Personal Opinions -January 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

I have returned from the USA and wanted to send a quick update from this trip.

I encountered two very distinct groups of people: one group came across as quiet and peaceful and the second group was distinctly very happy, effusive and very engaging as well.  In fact I saw more of the latter personalities today than the quiet types, which really surprised me.  It was as though they had a great weight lifted off of their shoulders.

I also came across one woman who was a very dark entity, scurrying about as though she had just been discovered, like the crab under the rock on the shoreline, feeling very resentful that she was in the position she was in. Our eyes met as she tried to force her way by me but as I stood in my beingness without wavering, I sensed the encounter made her very displeased and almost disgusted. She had to take off and could not stand being in my presence. I wonder where she has been living.

With regard to the other energies, I noticed on Saturday evening, around 11:00 pm, I felt an extremely overwhelming surge of energy that felt like I was de-materializing but I instantly fell asleep and cannot remember anything. Also today, at 11:00 in the morning, as we were travelling in the car, I had been meditating on the current status of our ascension process following the decree on Friday, and I suppose I was qualifying the experience and thinking that perhaps it hadn’t “happened” and heard distinctly, “What makes you so sure that you have NOT ascended?” Then to my utter amazement    “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin started playing, ending at 11:11.  I am not kidding here.

The beauty of this song “Stairway To Heaven” was absolutely overwhelming in this moment and while it was playing I felt an instant and growing expansion in all my fields and levels of awareness.

The messaging and energies that I enjoyed over the past 24 hours clearly feel like there has been another up-shift.

I also sensed you needed some assistance with your energy field yesterday around 12 noon, as you seemed “wobbly”. I sent some healing energy your way with the help of the Elohim. The Elohim also wanted some energy sent to all the PAT which we also carried out. Are you having problems with your neck, by any chance? I am curious to know whether you sensed anything with regard to this healing and also whether you or other PAT members have noticed any unusual energetic flow this weekend.

With much love and deep blue-rainbow light of the Elohim pyramid,


Dear Carla,

yesterday was another powerful day with a  cc-wave and skin burning, and I was in a fever state with chills all the time without having any temperature. I also felt very ill and weak. It was the most intensive day since January 2-3 or Dec 23. But the energy quality was a little bit better and I have recovered today quickly. I will publish a lot of information today that answers your question.

Thank you for your energy update on the collective human behaviour.This is the most important factor to gauge now that will give us an inkling when we are ready to ascend.

The portal 1.13.13 yesterday was of great importance and we have made a huge step towards our ascension, but we are not there yet. It is still another threshold towards this final goal. And it may stay so for some time.

However your experience with the song and the message are correct in the broader context, but not in terms of our long awaited transformation from carbon based bodies to ascended masters with light bodies.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I’d like to send you a short report on the experience of portal 1.13. I received cleansing waves beginning on Friday with the usual physical-emotional effects we’ve been encountering for so long. It went on all weekend basically, with Saturday night being the peak.

I visited two of my former female colleagues on Saturday (young souls I reckon), and their presence was surprisingly pleasant. They seemed calmer and more thoughtful, not just driven by low emotional patterns. as before. A small outer reflection that it makes sense to suffer on their behalf.

Last nights dreams were unusually vivid for me, involving scenes of walking up a mountain and returning again, as well as using an escalator in a shopping center. Needless to say what I connect these dreams with.

Did you have any similar experiences this weekend?


Hi George,

What did you experience these last days?

Today I have quite a pressure on my entire skull (and increasing while writing this email).
Early Sunday morning I had a dream in which I was not content with some tactical choices. Can’t explain more, it was very difficult to grasp this with my 3D brain. But it felt like this.

We had blistering blue skies.

I have a question regarding a PAT supernova: Since many PAT members are spread over multiple continents and “time” zones, would that mean that some members would experience it during the night and that others could experience it during daytime? I mean a detonation would be most effective if everyone was in the same time zone?


Dear Dennis,

yesterday was another heavy day and I will publish today a lot of information on it. I have no idea how the PAT supernova will be triggered within our linear time, but this is the least problem that bothers me know. The most important thing is that they finally decide to trigger it. I think that the last portal 1.13.13. has significantly contributed to this final goal.



I’m sorry to hear today (Jan 13) is a heavy day.  I’m finally feeling better today.

Something out of the ordinary happened that woke me. I thought I would share.  Occasionally, when I am going through stressful life transitions a spirit voice wakes me up with a message. Today was such a day. The voice sounds, of course, like anyone else’s voice. In fact, I thought it was my husband talking to me.  He verified it was not.

The voice simply awoke me by saying: “Everything is being done for you.”  I have yet no true clarity about the meaning of these words. All I can say is that I have spoken emphatically, at length for two days to my HS about our ascension situation and that I am ready to ascend immediately, no later than January 13, 2013.

In Love & Light,

Dear Marilyn,

this is a good sign. I also get such kind of message from my HS upon awakening, but not in the last months. Instead I have repeating, recurrent dreams with similar messages. It may be indeed that the last portal 1.13.13. was of great importance for us and humanity as Gaiaportal confirms, but we are still in the evaluation of its effects. I hope that we will learn more about its consequences in the coming days.

With love and light

Hello George,

It was a beautiful experience this morning, with so much illness these days, to wake up and have “Personal Opinion, January 13 ” to share with PAT followed by Gail’s powerful article.  Gail managed to craft her words to embrace everything I feel, could say and more. And I am grateful to Gail for this powerful contribution and to you George for giving us this remarkable website up until this moment.

I also just want to reiterate, for any doubters reading this, that we DO NOT SEE GEORGE AS A GURU. He happens to be the only one of us who has the capacity and has made the ENORMOUS effort to create a website to provide a meeting place for those IN RESONANCE to our vision. This vision is both a shared vision and was also ALREADY (in most of the PAT) our lone, personal, vision and perspective BEFORE we met up on this site. This vision is obviously independently-synchronistic without any promptings, requirements or ideas being fed to us by George. This is blatantly evident to anyone who reads our communications spread over even a short period of time. EVEN WE continue to be surprised by the almost daily synchronisation of our individual, personal experiences; feelings, dreams, awake-visions, physical manifestations, sensing of energetic connections being made, disconnections, portal activity, the nature of a current energy, messages from our HS’s…..the list could go on….

In Love & Light,

Hello George,

Are you feeling the energies of cleaning again today (Jan 13)? I am. The dream I sent to you on the 11th is happening to me. I woke up depressed and am not able to shake these feelings at the moment. Hope they go away soon. The cleaning, more cleaning. I cry out, When will they stop? Nasty, nasty job. This is not my normal self. Wanted to validate what I had written the other day.

After reading yesterdays posts. Your answer to Sarah has me thinking. Where you talk about the HR’s relieving you of some of you responsibilities. May I share an experience that happened on the 25th of December.

Was going out to dinner with my spouse and daughter. Was very, very crowded with a lot of people. We could see into the distance and saw that somebody fell down.  My higher self kicked in. Knew I was going to work. Started to run to this downed person. My spouse and daughter both tried to stop me. They both told me to not get involved. My higher self wouldn’t hear of it.

When I reached this person, there was a crowd of people standing on both sides of this young woman. There was an open spot at the feet of this woman. This is where I stood. I am guessing this woman was about thirty-five years old, brown wavy hair, olive coloring of skin. Beautiful woman. When we first made eye contact. She shot me a dirty look. (like get away from me.) All I did, was look into her eyes and smile. I smile with my whole face.  This woman responded back with a smile. I could see the embarrassment melt away from her face. Her face turned into a child like expression. Continue with the eye contact, reach down, and take her hand still smiling the whole time. I just held her hand and smiled for about ten seconds. Then I took my index finger and pointed it upwards, then brought the finger down and barely touched her ankle. Reached over and took her hand again for another five to ten seconds. Let go of her hand and walked away.

While holding her hand I could feel warmth flowing from me, into this woman’s hand.  Never said, one word to her. Only smiled.

Either this was directly from Source, or my higher self. I blindly go to work, not ever knowing what will happen. After having time to reflect upon this. I am not sure, but I may have just passed the torch onto this unsuspecting woman.This woman probably thought she was touched by an Angel. It’s like time stood still. The crowd of people did not seem to even  see what was going on. Our souls do things that we are not aware of. This is the first time something like this has happened to me. Still question what happened. Hopefully soon All my questions will be answered… Yes, to answer your question. The woman did get up. I looked back after I rejoined my family.

That is all for now. I have questions to you George. I believe these questions can wait for another time,prefer the other side.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

Hello Georgi,

I am amazed at how synchronous my dreams and energetic experiences are with the PAT. I had a very vivid dream day before last night which I think is of significance. I was dressed up and part of a celebration of some happy and big event. There were many strangers in that dream, but all of them had a very beautiful, friendly and familiar energy. I knew that these were fellow PAT members. We all seemed joyous and excited about something big that had occurred. In my dream, I saw some of these familiar strangers sitting on a table and discussing a mission or a quest for ancient knowledge. I knew I was an important part of that mission. The dream then shifted to a mountain top, where there was a huge cavern/cave that housed a beautiful gigantic statue of Mahadeva/ Shivji. The steps were carved into the stone/mountain to reach it and they were extremely narrow, slippery and dangerous. I saw many try to climb these steps and fall and crack their heads. But surprisingly, I knew deep inside, I was going to make it to the top of these steps even though it was dangerous. I was not daunted by them. I knew I had to go up to pay my respects to the great Mahadeva. Suddenly I saw distractions enter the picture as my mother and other family members feeling sick and scared and was torn between them and the mission. But I knew I had to climb up those steps, so I left them all behind and climbed up to the top. The dream then shifted to India and I was hitching a ride home with a friend that dropped me halfway to home. I saw many auto rickshaws/ taxi cabs lined up and gave them my old home address from my childhood home to go back to, but they said, we are going in a different direction even when I tried to bribe them with extra money. At that point I still knew I was going to get Home, but the physical location was not what I thought it was going to be and will be a surprise.

I agree with the PAT members saying that at this point we are not to be distracted by laggard souls even if they might be our family or loved ones. A complete focus on one’s personal ascension is needed at this point. Anything else is a distraction.

Your January 8th update felt like it was me writing me own physical symptoms. I got hit by a crazy headache on Jan 7th and 8th, where I felt like my head will explode. In fact ever since Jan 1st my entire body has been trembling from inside and I feel like a huge amount of energy is running through me.  And emotionally felt like I was carrying a huge weight that was dragging me down but I refused to give up. At nights, I feel like my body is a jet engine about to take off any minute.

We are definitely building up for take off. Salute to the captain.

Lots of love and respect,

Dear Pinakini,

your dream is very clear in its symbolics and it describes precisely our current situation. At this place I want to ask you if you are now in India as you planned it, before I forget my question.

There is a constant energy build up in the last weeks since Dec 23, which is a continuation of our energy work before that. This makes me confident that we are preparing the shift that was postponed in December.This time there will be no more delays, at least not for us, the PAT. But the exact date is still uncertain. Let us hope that we will not wait too long.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

I visited India last year but am currently still in US. In order to move back permanently to India, I have to get an Indian green card and am working on the application for me and my children. It should happen by mid year.

The Jan 13th portal has brought with it a distinct sense of relief for me. I suddenly began to feel lighter and happier as if a great load fell off my back. The light feeling persists today on Jan 14th.


Hello George,

I send you a Heart felt Thank-you for understanding. After reading your conversation with Daniel. I got the message. Brought a tear to my eyes.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas


I am writing you today from San Francisco where I am attending a corporate kickoff meeting. I have been so anxious to read the article posted about the dissolution of linear time but have been caught up in the usual trappings of meet & greet, conferences and other dense business functions.  Despite the dense Orion corporate culture I still love my fellow humans and enjoy getting to know different souls, no matter how superficial or dense they may appear. My favorite thing to do especially in crowds of people is to “float” until I am magnetically drawn into a conversation. I use this technique to advance my awareness since forcing conversations rarely yields anything memorable.

I like to call this “sine language” since I can tune into the brainwaves of others and intuitively draw myself into productive and enlightening situations with people.  Anyhow, I digress –

Now that I have had time to sit down and read your most recent posts, I am reminded immediately of an experience I had last year but for whatever reason have not been prompted to tell until now.

I forget when exactly but sometime in 2012 I was meditating in my bed and was contemplating the illusory nature of time.  It made so much sense the first time I realized time was an illusion since we all collectively accept that time flies when you’re having fun but if you’re in a car accident everything goes in slow motion.  What better proof could one want?

As I was mediating on this very concept, I realized the second ticker on my clock began to slow.  In fact I remember the variation between ticks becoming so significant, that I nearly stood up to check if the battery had died right then in there! I realized that it wasn’t the clock that changed but my own perception which was affecting my interpretation of the perceived time between clicks. For 10 ticks I was able to willingly make each second shorter or longer in my own reality…but by the time I figured this all out I became flooded with self doubt and the possibility of it being real. As the doubt flooded in the ticks continued in their normal measured way. My concentration broke and the experience ended.

I also wanted to report my 1/13/13 experience. I was flying over the united states during 1/13 and was physically very fatigued all day. Despite gaining 3 hours of jetlag, I slept for 11 hours and took another nap for 1 which is very rare for me. That night I had a vivid dream where I could hear my 16 year old dog whining and crying for me. It happened quickly but the sound was so real it was almost as if she was in the room.

After I woke up in the morning I go to check my e-mails and find this note from my girlfriend at home who is taking care of the dogs:

“I’m sure you’re either asleep or barely awake. It’s 9:25 here & I’m at work. I didn’t get shit for sleep last night. Anna was ridiculous all night. She whined the entire time and with exception to her barking, I was able to ignore most of it.”

To which I said:

“Just woke up it’s 700AM here. Sorry about Anna she must miss me or something. I actually was dreaming about her earlier and she was whining in the dream so I must have paid her a visit last night in the Astral realm.”

And her reply:

“Kindly keep Anna out of your dreams if her whines continue to manifest in the real world, in our kitchen, beside our bedroom, where I’d like to sleep like a babe.”

Peace on Earth,

Dear Corey,

besides physical time as measured by atomic clocks with a fixed photon frequency emanation, which is a pure convention of scientists at present, linear time is fully subjected to human psychology – to his mind and psyche as a creator being. This is a basic gnostic/esoteric fact, but is unfortunately not well understood among New Age circles. This is the reason why I have not discussed it at length so far on this website, but have addressed this issue in my German gnostic books.

In fact the main reason why many souls incarnate on the earth is to experiment with the subjective psychological perception of linear time, as such kind of perceptions do not exist in the simultaneity of the HR. It is a very complex topic, which I will not discuss at present. Before one fully understands linear time, one must have realized exactly what space-time is and how it is perceived by narrow human minds and senses.

This is the ontological basis of the new theory of the Universal Law, which for the first time includes human consciousness and perceptions in the physical theory. Actually it derives all physical terms and concepts from the human mind. This is the reversal of the arrow of knowledge (and time) as officially accepted in present-day empiric science. This also explains why it is so difficult to make the scientists understand the new theory, although it is so simple and straightforward. compared to their weird, compartmentalized, irrational mathematical constructions, such as string theory, for instance. This weird theory has failed to explain a single known fundamental physical constant or to derive it from other established theoretical concepts. This has been acknowledged by many renowned physicists, such as R. Feynman.

Nonetheless, when I studied the research areas of the US physicists in the 10 elite universities in your country while sending them my proposal for a donation, half of them deal with string theory and try to solve with it the current cognitive and theoretical problems of the inadequate standard model. This is just one key example of the idiocy of all scientists nowadays.

However do not under-estimate the concept of time, actually “space-time” as you cannot talk of linear time without comprehending the concept of space-time = energy = All-That-Is = Primary Term. Currently, almost nobody on this planet understands these two concepts. If they do, they will also understand my theory of the Universal law, and there is nobody who has fully grasped my theory so far on this planet. Therefore all the discussions on linear time will inevitably stay below the bar of true human cognition.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Hope you are doing well?

We have not communicated in a while. After reading the info on external channelings I had to give/ add the following:

I do not trust any channeling except from the Divine voice inside me! This voice is only accepted if it calibrates 100% from Christ Consciousness! This is the only consciousness that can be trusted! In 2012 I had numerous conversations with my guidance / HS /source in calibrating the info I came across, when read on the Internet. This calibration assisted me in knowing / finding truth.

Less than 1 % of the messages were correct –  calibrated with kinesiology and asking directly! This was a real eye opener! Christ consciousness never gives dates on potentials! The reason be the concept of “time” does not exist in the higher realms! If dates and times are given one is being deceived! Once fully awaken, all answers can be calibrated /tested by using the body through muscle testing. The body is real good connector with the higher realms! The motivation must be to be quiet detach and find ones own truth / voice inside – trust me it works!

This sounds harsh, but following these channeled messages will only mislead you! The only truth lies inside one’s own divine voice that comes from inside and even this voice must always be tested/calibrated!


Dear Georgi,

Gail has produced another brilliantly written article on addiction to channeling and other sources of spiritual masturbation. Please tell her I wanted to stand up and applaud after reading it. God, I love the shoot-from-the-hip, tell-it-like-it-is “hutspa” in this group!

Thank you, Gail, for this morning’s refreshing breath of truth!

Love and Light, Gwen

P.S. I was unable to send this email via the Web site as is often the case with our communications. My computer was seriously compromised before the holiday, while I was working on the article for the major Washington media outlet we discussed. Interesting tidbit, turns out one of the editors I was working with was former CIA. Seriously. They shot it down completely in the end. I also experienced several dark attacks as a result of your publication. The PTW are being exposed and admonished and are fighting like cats cornered with nowhere to run at this point. In the activism world they are killing and suiciding people right and left as though they can shut everyone up. Maybe they should have considered all this before choosing sides in this drama. We all know that soon there will be nowhere left to hide!

Take care! Be well!

Dear Gwen,

I read about the Obama’s fire squads who have been sent to kill all opposition leaders and that he has signed a law to dispense himself and these people for the murders they commit. But I have decided not to be too engaged mentally in this timeline, as it is obvious that it s the earth B and that they will soon disappear from our sight.

The Internet trolls that have tried to harass me and the PAT are now gone since Jan 1 and this is a very good sign for me personally

I will forward your email to Gail and today I will publish another article on this same topic, which is very revealing.

With love and light

Dear Bernice,

I am glad that you shared your vision on the ascension pods and your vision on PAT members, carrying out their own ascensions and them moving to a desired space/location for doing so, as this fully coalesces with what I envision for myself and what I’m currently experiencing. That is that I’m fully detaching from the life I’m living at the moment as a student in Holland and heading for the beautiful sites of South America, where my initial roots lie to live a care free life and hopefully meet ascension along the way.

With love and light.
Andres Felipe Grul

Dear Georgi/PAT

I would like to put forth a proposition, to any PAT member that lives with-in a 200 mile radius of Oklahoma City. I have a strong desire to gather, in as large as group as needed, for the purpose of our Ascension. I am willing to travel to meet. I Am ready to Ascend Now and only wait for the most opportune moment; which i trust, if there are any out there that have the same inclination, will be when we come together and focus our intention on this goal. If you are interested in this offer, then trust that synchronicity will bring us together.  we have a clean path for creation,… right? Then lets do this!!!

Contact me and we will discuss details and timing.
Cory James Jones

Dear Cory,

this is a very good proposition. I will publish your email tomorrow with your address and I hope that some of the PAT members who live within this range to Oklahoma city will contact you.

With love and light


I am just writing to say, that like others who are also “in tune”, I cannot deny all the evidence that things are about to change.

One thing being GaiaPortal. The January 13 posting just flat points to the ID split. I see it as saying, just like different frequencies sometimes will be in synch, we are now in a window where that is happening. 3D, 4D and 5D are all currently in synch for a short time.

This is a jumping off point.

I recently had this old message from the Hathors (from 2010) synchronistically returned to my conscious awareness. This message exactly speaks to this jumping off point.

As you can see by reading that message, people like us have satisfied the requirements (see section The Fundamental Principle – especially point #5) to create this jumping over point. I’m sure anyone who can relate to your site can relate to this message and know that they have been involved in creating this jumping over opportunity that is now upon us.

And as 3D, 4D and 5D move back out of their brief synch-up, people will then be on the appropriate frequency Earth that matches their frequency.  We will no longer all be mixed together as we have been in 3D.

As I said, the GaiaPortal post

points to exactly this. The one sentence fragment that really hammers it home is this, “ time lines converge and dissolve“. Those two things being distinct and separate events – first the Ds coming together, then the Ds moving apart.

And us being “in tune” is also significant. I have noticed that other sites who bother to repost the GaiaPortal messages, don’t often have much to comment on them, indicating that they find them fascinating but really have no clue what is being said there.  About the most profound things said might have to do with ascension symptoms and that’s about it.

Yes, there are many signs.  I’ve seen some stragglers actually turn the corner and commit to that change, at the last minute, and are now on track for 4D.  Better late than never.

I’m also seeing people that I have been told are destined for the death portal who are being very antsy for some kind of change. Considering the frequency they are at, the changes they seek are the same old trivial crap, of the flavor of “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. They will soon get their change but it won’t come in a form that they are currently anticipating.

For a couple weeks now, I have constantly gotten the message of “Justice.”  I’ve been told over and over that this too points to the ID split, that everyone will soon get outwardly what their inward frequency has created. Judgement Day, but of course one determined by one’s own choices and the Laws of Nature.  Justice indeed.

Other than all these synchronistic messages coming frequently, for me, my biggest clue has been a nervous, restless energy that just won’t let up.  And I’m not one to typically be like that.


Dear Rick,

I remember this message very well. It is one of the few really good texts transmitted by Tom Kenyon and it contains the best he has ever channeled so far. Much of his other chnannelings are simply crap. He should have stayed by this topic and elaborate it in more depth.

If you have studied this text closely, you must have found that I have precisely followed the guidelines outlined in this text. However this presentation of parallel realities and chaotic nodes is not new and has been discussed in more depth and detail by the channel Seth (Jane Roberts) in the 60s.

It has always been my endeavour to take the initiative, define actively the new timeline of the PAT, and to move along the most favourable alternative at each chaotic node we had reached. In this sense all ascension test runs were chaotic nodes, where many timelines merged and we the PAT have always chosen the optimal one. This has always been my goal and objective as the Captain of the  PAT and it is vastly documented throughout our discussions in the years 2011 and 2012. This year follows in the same vein,

This strategy also included the inevitable disappointments when our optimal timeline did not materialize in this reality, but it has materialized in numerous other parallel realities, which ultimately determine the final outcome in this reality – in the current holographic model in which we live.

While the ID split and ascension of us to the source and Gaia to the 5th dimension is beyond any doubt, the stretching of linear time is absolutely unpredictable as we move from one chaotic node to the next one, from one threshold to a higher one, until we reach the final threshold of full and complete ascension.

It is very important to keep this simple logic in mind all the time and not to soccumb to irrational, phantasmagorical explanations as some disappointed and lost LW are now doing in their desperation. This only leads to more confusion and lowers their vibrations.

By the way, the Hathors do not create any timelines for us as every incarnated soul creates infinite parallel timelines and alternative realities all the time. This is the basic method of creation in All-That-Is.

The basic facts and circumstances of ascension are unchanged. Ultimately it is all about raising your personal vibrations as the Hathors also confirm in this channeling. However they do not discuss the LBP in depth as I have done it in my books and on this website, because Tom himself has no idea of this process. Hence the quality of this source deteriorated in the last two years and months and I have given up reading him.

With love and light

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