My Disappointment with the Predictions of Cosmic Awareness

by Crusader, a CAC Member, January 14, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

I have published the following letter to Callista and Will not because of “Schadenfreude“, as we all are in the same boot. Our disappointment that nothing happened on Dec 11, 2012 is great and it cannot be swept with a big broom under the rug of human forgetfulness, as CA and most other channels of astral deception are currently practicing with great devotion. 

I just want to show why the members of the PAT are in a much more favorable situation than somebody as the “crusader”, who is representative of all New Agers and  who, notwithstanding his 40 years of wasted spiritual searching, enjoys a sound financial and social position in the current Orion society and above all has never exhibited any health problem at all. (?)

These facts speak volumes about the current level of low evolution of this person and most LW. He should be indeed happy that no ascension took place on Dec 21, then in this case he would have definitely not participated in this first ascension wave and his disappointment would have been infinitely greater.

But this illustrious email also reveals in a cogent manner in what a dilemma the CAC and the whole New Age community are currently, after they have been cheated and deceived by “heaven” in such an insidious manner. At the same time there is no source or authority to take away their burden and explain them what has actually happened, namely that heaven, precisely, the lower astral sources of channelled disinformation and propaganda have managed to dumb down the New Age movement in such a profound manner that they are currently not able to mitigate their disappointment by finding any feasible explanation on their own as to why humanity still dwells in this toxic 3d-earth with the old Orion elite on power. In other words, why the promised ascension was postponed one more time – precisely because all humans and not only the New Agers  are still so dumbed down that they would have never ascended if we had managed to heave Gaia to the 5th dimension on Dec 18th and 23th as we hardly tried.

Contrary to these New Age morons, as paradigmatically represented by the “Crusader” (what an oxymoron -“a New Age crusader”!), the PAT knew all the time what has happened and what is currently happening, even though the details may remain veiled. There has never been any doubt to all true PAT members when we had another failed ascension test run, as we all go through these calamities and pay each time a huge tribute with our compromised health.

We do not need any external sources to tell us what has occurred and what did not occur and why heaven has failed to deliver to its promises of ascension, as all energy that drives the ascension process of Gaia and humanity and answers all our questions flows through our personal fields. Our source of information is our personal inner connection to the source and it is unambiguous, even when we are cheated by our HS from time to time to render maximal achievements.

Cosmic Awareness has instead proved one more that it is a very dark source -probably the last really dark source that has survived our cleansing activities of the astral planes last year, but this time highly compromised among its own followers and without any reputation. But it is still a ridiculous naivety on the part of this New Age crusader to expect any meaningful answers from Callista and Bill, although his sarcasm is rather refreshing. It is just as refreshing as his hope, he could get satisfactory answers from these two mired entities, is shallow and stupid. But in this naive expectation he is in a good company with most other New Agers who have delegated their power to weird channeling sources.

Therefore, I decided to publish this email just to confirm how right Gail is in her recent assessment of the deleterious role of all channeling and channelers for the spiritual growth of humanity.


Hello all!

Here we are, it seems none of us ascended. However, I could be mistaken. Would someone who knows of anyone who ascended let me know? I just don’t have all the answers.

Here’s what I wrote to Will and Callista (Dec 24, 2012):

Hello Callista and Will,

Yes! HERE WE ARE. Yeehaw! Of all things, I would have expected that at least you two would have ascended and disappeared from this reality by now and I would be getting no e-mails from you since you would have ascended to planet A or something of that sort, I mean, the voice of Awareness is still here? With his lovely wife Callista in Australia? Mmmm… something is wrong here. (better than Canada, though)

I don’t know what to think. I’m just glad I didn’t go ape trying to convince all those who know me about ascension. I will have to take a little heat from some of the people at work on Monday morning, though. Hell, they even had an “End of the World” party last Friday and they didn’t invite me. No biggie, I’ve gone through crap like this before. In fact, the last time a huge false alarm like this went on was in October of 2010, I had to change jobs just to save face. I mean when you get everyone excited about the Galactic Federation ETs landing en-masse and it doesn’t happen, you’re looked upon as the village idiot. It was a good laugh, though. I did learn to be more careful with that kind of info.

I’m just glad at the time, and this time, too, I didn’t get my family all riled up about ETs or ascension. Otherwise, they’d all be laughing at me today and for a long time to come. And my credibility? It would have gone out the window with a big bang! Wheeew! That was a close one.

Talk about living in two worlds! The 3D world we live in and the CA world you and I live in. And I was even thinking of speaking about the school shootings in Connecticut and point to the real perpetrators at my kid’s school and send letters to the media. I could have gotten in deep trouble with this one. I would have lost any speck of respect my family, friends or acquaintances have in me. As it is, most people who know me think I’m a little quirky for knowing too much about nothing they know about. As Spock would say: “Fascinating.”

Well, Callista, Will, I have been “holding the space” for 40 years. Been “Hanging in there” for 40 years. And have “Trusted and believed” for 40 years. But hasn’t awareness always told us not to believe in anything it says? Now we know for sure.

Question: Do either one of you think this also includes the two readings I’ve had in the past by Awareness? I know there is no way to give me a yes or no answer, but your feelings about the readings would be fine. One of those readings was done by Paul and the last one by Will. (no, I’m not going to ask for my money back or sue you or anything like that). Trust me, I’m all-smiles about this ascension fiesta…er…I mean, fiasco.

I feel like I went to Cosmic Las Vegas, bet all my life’s savings and lost. I mean, talk about taking a leap of faith! However, I do feel a little, tiny, wee new ascension vibe, though. I feel a very strong wave of ha, ha, sarcasm coming on from the central sun. And along those veins, I propose a change in nomenclature; how about changing the name of Cosmic Awareness to COMIC Awareness? This would be closer to the truth of the messages.

I mean, in the past, the Awareness had said that it was ironic that I was a “wonderer” and “light crusader,” whenever I had sent in questions for it to answer, even though my questions sounded to it as if I was complaining or had my mind made up about something. In fact, at some point in one of the answers the awareness gave; it pretty much slapped my wrists for asking what I asked and held itself not responsible for how I felt.

Is it any wonder this message from me is a little slanted toward sarcasm? The Awareness seems to get too sensitive and gets offended very easily, and yet; here we are, wondering what didn’t hit us. The multi-dimensionality and complexity of this whole thing is too much for the average Joe to even discuss, let alone find a logical explanation that doesn’t involve paradoxes.

And the All-Mighty just sits there smoking her pipe! The fact is, we’re here in what seems a continuation of the Orion/reptilian order and have no clue as to how to escape it. I seems as if the Orions/reptoids have gotten away with it and we can do nothing about it. It seems we’re still caught in their net. It’s as if the Orions/reptilians made all this CA stuff up and won at their deception game. Or, are we all not still here?

I hope I eat these words tomorrow or in the next few days. Guys, this is one time I really want to eat my words and profusely apologize for being too quick to judge the ascension process or anything the Awareness has said. For this, I’m willing to take the heat. Just don’t send me to hell, I know of too many people who might have gone there and it might be way too hot.

Additionally, I felt the last CA message on the 22nd kind of sounded as if  Will’s voice had a tired and annoyed tone to it. As if the Awareness (or Will?) was fed up with all this ascension stuff and wanted to go to sleep instead of having to validate or justify why there were no extreme fireworks or obvious magical events; like things disappearing overnight. Was that the right assessment? If so, Will (Awareness), I feel your pain! If not, then I need my head examined or maybe a nice 38 caliber bullet between the eyes. Or a nice cup of oleander tea leaves to shut me up permanently.

However, Callista and Will, please don’t take any of this personally. I’m cognizant of the situation and understand the issues at hand. I just thought a little note about my take on things might bring a little perspective from my standpoint. I actually would like to once more, thank you for all your service all these years (this is wrong of course, Callista is less than a year with Will and CA) and also congratulate you again in finding each other.

At least you two are living in your own 5th dimensional blissful happiness in Australia. We, here in the 3rd dimensional USA, may have to adjust to the harsh reality of living with our own stupid gullibility and the reptilian NWO still in charge of things.

Not that I’m having a rotten life or anything. After all, I do have enough money, a nice house in a desirable neighborhood near the Southern California coast, I have a wife who seems to love me and three daughters who also seem to love me and respect me, plus, even at my apparent age, I have no health problems to speak of, except for the possibility of needing psychiatric evaluation to see the extent of my blind faith. 

So, I consider myself quite fortunate in most mundane regards. Hey, Maybe because of our blind leap of faith, we were sooooo successful in bypassing all the mayhem and we don’t know it? I still have to check to see if all the saints are with us and not gone to planet A, because certainly all the devils seem to be here now that I checked around. Hell, we might even be now living on that blasted planet B and we don’t know it!

Regardless and irrespective of anything, I wish you both a wonderful Christmas and a most prosperous 2013 and beyond, in whatever dimension, plane, realm or planet we happen to end up. Just one more thing. Would either of you let me know if you go anywhere other than this here realm or reality? Pretty please?

And. As you would faithfully say:

In light and service,


P.S. At least Will found his paradise and love of his life, Callista, which I’m glad about. I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a three-dimensional nag. It could go either way, though. Will could turn out to be a three-dimensional sour puss. Nah! Their situation is too perfect.

Let me know your comments.

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