Personal Opinions-January 11, 2012

Letters to the Editor

On the Portal 1.13.13

Dear Georgi,

I am writing to confirm that I have experienced head pressure, cc waves and gastro-intestinal symptoms as well as a complete lack of any physical energy no matter how much sleep and rest I get.  

The energy continues to present itself as a steady undercurrent that seems to be building hourly and daily. I have had unusual dreams where catharsis is sometimes for myself and then for others. I seem to move back and forth as though riding a wave on a surfboard. For the past three mornings, I awoke to the feeling of being completely embraced by a deep love – a love that surrounds my whole body and even every cell.  With this energy I feel honoured, cherished and unconditionally loved – I am told this is Gaia herself, thanking me and all of us for doing this deep catharsis these past several days.

I noticed something different at the International Airport this week. I was at the airport to see two family members off, on two different days. I have frequented our airport many, many times over the past 35 years and have always dreaded the chaotic energy of the masses as they try to make their way to their flights. This week, on both days, everyone seemed as though they were floating in a dreamlike state, with only the occasional airline attendant scurrying about, checking for boarding passes and baggage tags. No one was talking and it was as though I was inside a silent movie… everyone was calm and centred. Their eyes conveyed the presence of their souls. Thousands of people moving about, effortlessly, calmly, in line-ups that were moving  quickly considering the number of flights, size of airplanes and the amount of luggage that needed to be transported.  I am still today really amazed by what I saw and felt at the airport.

I sense something is building and I trust that all will be perfect when it’s the right time.  A part of me yearns to “know” what is going on, but then again, just like wanting to know what is happening with Hilary Clinton, we will never know the real truth nor the whole truth as long as we are in these earthbound vessels.

Sending love and warm wishes your way and to all the PAT,


Dear Carla,

thank you very much for your confirmation of the energy build up in the last days, peaking to a real catharsis.

I must say that I actually expected this kind of behaviour of the masses as a result of these energy waves as the first reaction which unawakened people display when they are confronted with such energies is to move into a dream-like state and to begin with an unconscious introspection. As most of them have no experience with meditation and introspection, they simply become silent and drift away, not knowing what is happening to them as they are not used to such kind of energies and self-reflections. But the external effect of this change in the collective mood is always beneficial as they get rid of their boyish and noisy, arrogant behaviour. In other words the collective ego-mind is significantly damped and this is always a good point of departure.

By the way I have a strong gut feeling that something will happen this weekend. It could be even our ascension. What is your guess?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have not had any inkling of an imminent ascension at this time, but truthfully I have not done any inquiry into this because of my severely fatigued state.

In December I had direct awareness of my ascension, in advance of every event (I had several ascension runs in December), however I am not getting this right now for this weekend.

Surprisingly I am feeling much better today and I had planned on tuning in to this possibility after reading on the website that someone had sensed this. I will focus on this today to see what I get and I’ll get back to you.

My son is just telling me now that this night he dreamt that he and I left this dimension for “another dimension consisting of bright white light all around us”. He is also now reminded of another dream a few nights ago where all of humanity and the earth itself was enveloped by an evil and all-penetrating dark spirit, from which we finally escaped by flying upwards alongside shiny metal pillars that guided us up to another dimension. He says that when we all reached this upper dimension where the light was so blindingly bright, there were many children playing in the playgrounds, laughing and riding their bikes. Everyone was so happy to be in this place.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

your son’s dreams are really beautiful and I hope strongly that they will soon come true. What will definitely come this weekend is another portal 1.13.13,  which seems to  be very strong. Whether this portal will lead to ascension, remains to be seen. But I dreamt this night a recurrent motif /message to expect a major event this weekend. It could be anything.

I also feel better today after yesterday (Jan 10) I had another cc-wave, but not so severe as the previous ones. I also feel as if the rubber band inside myself has been let loose and the tension is receding. This is a good feeling and I am now saying farewell to all things, I have to do with.


Dear Georgi,

As I read your e-mail, I had instant confirmation that the 1.13.13 portal is indeed one of great significance, as you said in your letter.

After a meditation the following is what came to me from my HS:

*  The Ascension process remains underway at this moment.

*  The New Age has dawned, although beyond a third dimensional perception.

*  Those of higher level DNA activation sense clear and definite changes to their surroundings concomitant to the level of DNA activation

*  The 1.13.13 is indeed a significant portal the role/goal of which is for Planetary Ascension

*  There may be opportunity for individual ascension (and also as a small group, with the potential for PAT ascension ) with this portal opening, although not for me personally.

This is all I can glean for the moment and I would like to thank you for bringing this portal to my attention. I will be alert to any changes in the messages now that I am back on my feet.

I will be driving down to Seattle on Sunday and I am looking forward to mingling with and assessing the effects of these new energies, while I am there.


Dear Carla,

thank you very much for this important confirmation of the portal 1.13.13…

Enjoy your stay in Seattle and tell me how the people behave there.

By the way I dreamt this night for the third time in a row about a big event coming this weekend and I was fully engaged in its preparation, but I was also agitated and even angry in my dream, which is not a good sign. Let us see what will happen.


Dear Georgi,

Since I sent you this response from my HS, I have been puzzled by the comment that there is a potential for a PAT ascension or a small group ascension and yet not for me personally.  So I decided that there may be information on your site that may clarify this statement, and discovered the January 9th posting by Bernice “The Sobering Reality of My Astral Encounters“.

In this report she states: “We decided then to ascend smaller, more manageable groups out of 3d, of those that are ready (Approximate numbers of 45 – 50).  AND THIS IS WHY I DECIDED ON WRITING THIS TO YOU AND THE PAT.  BECAUSE WE WERE AT THIS MEETING TOGETHER:  WE DECIDED TO WORK WITH SMALLER GROUPS...”

This statement puts the comments I reported to you in a clearer perspective.


Dear Carla,

I interpreted Bernice’s information that the PAT will ascend and each one of us will take a smaller group of 45-50 persons, less than originally planned. But her statements still do not explain why you should not ascend with the PAT. It may be that the whole PAT may not ascend at the same time, but in smaller groups. I will ask Bernice one more time for clarification.


Dear George,

This week I am indeed sensing massive energy build up. Last night I meet a group of souls, destined to Earth B, demanding a free pass to stay on the balanced Earth A/B without changing their attitude. In fact their attitude towards life in general turned for the  worse. I had to step my foot firmly and kick them to where they belong.

Then a group of failed star seeds wanted me to save their sorry-asses, without them doing any work. They obviously found my soft spot because my ex-girlfriend (18 years ago in Slovenia) was their representative.

Today, during my mid-day nap I experienced another partial ascension. Only this time I noticed that HR’s were planning it this way.

I met one of HR’s representatives and wondered how this pathetic entity managed to get this leading position. Then I realised that this Galaxy and our local Universe, is one big joke. Reminded me on Yugoslav army, when the biggest idiots held the command over masses of solders.

Ascension plan has indeed changed since 21.12.12. HR’s obviously switched to plan B. Unfortunately, it looks like, as if this plan does not include our immediate release and ascension. We are again held as hostages to our own success.

What can we do?

With Love and light

Dear Boyd,

I fully concur with your assessments. but I hope that we are exempted from plan B and that we can decide when to ascend on our own now. Since three nights in a row I dream of a big event that is planned for this weekend around the portal 1.13.13. I was not told precisely that it will be our ascension, but what else? It all comes up to this solution for me and the PAT. Even now when I write to you, there is another huge energy surge, which I expected several days prior to this date.

The whole ascension process of this darkest and most toxic planet in the whole 3d- universe is a real fiasco and all the liars and cheaters channeling from the HR cannot change this reality for the better. The process of transformation of mankind will be much slower than planned. We must see now how to detach from these developments and take our own stance. There is information that we are given “carte blanche” from the Source to create our own reality independently of the rest. But the question still remains – when?


Dear Dorie,

since several days I have the strong premonition that we are nearing the end of our sojourn on this planet. It is everywhere in the very way I see and deal with all things around me, as if I am saying farewell to them. There is also the inner feeling as if the rubber band has been let loose and the inner tension is receding.

This night I had a recurrent, persistent dream, which was actually a simple abstract information, repeated infinite times that in two days, i.e. over the weekend, we will have a big key event and that it cannot be evaded. I am not so sure if this is the detonation of the PAT supernova and our ascension, but what else can be?

The previous night I dreamt that I gave a big party for the PAT at Ritz Hotel in Paris. Don’t ask me why Ritz in particular, but since several weeks I am thinking about this hotel for no apparent reasons, although I have never stayed there.

Do you feel or see anything similar in this direction?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

There have been so many times that I’ve wanted to email you in the past few days, but since this last huge wave that hit us, my life once again took a very dramatic 3d turn! Oh Georgi, the depression that you talked about was overwhelming at times! What came up for me mostly, was my core fear – being on a planet where I simply could not manifest so many of the experiences that I’ve wanted to experience, knowing fully well that I had the ability to – I felt so HOPELESS! Energies are finally much better today, and I am returning once again to that harmonious energy.

The posting from Bernice was phenomenal! I simply resonate so much with what she has seen and experienced, and I have had my own experiences very similar to hers within the last 2 weeks!!! I met with that Council she spoke of! One entity in particular seemed to be a real moron, standing around scratching his head in regards to our situation! Uhhh! But Bernice is soooo right…Source is in charge! AND from the information that I have been given from HS, we have been given a “blank slate” to create on, that is, we the PAT have been given a blank slate, and open blueprint it seems to me, to do whatever it takes to move us all into ascension.

So, that leads me to your question. I have not had any premonitions in the form that you have, Georgi, but the feelings that I get all suggest that ascension is very close…

With much love and Light!

Dearest Georgi,

Woke up this morning (Jan 10) with accelerated heart beat and generalized body soreness. Lower back pain has also returned.


Last night (Jan 10) there was indeed another cc-wave, but not so severe as the previous ones.


Dear George,

I have just realized that we have another major portal coming up on Sunday – 1.13.13. I have created a list of options that are possible during this upcoming period. These are the probabilities:

1) The PAT intake of high-frequency energies from the source increases yet again.

2) The PAT members experience another ascension test run and possibly the last test run before the PAT supernova

3) Humanity is flooded by these new energies helping to unconsciously or even consciously increase their current awareness and expands much further their low-level consciousness.

4) The ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension along with the final separation of the “wheat from the chaff”.

5) The ascension of Captain Georgi Stankov to the source and his immediate appearance as an Ascended master – Elohim hereby, beginning the New Golden Age for ascending humanity.

6) The long awaited PAT supernova-Detonation to the 10-12th dimensions finally occurs as well as all First wave ascension candidates to the higher dimensions.

Or worst case nothing substantial happens.

I have also realized something else:

13- Source ( Where I believe PAT members should all ascend to)
12- 12th Dimension ( Where most if not all PAT members will ascend to)
11- 11th Dimension
10- 10th Dimension ( Where the PAT members will at minimum ascend to)
9- 9th Dimension
8- 8th Dimension
7- 7th Dimension
6- 6th Dimension
5- 5th Dimension ( Gaia’s future home as well as that of ascending humanity)
4- 4th Dimension ( We are still in the decompression chamber)
3- 3rd Dimension ( Where we currently reside)
2- 2nd Dimension
1- 1st Dimension

Leaving out my comments I realized that this year is 2013 and even though numbers have no real meaning and are simply illusory constructs. All of this relates to the years 2001 ( when the major portals/gateways stated opening) – 2013( When the major portals will all culminate)

Something has to give soon. Let us see what happens

Love and Light

Dear Arthur,

this is a very good summary of all possible alternatives that we can expect to occur during this weekend. Let us hope that something will happen indeed during this time.

With love and light

On Divsy  and the PAT

Dear Georgi,

After reading Divsy’s messages posted on the website, I feel an itching desire to comment on a particular part of it, since in my understanding it addresses everyone in the PAT as well as occasional readers.

“The problem you have with me is that I refused to give away my power.”

To my understanding, this statement indirectly suggests, that all your readers are feeding you with their power by reading your articles and accepting you as a wayshower. I feel a need to point out that if I had felt at any point since September – when I began to visit the website regularly –  that your purpose is to feed on my energy, or my sovereignty is threatened, I’d have left immediately.

In fact, reading your articles and those of other members, while participating in the conversations myself (democracy in practice), helped me immensely in gaining clarity on the ascension scenario and leading me to realise my place and purpose in this process.

I can only hope that under the new, more favourable energetic conditions, this gentleman will be able to overcome his personal pride, which appears to be his main obstacle in his evolution.

Thank you for your attention.


The Epic Battle of the PAT to Ascend Humanity and the Negligence of the People


I am beyond words in expressing to you how I felt after reading The Essence of Ascension”. Your eloquent message to humanity is breathtaking… The clues you are revealing should give them much to ponder about.

Theresa Ann Villarreal

Dear Theresa,

I am glad that you like this final quintessence of our ascension process, which has been grossly misunderstood by all LW outside the PAT as they are not fully in the LBP, while this dire experience we have undertaken on behalf of humanity is a non-entity for the masses. I needed to put the facts in perspective one last time.

With love and light

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