Anita Opened the Door for PAT Ascension Beginning this Week

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, February 11, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. I had a little difficulty getting this down on paper, though the impressions/information came through just fine. The disconnect between my brain and my fingers is happening again, so I’m sorry if this doesn’t flow as usual or if there are parts that may seem confusing.

Also, it’s hard because I want to get excited by the further confirmation/information HS provides, but I have to admit that I’m a little worried that things will fall out like they have in the past. Meaning, we get to the ascension date/week that HS forecasts, and then some sort of delay ensues. I’m definitely not getting any of that from HS, but I did feel the butterflies in the tummy a little bit when beginning to connect with HS for this update. If something seems off or wrong about this message, please let me know, but by all indications it seems things are progressing wonderfully.

I actually had a strange experience last night. I was able to touch an object (without seeing it) and could almost instantly smell it, and know exactly what it was. I then saw an image of it appear in my inner vision. How on earth can you smell something from touching it while completely covered? It was a small object, one I grabbed while reaching into the bottom of an old book bag. It was almost like all of my senses were activated and experienced through just one sense – touch.

I wanted to comment on Jerry’s beautiful letter on the “Peace that Passeth Understanding”. I too wept when reading it. It brought so much up, as I’m sure it did for others. And what a beautiful example of the divine feminine and masculine as represented by the life of Jerry and Anita, as another PAT member also commented. I’m actually finding it difficult to put the words together to convey the depth of feeling and reflection I experienced by Anita’s passing and Jerry’s message, but as HS noted, there is no greater sacred act or gift that could’ve been bestowed upon us, than the gift given to us by Jerry and Anita.

Let me know what you think of the message. I hope you’re feeling ok today.

Much love and light,

HS Interim Update – February 11, 2013

Me: Wow, so that powerful surge that I experienced over the weekend felt, well… quite extraordinary. Even today, though I’m still having some lingering physical effects of this surge, I feel almost reborn again. And I still feel the energies/surge pouring in, though a little less intense than yesterday.

HS: Wonderful! What you are experiencing is your Christed Self attempting to descend quite a large portion of itself into your 3D vessel. For some of the PAT, including yourself, ALL or you could say the REMAINING part of this Self is attempting to descend within you, leading to your full, imminent physical transfiguration/ascensions. Again, this final impetus/surge will allow for the final and full descent of your Christed Self in gradations this week for the next group/wave scheduled to go. This is what you are experiencing right now in this moment, and it will continue to deepen/culminate this week.

There are no specific dates to give, but instead the easing progression of this much larger, multidimensional sense of Self into your physical vehicles in the time/acclimation that it will take. But this final process HAS BEGUN, the trigger (most recent surge) has been pulled, for this next wave of ascending masters. Once your vessel is around 95% full (give or take some), you will transition completely over very rapidly. Many of you participating in this next wave, can sense where you are within this process by how full and light you’ve become. The final transition will most likely happen during dream-time for all of you, as Georgi has been shown/guided.

You must know, as I think you well do, that PAT member Anita’s transition/ascension was a most sacred act and gift of Divine Grace and Love to the PAT, and of course to humanity as a whole. While Georgi led the charge to unlock the door to Source and get everyone to the threshold, Anita actually opened the door and walked through it first, paving the way for every single one of you, as was always part of the Divine Plan and her soul contract.

She gave of herself this most precious gift because of her love, because of her faith in the Plan, in that Love, and in all of you. She opened the gateway to commence with your physical ascensions/ transfiguration by creating the brightest, purest, pulse/surge within the top of the web, resulting in the full/final anchoring and activation of the rainbow bridge, TRULY opening/illuminating the way for you all, as she crossed over the bridge herself.

It is no coincidence that so many of the PAT felt Anita ascend and/or have made contact with this fully ascended master. And not only was her energy released within the web of light for your benefit, but for the benefit of the masses and all those woven into the web as well. The benefits of such a pure, humble and selfless act, are overwhelmingly too numerous to list, but each PAT member has felt and reflected upon them all in recent days. The profundity of such revelation(s) are being taken deeply to heart by each of you, as they were meant to be, further uniting you in faith, depth of wisdom, love and determination.

Can you not feel Anita amidst all of that? And I would like to reassure all, if you haven’t received the message already, that Anita will be there along with Georgi to welcome you all to your new and full state of awareness. In fact, she is there assisting you right now and will continue to do so with each passing ascension wave. She is spurring your ascensions on, making sure that it continues to move forward unencumbered. She is quite a force here and one that is very much the PAT’s advocate in every way.

More ascension waves will be happening in the following weeks, so if you don’t feel you’re going to make this next one, please do not worry. On some level you’ve made the decision to wait a little longer and have volunteered/coordinated to go on another wave. And it is very important to realize that the HR ascension strategy is based on ease and acclimation, as much as possible, especially as the masses and energetic processes are concerned, therefore, ascension waves happening in a relatively short time span, is much more effective in meeting our/your goals than to have the PAT ascend all at once.

Though when looking back at this historic moment in history, it will seem like all the ascended masters appeared around the same time. You see? Also, if you’re not ascending on this next wave, still be prepared for your rise in visibility. For the magnetization process is still running in earnest, and your new rise in visibility is not tied specifically to your impending ascension, though obviously you will be more visible post-ascension/donning of your Christed forms.

So, as promised, it’s been one wild ride already for you this month, and now you’re 11 days in. Knowing that the momentum is only going to increase now, I hope that you are able to let the wonder, awe, and excitement back in, as it is indeed time to get the show started!


Dear April,

as I have just written to Jerry (see below), whom I sent your message first in advance, before publishing it, it is a very lyrical and beautiful message. Thank you very much for your effort. It is exactly what I wanted and expected to hear.

In fact, today I feel as if I am fully released from my energetic duties as a nexus to the source and I feel for the first time in many years a new kind of lightness and energetic relaxation, I only vaguely remember to have experienced in my youth, before I had my first profound catharsis/massive descent of HS in 1972.

This I evaluate as the most clear sign that I am on the way to my ascension in order to be able to welcome together with Anita each one of you in the higher dimensions immediately thereafter.

This message is very clear and optimistic and you should not have any reservations this time about the truthfulness of its content, as all lights are indeed switched onto green and there is no power in this universe that could stop our ascension process now. It is heavenly decreed and carried out by the source itself. We are now the divine conduits of the source in our full power and glory, as Anita has shown to all of us with her ascension in spirit three days ago. Since then we are surfing on the crest of this powerful ascension wave that is fueled to a great extent by Anita as an ascended master.

With love and light

Dear Jerry,

I know that you are now very much occupied to arrange the burial of Anita, and all other administrative affairs that accompany such an event. But I have just received a message from April on our ascension progress that is actually dedicated to Anita and her new functions as an ascended master. This is the most beautiful message I have read so far and it will give you an intimate glimpse into the role of Anita and you in this whole ascension plan. I am confident that this message will raise your spirits and help you bridge the short time before you can join Anita in the higher dimensions.

Wish you all the best during the few remaining days on this planet in a physical vessel.


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