Medvedev’s Official Disclosure on Aliens on Dec 7 Is Confirmed

By Fiona Fairchild and Georgi Stankov, January 24, 2013

I was just informed by Fiona about a new video concerning the famous interview of Medvedev with a Russian journalist off camera on Dec 7, 2012. This video was not available at that time. The new interview can be now watched under the following link (3rd video from top):

This new video, which I see for the first time, gives the (un)official interview of the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev with this woman-journalist in a very clear ton and I can now confirm that he explicitly says to her that they (the journalists) should watch the documentary Russian film “Men in Black” for further information on aliens after he confirms that each Russian president is informed in detail on the existence and activities of aliens on the territory of Russia. And he is not kidding or joking on this topic, as everybody can see on this sensational video.

Before starting with the interview, Medvedev warns the journalist that what he will say now will be for the first and last time. At the end of the interview he adds that this is absolutely confidential between him and the journalist and that if she would talk about this to other people this may cause huge problems. This part of the interview is not translated by all other official sources and cannot be found on the above website.

This  documentary film contains indeed a lot of facts on aliens. First and foremost it accuses the USA and the White House of collaborating with them since the Roswell accident. This film also shows that this incident was a pretext for the greys to embroil the US government in clandestine dark operations underground and in space.

These accusations are a central piece of this film and they were not all translated in the English subtitles. Hence the pressure on Obama and the White House to finally make a Disclosure on the existence of dark aliens on the earth, with the which the USA have worked for decades in clandestine joint operations to enslave the American people and the world, has grown exponentially with the appearance of this interview precisely at this moment, when Medvedev is in Davos at the WEF and meets with Western politicians to discuss this critical issue behind closed doors as reported on this website.

Hence this interview with Medvedev is indeed the first half-official Disclosure on aliens made by the Head of a Superpower, such as Russia still is.


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