The Essence of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov and Dan Sonce, January 10, 2012

Hello Georgi

I still follow your site with increasing sympathy. I have not enough time to read all your works systematically, so I read this and that in accordance with my preferences. And I am positively surprised all the time.

I don’t write you now expecting you would publish this on your site. But if you choose to, you can. In this case please If I made any too stupid grammar mistakes, correct it freely if you wish. It will not scratch my ego a bit.

I know it is easy now to pretend to be smart, and yet I have to say I didn’t expect ascension on 12.21.12. Not because I don’t believe it is possible (in spite of some doubts), but because I really didn’t see any serious sign that people are already prepared enough for something as radical (for them).

Tentacles of negative forces are still rooted into the every human mind on Earth. Indeed the main question now is how to separate and pull out this Orion roots, as most people still build their weak, mixed negative/positive ego-integrity on them.

I don’t want to meddle now into perspectives around further probabilities about ascension because I am not competent on this meter. In first place I want to respond to your report about straining energies on January 7th. I experienced them exactly as you described. Painful ego-disintegration deep down to essence, kind of crushing of »spiritual bones« and rearranging of them anew.

I experienced this kind of crushing more than a few times in my life. These terrible energy flows are different from usual emotional troubles and dramas because they are somehow independent, you can feel they are not »yours«, they permeated you like coldness for example. I even noticed that I can partially resist them in my mind, but mostly I didn’t want to resist because I felt that it is highly important to process them.

There was one such event in my life especially memorable for me because it was accompanied with a tragic event. At the evening of that day I was informed that my near neighbor, young married woman with two children committed suicide. I didn’t know her personally well, only that she was an educated, pleasant and subtle person and his husband was on the whole the opposite.

It is really impossible to describe the intensity of pains on all levels of my existence on that day. If at this instant I just imagine that somebody, you Georgi for example, ever experienced this kind of pains, my spontaneous compassion urges me to start crying for you… And for all others – PAT members – with similar experiences.

Georgi, let me say now that I really believe, as you do, that time is near when this energy torture will cease. If I dare to follow my intuition I would say it is all about couple of months.

Love and light!

Dear Dan,

thank you very much for your very kind and compassionate letter. The major factor that has led to all perennial delays in the last years is indeed the slumbering of the masses who are very difficult to awaken. This is a leitmotif in all our discussions and this is what makes us to exasperate most of the time, as our destiny is linked to their awakening.

However we have now entered a period of multiple timelines and it is impossible to make any predictions in general for the whole human population, because each individual will progress from now on in its own, specific velocity. The most significant aspect is though not the multiple paths of evolution, but that most people will not perceive these multiple realities. They will only receive information within the narrow spectrum, in which they move forward or backward.

This would say that none of our forecasts or perceptions as presented on this website will have any validity for the masses. When they read per chance our comments, they will even see gross discrepancies with their narrow view of the world, as this is currently the case between us and all agnostics. But most of the time the blind masses will not even notice any higher evolved beings anymore.

Humanity has lived so far in a very narrow spectrum, where the most evolved souls, coming from the source, had to share a common destiny and a communal consciousness with the most debased souls. This was actually the main source of enslavement of humanity by a few very dark entities. Now this communal consciousness is in the process of a complete disintegration and growing divergence.

Even at present most LW from the New Age movement do not read our website and do not even realize what is going behind the veil. For instance they are not in the position to grasp that we are the ones, who are the driving force behind ascension of Gaia and humanity, although this fact has been extensively discussed on our website and shared as a weltanschauung by all PAT members, and not the preposterous excarnated sources they usually channel.

Would they realize this ample fact, they must automatically conclude how far behind they are in their spiritual evolution compared to us and this would devastate their faint esoteric mentality. Hence it is a kind of practical protection for them to stay comparatively ignorant with regard to the real facts on the ground, even when they have practical and theoretical access to them. Instead they prefer to neglect the facts and thus deprive themselves of the ability to make proper assessments.

In other words, they prefer not to use their mind to the full extent and prefer to create their own illusory reality, while playing the treacherous game of enlightened gurus. I have tried for instance on many occasions to open the eyes of many a New Age guru in North America for the various aspects of the LBP, which is the Jacob’s ladder to ascension, and I must admit that I have fully failed.

Now all these self-proclaimed gurus are busy educating other people. It is obvious that their pupils will not progress very much, unless they start to disregard them. But unfortunately this is not happening currently, and the reason for this is that the New Agers are just as dumbed down as the masses. They only use modern esotericism as a convenient camouflage to hide their profound ignorance. And the most fundamental deficit, which they all display without any exception, is the inability of logical and abstract thinking.

This narrow mindedness, coupled with the growing abyss between the few who know what is happening and the many who can hardly guess, is widening by the hour currently (read my article with this title).

How is it possible that three weeks after Dec 21, when humanity had a fair chance to ascend to the 5th dimension and only very little failed to achieve this goal, as I have reported, nobody is talking about ascension anymore or about the ID split.  By the way the  term “ID split” is virtually unknown among all LW, and the only website that discusses this key event is our website, as a quick recherche on the Internet will show.

The manipulation and abysmal ignorance of the small New Age community, which considers itself “enlightened”, is indeed staggering and the most characteristic feature of the current End Times. How could we then expect a clear view from the sleeping masses?

Fortunately, ascension is not linked directly to the awakening of the middle-ego, as in this case we would have to wait for another 100 years before we can ascend. This will be probably the case on the balanced earth A/B for most incarnated entities. However, for those, who are potential candidates for ascension now, it will be sufficient to have evolved a little bit at the soul level and to have made the decision to ascend. The bar is set very low at this time.

Then they will be heaved to the 5th dimension by the PAT and after that they will need  some time, or a lot of simultaneity, as linear time will be abolished on the new earth A, to adjust to the new conditions, while being protected by higher forces in their initial dream-like state. Thus the awakening of the middle-ego is not the problem at all. The problem is the awakening of the higher selves at the astral planes, and Bernice has discussed this problem today in her excellent report.

The chief problem is that most incarnated souls did not yet awaken at the level of their higher astral self, which is not the monad or the actual over-soul, who is linked directly to the source and is above these petty energetic transformations. For this purpose we, the PAT introduced the current balanced earth A/B in March last year, in which we now live. Initially It was not planned this way and this is the source of our current dismay.

The middle-self, or the ego-mind of the masses will evolve much more slowly and most of the channelled messages now are tailored for these people, who are barely beginning to awaken.

The small group of the PAT will ascend to the source (10th -12th dimensions) when Gaia is ready to leave its current 3d-position. This event will be most probably not registered by most entities, who will stay on the current earth A/B as it is beyond their spectrum of perception, just as they will not realize that there has been an ID split and the dark elite have been separated from the current timeline. This has already commenced with the Internet trolls, who can no longer register us as we have recently discussed.

For instance, when one reads the current messages and articles of the New Agers on the Internet on Dec 21, it becomes obvious that most of them did not experience anything at all and some pretend to have felt some feeble energies, which they exaggerate as blissful as my German “friend” Ute now claims.

Only the PAT was fully involved in the two ascension test runs and only they know that we had a fair chance to ascend, but failed for very little and that this event was a brutal failure of the management of the HR, notwithstanding the fact that we, the PAT, opened this crucial cosmic portal and flooded Gaia and humanity with high frequency energies from the source.

I know this perfectly well, as my field is the nexus to the source and all these energies flow first through my body. I register them beyond any doubt, but with a lot of pain, which I analyse in a dispassionate, scientific manner as to make the correct diagnosis. The correctness of my energetic assessments is confirmed each time when a major event happens and I report on it by all PAT members. If this is not a sufficient proof for the validity of my judgments, what else? If I were a false prophet, as Divsy claimed today, I would have immediately failed among the PAT members in the first place.

Hence the assessment of Dec 21 depends only on where one sets the bar. All New Agers are currently not able to grasp this simple fact and this is where their tragedy lies.

Most of the changes that are bound to occur will occur beyond the narrow focus of human perceptions that builds the communal reality of the masses. This new multi-dimensional world has already commenced among the LW community and I observe this process and the widening gap between individual experiences very closely. The gap will be much bigger between the masses and the PAT.

Therefore when you say that you had the feeling that there would be no ascension on Dec 21, your consciousness followed your personal timeline. It is not planned that people like you will participate in the first wave. This must be said clearly and unambiguously.

Ascension has occurred for many of us as early as 2009 and then one more time in 2010, but we then decided to stay on earth during the second harmonic convergence in July 2010 and repeat the LBP in an accelerated fashion one more time as to help the others to follow us. Had we ascended in the summer of  2010 as initially planned, we would have been less than 6000 entities and the whole ascension project would have totally failed.

In this sense we have already ascended many times in the linear time of the earth and now we come from the future to bring the human society on this timeline. The continuity of the physical body is the least important factor to evaluate in a multi-reality. It is just an instrument to participate in the current holographic model.

For instance  now there is a great exchange of souls, and about 20 million walk-ins are ready to enter existing bodies incarnated by souls, who have not managed to ascend and are now retrieved to Celestria (higher levels of the 5th dimension). The new souls of the walk-ins will ascend when they have sufficiently transformed the current bodies on this timeline A/B.

I am just giving you these examples to show you how diverse the whole reality has now become and that nothing is as it appears to be, as the existing communal reality, which is now crumbling, has always been a camouflage – an illusion.

The only thing that counts now is the inner, subconscious soul evolution of the middle-self. In the case of all PAT members, the middle-self has fully merged with the over-soul and the monad, and we are the only individuals on this planet who have achieved this. One must be blind not to notice the difference between us and the rest of the LW community. This has nothing to do with self-esteem, but with an objective analysis of the facts, as young Daniel responded to old Divsy today and gave him a perfect lecture that was due for some time (see the article “The Difference Between True Spirituality and Spiritual Sabotage).

This kind of evolution is independent of physical age and is only determined by the ability of the incarnated personality to incorporate as much energetic portions of the over-soul and the source in its personal structure. There are no upper limits to this process, which takes the form of LBP at the physical level, with all its unpleasant clinical symptoms as described by myself and discussed extensively by all members of the PAT on this website.

The LBP is the magic wand that opens the door to ascension, and all LW, who do not discuss this phenomenon (more than 90% of them), will not ascend with the first wave. This is the only criterion of discernment between us and the rest.

There is no mastership without suffering, much suffering. I am telling you this as somebody, who is the greatest “bon vivant“,  and I  would have never resorted freely to any form of sado-masochism or asceticism. But as soon as I fully entered the LBP in 1999, I embraced it and made the best of it. By the way, most of the LW are now barely at the level of my LBP in 1999, and they have no chance to progress as quickly as myself or the other PAT members. This is just to give you a reliable measurement of their current level of evolution.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your prompt respond. I think I have to read your writing tomorrow again. For now just this… you wrote:

»It is not planned that people like you will participate in the first wave.« Can you explain a little what you mean with »people like you«?

Love and light

Dear Dan,

I can. From your first email you sent some time ago, it was obvious to me that you have just entered the LBP in its preliminary mental phase, when you were still struggling with the old, conventional thought patterns and was only reluctantly beginning to accept the new spiritual “ideology” with many caveats. I know this very well, as I have gone through the same process of mind-shifting. Now you are beyond this borderline period and fully in the process of transformation. Your spiritual acceptance dominates now your still lingering doubts, simply because the positive energies are now so strong and conducive for transcendence that they dominate your thinking and that of many other people, who were fence straddlers in the past for various reasons. This trend will continue to grow and to deepen.

But from this point of evolution, it is still a long way to go till one is ready for ascension, especially to qualify for the first wave, which will be very small this time and will include only incarnated human entities who are since many years fully in the LBP, even though they may not do the dirty cleansing job of the PAT. This is my clinical assessment, so to say.

It is important for each one to know exactly where he stays in the  current LBP and not to cherish false hopes. Of course we have also cherished hopes to ascend earlier, but we never succumbed to the idea that if this did not happen it had anything to do with our unpreparedness. We know that we are servants of humanity and of the HR and must stay on the earth as long as it is necessary and opportune to finish the job, which is ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension.

But most of the LW and New Agers, I was talking about in my first email, do think that they are in a privileged position only because they deal with New Age issues, as is the case with the notorious entity Steve Beckow. In reality they have not even entered the LBP and thus may even ascend after you have already ascended, although you have entered the scene much later than Steve Beckow.

There will be many cases when individuals, who have so far rejected the idea of ascension but are old souls with great daily and practical spirituality and are ready for ascension long time ago, as is the case with my wife, who will easily surpass the old Anglo-Saxon gurus of this rotten New Age “on the right lane of the highway” (e.g. against the rules), as the Germans use to say in such a case.

We will soon see many developments that will be contrary to all current human expectations and will not relate to what one has done in the past on this toxic, illusory planet. In this sense occupation with esotericism is no guarantee for quick ascension. This bitter truth must be learnt by many LW in the coming days and months.

Now the position of the PAT in this whole edifice of light is unique insofar, as its members have delegated their bodies and human destiny long time ago to the Source to use them exclusively as conduits of light. In order to do this, we have raised the frequencies of our body fields to that of the source (12th dimension) amidst inhuman chronic pains and suffering, otherwise we would not be able to function as huge antennae of these energies on the ground. In fact we are now veritable prolongations, insertions of the source throughout all dimensions.

Our energetic role and mission are on a completely different level and scale than that of all other LW, and our contribution to the ascension process is infinitely greater than that of most New Agers put together.

With this elaboration I would like to give you the assurance from my vantage point of view that you have all the chances to surpass many New Agers in the process of ascension, if you choose to do it without any reservations and typical human objections. But it must be obvious to you that you are still not ready for the first wave, just as none of the more renowned esoteric gurus on the Internet will belong to it. Ascension is a very hard and prolonged process of soul selection. There are many who talk about it and only a few who do it with devotion.

With love and light

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