A Massive Ascension Test Run Has Started Today, Feb 19, at 9.00 a.m. GMT

by Georgi Stankov and Daniel Akkerman, February 19, 2013

Dear George,

I felt yesterday very clearly another test run, which was fully successful. Everything worked as it should and there were no problems or delays anymore. I felt how everyone ascended from earth with ease.

I also experienced the “new” type of cleansing before this test run, we no longer absorb dark dross and transmute it, but instead we send very exact information to the masses about what fear based patterns to remove where, and how. Then they do the work themselves, also with success. We have reached a point where any old cleansing will stop also for those not released from cleansing previously, and if any cleansing has to happen, it will happen in this new way as now the masses can do the work. Yesterday very strange patterns were removed. I saw very clearly how every human action has a lot of hidden fear to it, which was then revealed and removed.

We then gathered in the dream state in a big theater/cinema and there were hundreds, maybe more than a thousand people ready to ascend. Some people were still finding their seat, but they were nearly done, and most people were already ready. I was sitting on the front row and was told by a lady who sat next to me that ascension will happen anywhere between Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday. This was very different from past messages about dates, this time it was much clearer and certain, and also very direct. I have no doubt we will make it this time, and we will all ascend before the end of the week.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

thank you for this very insightful presentation of the latest energy developments on the ascension front. I also registered yesterday some very weird collective human patterns and I can partially confirm that the masses are picking up with the cleansing of their own fears, but I am personally still doing a lot of cleansing work myself. This time however without any damage of my physical vessel as was the case in the past.

Today, there is another very powerful cc-wave, typical for a massive ascension test run that has the potential  to culminate tomorrow in first  ascensions. It started at about 10 a.m. CET and I had to sleep for an hour, during which I was immersed in incredibly powerful vibrations from the source, so that I thought for a while that this is it. When I woke up, I had a hilarious feeling that we have managed it. I must say that yesterday my emotions were simply dumped down and I felt somewhat depressed, but this might have been part of the cleansing activity.

Today the mood changed dramatically. Of course I have now my regular headache, but the overall impression is that the process has accelerated one more time since the weekend. This could be the final culmination, I hope so.


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