The Ultimate Ascension Message

by Dorie Bowlin, December 20, 2012

Dear Georgi,

A message from my HS that came to me tonight (Dec 20), something I’d like to share with you. Please feel free to share with the other members of the PAT, but only if you’d like to do so!

Much love to you,

The Ultimate Message of Ascension

The time for duality is over. You know what tomorrow will bring. CHANGE!. Change that you can see. The images that you have seen in your mind you will now be able to see in front of your eyes. No longer will you have to close them to see. Open them and see your long awaited beloved – the image that you have looked for within every man, woman, and child, you will now be able see right in front of you.

Your journey in 3d reality is over. Was it ever about leaving? No. Even though your bags have been packed and you have been ready to go for such a long time, it was always about “seeing”  what was truly real all along. All that you asked, was that others see it too.

From the moment that you were a small child and felt the sun shining on your face and warming your bare shoulders you knew IT was more. Something so far away, millions of miles away, something that was not tangible, and yet it was able to touch you, you could feel it, bask in it, be warmed by it, shine in it. As a child you understood that you were the one who was creating that experience and all the feelings it was creating within you.

As a child you knew that this is what it meant to not only be a creator, but to experience the Creator – to experience Source Energy itself. It wasn’t until this last year that you found the “others” that had experienced this too, that KNEW this. A group of loving, intelligent, truly spiritual, highly evolved beings that had been “sparked” into coming together, into remembering that they were here to create together a bridge to what was truly real.

And now it’s time to cross the bridge. And we hear you say, “HEY, didn’t we try to do that several times this past year? What makes this time any different than all the other times we tried to cross?” 

The difference this time is that it’s time. There IS no other time, it just IS. It is the OPTIMAL moment in time, where the past, present, and future meet, converge, and open a doorway to no time. 

And what can you expect to see? All the things you have thought about, talked about, dreamed of, but are now able to experience in tangible form, because you were the ones who created it.

You can feel it in your physical vessel. You are being sucked through the black hole in this very moment now, experiencing the final transformation from a 3d vessel to a crystalline vessel, a multidimensional vessel capable of touching the stars, touching the very sun you knew as a child was more than just a sun. What makes this moment possible? Not just the alignment of the planets, or particles of light, enveloping you in this very moment, but your belief in all things possible.

How many times has it been said to you,”FOCUS only on all things possible, on things you know to be real”?  And of course you would lose your focus, get caught up in the same illusions that others were caught up in, but there would always be someone there to remind you, or some revelation to show you that what you were experiencing was not your authentic SELF.

You, like the others of the PAT, were driven to go deep within the rabbit hole, go deep into the darkness in order to shine your light. And you did, you shined it brightly and brilliantly. Soon now you will be able to see just how many eyes you have opened, just how many paths you have lit up along the way.

And now it’s time for you to become the brightest light of all – a stellar explosion, a SUPERNOVA – the Star Portal into the 5th dimension. Was it not the image that we placed in your mind so many months ago? An image that was placed specifically there for you to share in helping others to visualize their own potential, their own power to create and become a part of the biggest event in the Galaxy taking place right now.

There is no going back, there is no ‘plugging back in’ when you have already unplugged. You are plugged into something else now, something new…, so open your new eyes and see what it is that’s been waiting for you!

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