The United States of Barbaria Compared to Civilized Countries – Killing Statistics

Dr. med. Georgi Stankov

According to Official Statistics the USA is the most brutal country among all “civilized” Western countries. Therefore, it truly deserves the name of the “United States of Barbaria“, which I recently gave to this darkest citadel of the western Orion-Reptilian Cabal.

Let the numbers speak for themselves:

Until now 94 400 persons were shot in the USA this year and more than 30 000 were killed, including suicide with firearms. The reason for this is that the Americans possess 300 million firearms. This is 50% of all firearms possessed worldwide, while the US population is less than 5% of the world population. Only on Saturday Dec 15, 2012, 190 people were shot in the USA.

For comparison, only 39 people were killed in Great Britain in 2008/9 (62 million population), 35 in Australia (22 million) and 60 in Spain (48 million) last year.

Since May 2009, 231 people were killed in mass shootings in the USA and none in the above mentioned countries.

The US police is known to be the most brutal in the Western world and is famous for its massive and uncontrolled shootings at innocent citizens, killing many of them. For instance the LA-police fired 90 shots in one  single case at a 19-year-old man after high-speed car chase until they finally killed him.

For comparison, the whole German police fired in 2011 altogether 95 shots in a population of 82 million (approx. one quarter of US population). 49 were warning shots, 36 were target  shots, 15 persons were injured in total and only 6 were killed. This is a fraction of the number of US citizens being killed on a single day.

At present the “rich” US country has 3 million homeless persons and the number is rapidly growing, while Germany, which has a lower mean personal income than the USA, has less than 300 000 homeless citizens, which is only one third of the homeless rate in the USA.

And I can go on and on with this statistics that proves beyond any doubt that the United States of Barbaria is indeed the most brutal Western country in the world. In many aspects it is comparable to such devastated countries by this same reckless, hegemonic power as Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. This statistics speaks for itself.

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