My Astral Journey and Work During the Last Ascension Test Run of the PAT on Jan 2-3

by Joe Hein, January 3, 2012

Hallo George,

I can confirm the incoming energies and waves on the 18th (which felt very pleasant) and on the 23rd (which were very uncomfortable).

As for the trash channelings flooding the net at the moment, it really pisses me off, how we are again told what to do and how to look within ourselves etc., while the real questions that were asked by the channeler (re Ascension) are being clearly avoided. Well you have discussed this in detail in your report.

I am currently unable to spend much time at the computer, as I am only supposed to either stand, walk or lie on the bed. Yesterday morning after getting up I bent down, and injured my lower back muscles in the process. I could not move for a while, and then managed to get to a physio a little later who helped me some.

Anyhow, preceding this was a very stressful day and night. I had spent New Years eve on a mountain top with about 20 others, conducting a mushroom ceremony. We had our sleeping bags there and were looking at the starry sky and far away light of a settlement. Anyhow, this was about my 4th ceremony. Most, if not all that attend, normally clear their issues on those occasions or just enjoy the 4th dimensional forms etc.

These mushrooms are known as “teacher plants” and have been used for thousands of years by the south American Indians for healing and interaction with spirit purposes etc. Now, like I told you last time, I had that “hellish” experience as it was at the time when we were all still fighting the archons and transmuting dense energies. Well, this time I was confident that this was over, as we have completed that part of our job.

Now this time my experience was very profound indeed. I journeyed into higher dimensions, not sure which one, but higher than 4th I’m sure. Nobody was channeling me or guiding me, I was simply there and was able to see and be there. The problem was, I am unable to recall exactly what was going down there. I can only recall that I saw a light grid, where all other participants where linked to me. Then I was busy working with a web with many “nodes” or spots/links. Now, normally everyone who partakes just relaxes and let their HS’s take control with healing or clearing issues by means of emotions, or puking or whatever.

Now, what I did, was to be fully present and concentrate when the “hallucinations” start, as I want to remember everything. What happened was that I was “working” on something, then when I was done, I moved to another level and worked on it. There were about 8 levels if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I can’t remember what exactly I was doing. I recall observing 3D from that perspective, and finding 3D so slow and retarded compared to where I was at, that I was really not looking forward to going back there.

The work I did was very tiring indeed. When everyone else was waking up from trance (at around midnight), I was still gone and was in trance until the next morning. Early in the morning I needed to urinate and got up to go to some bushes. I felt so sick and my body was aching all over, that after I started to urinate, I had to quickly lay down on my back as I could not stand any more. This happened once more, until I managed to get back to my sleeping bag.

Now this was almost 9 hours after consuming the mushrooms, that normally put you down for only 2 – 3 hours. I then knew that something BIG has happened or was busy happening. Normally one feels refreshed after such a ceremony but this time I felt heavily hung over and felt sick when getting home. Then the next morning the episode with my back occurred as a result of the stress (I never ever had back problems). So I was not sure at the time what was happening, but it must have been that latest Ascension test run I presume.

I am unfortunately not the wiser about the current situation.

in love and light,

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