Thank You All!

by Jerry R. James, January 6, 2012

Dear George and PAT!

I am humbled and overwhelmed with your love and support, but I feel a bit selfish because I never intended for my personal situation to be a topic for the site. I wrote to George because I respect and admire him, so as I do all of you. It was just natural to turn to him, since I relate very little to others in the outside world.

Anita’s and my situation is basically no different than all of you or even the masses. While we still reside in this 3-D world, we know and have influence on very little than our HS arranges for us to experience. When we ascend we will merge or have access to our HS and all the decisions will be fully transparent. No longer will our HS choose death, disease and suffering with our full knowledge and participation.

Like I, many of you have also suffered great financial, health, and other losses in the last fourteen years and particularly the last three. But the masses have also suffered these same losses. Our situation as wayshowers is really an extreme example of what and does and will always occur on this toxic planet, until we are able to ascend out of it.

In our case Anita is held hostage to a diseased body, which she inherited even though she followed all known good health habits. Now she is also hostage of a dysfunctional health care system, because no other real system for health needs is available. She miraculously obtained health insurance three months before she was diagnosed and now qualifies for Medicare for disability which only pays 80% of most costs. I will owe hundreds of thousands, but none of it will get paid. As George says, no need throwing good money after bad. Many people in the US including myself have not any health insurance and are in a worse position, should they need it. Most advanced nation indeed.

As George once said, the universe has went to tremendous effort to keep Anita alive thus far and really all of the PAT are at least partially functional against great odds. Why is the question – and hopefully ascension is the answer. I once begged HS and the universe to release me from this ascension process and the answer was a resounding “No”. I was told that the ascension process is too important for the whole and I am too important in the process.

As much as I have been through, I must be important indeed as all of you that have suffered are also. I was promised at that time that my LBP symptoms, which were so severe that at times I could hardly stand, would ease and I would be able to care for Anita, who, would she not die, but rather ascend with me. So far the first promise has been met. Indeed the last three years my LBP symptoms have eased somewhat. The second promise I am still waiting on.

Yesterday after the doctor’s devastating news I cried nonstop for about two hours. I thought  that I had processed all my grief for three years, but I was wrong. In addition I grieved for PAT and all mankind. I was so in hopes that we could usher a new age for all who wanted it at least by 12/21/12 and the missing of that target has sorely tested me. My faith is at an all time low, but because of all of you it has not completely gone.

Anita is somewhat better today. After almost dying from strangulation on her own backed up stomach fluids, her lungs are now clear and undamaged. Her bowels have started functioning a little. Still her real condition, presumed return of cancer, causing all her problems has not really changed. Maybe she will have more time than originally thought to wait for the miracle of ascension.

Last night we both slept so well after our ordeal as wrapped in a warm cocoon. She has been in the hospital for over three weeks and I usually sleep on a cot in her room as we are 80 miles from home. This morning a song was singing in my head. One that I have heard often during the last few years. An old Frank Sinatra hit.

When you love somebody
It:s no good unless you love them
All the way.

Through the good and lean years
And all the in between years
Come what may.

Who knows where the road will lead us
Only a fool could say.

But if you let me love
It:s for sure I’m going to love you
All the way, All the way…

That is all I can do for Anita now. Let us all love ourselves and each other all the way and let us ascend soon together


Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for your wonderful letter which is so full of optimism, notwithstanding the perils you are going through. I comment you for your courage and perseverance and you are a true example for all of us. We are all with you in our thoughts in this difficult moment and we support Anita and you with all our energies from the bottom of our hearts to overcome this last challenge and finally ascend. We all felt telepathically the improvement of Anita today, which you have now confirmed. This excellent news make us all so happy and we will increase our prayers and energetic support for Anita till she fully recovers.

Just at this moment there is another huge energy surge and I cannot believe that this will not lead soon to our ascension. Hold on.

With love and light
George and the PAT

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