Something Is Definitely Happening Now

by Marco Deim, February 19, 2013

I can confirm something is definitely happening. I had trouble with my eyes yesterday, this is very unusual for me as I almost never have eye issues. For no apparent reason my eyes were red and my vision was very blurry at points it was almost painful to ‘see’. I was absolutely shocked that Gaiaportal reported about vision problems that very day ““Blurring” of visions may be common in all Gaia surface beings at this time. We speak of 3D-eye vision as well as higher visions, via 3rd, 4th, and 5th eyes.” This was absolute confirmation for me that we are all in sync and things are actually really happening, finally. I mean what are the chances of that being some random coincidence…there is no coincidence, its all just conformation for me instead.

Last night between 18-19 February while I slept, I had some absolute confirmations about ascension as well. Beings of Light kept coming into my awareness, they had a basic human shape but were undefined and kept fading in and out…this was interesting to observe but largely unimportant as my feelings about this were much more significant. I kept asking these Light Beings when would we ascend and when will we regain our infinite awareness. Instead of my usual feelings of being trapped in this current body and trapped here on Earth completely shut down and unaware, I felt a freedom of floating and merging with these Light Beings which neutralized any sense of anticipation or frustration that I almost constantly have here in this body on Earth now.

This was not exactly an ecstatic feeling or blissfulness, is was though an extremely calming experience. My exact questions to the Light Beings about ascension and what the hell is going on here now and why, were not exactly answered in a conventional way, but they did impart a sense that events were actually in process at this very second. This is almost impossible to describe in words, but the sense was as if we were the last in line to receive something. Everything is already happening, this current ascension is already full complete at higher levels of awareness and it just needs to filter down to this level of awareness. The other big take away from this experience was the sense of nothingness, like my memory, fears, concerns, expectations were all dissolved away, removed and erased…like being in a sea of Light and having zero concerns at all, the ultimate in awareness being in the ‘now’ only experience…this was a most profound sensation for me as I hardly ever live in the ‘now’.

When I awoke, I was interested and concerned that everything about me was erased in my dream, all my feelings, memories…it was a little unsettling in when I analyzed it consciously. I thought I would have been more reactive and emotional in that state of  ‘now’ and I should have been concerned about everyone and everything in a very powerful emotional way, but in that ‘now’ state in the dream it was quite the opposite…as I thought about it more today, I believe I had transcended to an entirely new state of awareness for me and that would be exactly how it would seem in these much higher states of awareness…I mistakenly interpreted this non-reactive state as emotionless and apathetic, but in fact this is the most loving state you could be in, where you are eternally in the ‘now’ moment of unconditional love and are literally unencumbered by anything at all, freeing you to experience and act instantaneously, which could almost be precognitive…I must think about this more as I have no way at all to describe this further….words are superfluous and insufficient.

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