope, the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of Canada with regards to the crimes against at least 150,000 native children in Canada, and numerous others. Plus the many, many more worldwide – See this spread sheet for an approximation of less than 10% of the goodness this cult and its pillars of society contribute to the greater good of humanity:

And this, for an overall view of that goodness:

Warm regards,

Dear Laurie,

Thank you very much for these links. There contain very important documentation and I will publish them today, but I need some more time to study them carefully. But the genocide on children worldwide committed by the Vatican and the Church is beyond any doubt and the scope of the crimes is shocking, to say the least. It is comparable to the Nazi genocide and even more sinister as it is happening in front of the eyes of the whole humanity, especially in the Western “free” and “democratic” world.


Yes, this is very true – And this is why the ‘free’ and ‘democratic’ world needs to really come to terms with this stuff. They need to stop pretending that everything is OK and all the bad stuff is happening somewhere else.

Love and light,

Exactly, and this bigotry of the West is the most despicable trait of their mainstream media.


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