New Ascension Test Run for the PAT on January 3

by Georgi Stankov, January 3, 2012

This night there was the most powerful ascension test run I have ever experienced in my whole life. It was actually heralded by another burning, nasty wave that came yesterday in the morning. In the night I was fully awake when the energy surge began. When it reached the peak, my body was trembling and vibrating as if it would disintegrate in billion particles. Then this extremely powerful energy stream coming from the source was rapidly transmitted from my field  to all PAT members. I sensed in a very physical manner the energetic connection between all of us within the unity field. I am sure that many of you have had the same experience and will confirm the event when I publish this information.

Since the last failed ascension attempt on Dec  23, I have witnessed a steady increase in the intensity of the incoming energy waves. However in the last days the quality improved a lot and the energetic pattern became more harmonious. There is a classical crescendo pattern pointing to another ascension test run soon. I have written about this in the last two reports.

Since Dec 23 I have been considering  that, with these immense vibrations and intensity in my body and energy field, I will not be able to survive much longer in this hostile 3d-reality and that there must be a solution rather soon. The incompatibility to my surroundings is so pronounced and unbearable that it does not allow me to lead a normal life any more. Thus also holds true for all of you.

Although we witness on the surface a kind of stasis, underneath the process is still running with an accelerated pace. When I wrote this article yesterday, I actually sensed the build up of energies very strongly and was not at all surprised when the ascension test run for the PAT came in the night.

I am sure that many PAT members have also felt this incredible energy peak this night and will report after I publish this information. This time the energy was much more harmonious than the cleansing waves in previous ascension test runs that fully devastated our bodies and it did not harm my physical vessel. From this fact I conclude that this ascension test run only included the PAT and not the rest of humanity. It had a very similar pattern to that on November 22, 2011 when I fully opened the heart chakras of all PAT members. On that date you ascended beyond the 5th dimension and have been ascending higher and higher ever since.

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