Why Pope Ratzinger Had to Resign. My Personal Thoughts

by Björn Kurt, Switzerland, February 12, 2013

Dear George,

thank you for your lovely story of a young soul setting out to become a pope and not a hero – and to resign in the end… what a tragedy…

I love your precise and clear analysis with that hint of hidden irony that is not aggressively exposing dear Mr. Ratzinger, but rather empathically drawing a life line of a young soul and a pampered ego on their way to fulfilment. God probably punishes those whose dreams he fulfills…

Today, it still remains a bit of a mystery in the eyes of the masses why a pope after 700 years resigns again. The last one 700 years ago was not released into a monastic life, but was kept imprisoned, until 18 months later he died.

I try to keep it simple as I remember a quote from the pop singer Bonnie Raitt:

Religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell –
Spirituality – on the other hand –  is for those who have been there

I love it because it simply demonstrates that the clear mind-based analysis will finally crash on the shore of its limited visions. And only if you see the world with an open and compassionate heart, you will understand the deeper mysteries of life.

Spiritual experiences, which often may change a whole perception of reality, are opposed to a purely mental view of things and may therefore never achieve a scope of perception as wide as the exploration of the inner worlds. In my opinion – with a few exception such as some of the Greek philosophers – it is the case with most of theology.

For a long time it has always been my personal point to look for the “architecture of reality” such as to find out the plan behind the plan. And I was frolicking upon every statement of quantum physicists who claim that there is a power that organizes structure and reality such as Michael Talbot in his famous “holographic universe“. Only to give up and to let go and simply say “I know that I am who I am“…

It is a keen endeavour to transport the spiritual scope of reality into this mere materialistic world. Yet how to bring the knowledge to the people. And as long as you cannot convey this simple truth to the man in the street, this truth may still be hidden for a while to the masses.

Would it not be for the PAT, which is about to pull the plug from the material bathtub full of illusions? When mankind is ripe enough to perceive reality with their hearts – to feel with their mind and to think with their hearts – then we truly head for a new reality.

So dear Mr. Ratzinger – in a total lack of inner structure and integrity because of a blocked 4th heart chakra – throws himself into the dogma of Christianity, only to wake up late, but not too late, that this job is too vast for him to have the stamina to hold the rudder of Christianity in its self-destructive course amidst the storm, which is about to come down on Hue-Manity. Christianity has achieved the downgrade in Humans to induce them with the dogma of the guilt-laden, of the inherited sin. For centuries this has kept mankind in a humbled state because of a totally blocked throat chakra, disabling them to be the voice of God in the best sense.

It will take a while for every good Christian to wake up and to realize that the Christian dogma has not been of a great service to him and his spiritual health. I rather prefer a Joshua Ben Yussef, being in the full enjoyment of his heart and life. Maybe Mr. Ratzinger should have followed that pure advice.

God bless you all!


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