The Scam of the US Cabal on 9/11 and the Two Criminal Wars

by Eugene du Plessis and Georgi Stankov, December 6, 2012

Hi Georgi,

I wanted to comment on the article “September 11, 2001: The US-Crimes of War Committed “In the Name of 9/11

This is a great article. I want to commend the originator with much detail that was included.

Over the past 6 years I’ve collected a library of information on this subject. I hold the view that if anyone could understand the 911 story alone, then they will clearly and undoubtedly see the many pieces of the hidden puzzle existing on the 3d domain. 

It has shocked me beyond measure over the years as I gathered more and more information on this, that my fellow man is far more ignorant than even I gave him credit for. This particular case shows clearly without doubt how various nations stand together in the face of “no facts” to drive an agenda, where no or few procedures clearly laid out are deliberately not followed.

It is a story that tells how ignorance of the masses is used to drive the un-intellectual thinking of the masses controlled by the puppet masters, how easily the controlled media then follow orders with the “mind control” techniques that have been developed specialised since the forties.

Further, how little or no room there is for anyone in the world to stand against this Orion/reptilian hive of minions, well orchestrated in their structure throughout the world. It becomes clear to any novice that can see as far as his penis, that there is in fact a collaboration at the very highest black order, in most governments to propagate a hidden agenda and that that agenda is very dark, evil and has nothing to do with value other than how it serves the dark, the Elite of this world and their off planet masters.

This topic will show that the motivation of 911 had to do with ancient artifacts of enormous power in these countries of attack, of domination of territory to lay pipeline corridors, to instigate fear tactics to enable approval of power and ego dominated governments to run with public opinion above all, by approving and endorsing criminal and unspeakable deeds and atrocities.

It will show how clones exist in the higher echelons and how easily it becomes to push any agenda the Elite incorporate. It will show there is no difference between republican and democrats, that they answer to the same boss Elite, that voting is a perceptual medium used to make the masses feel safe, their interests are taken care of, while they watch more sports games, drink beer and screw the next person in business.

911 will show the black ops technology that exists on multiple levels, so securely maintained on different levels that very few if any have the clear picture of where its all applied. Technology that is 5000 years and more advanced than anything the common man is aware of. That in fact the control of the world is so tightly woven with this technology that it can only boggle the mind. This technology was also used essentially to instigate the fear scenes as seen on television in 911. Seeing is believing isn’t it??  Think again!!

The common man with penis-vision can ask, where were the pieces of the plane at the Pentagon, where did the video material go of the missile drone witnessed and heard by witnesses before impact. The small hole in the building from a super sized plane impacting at such high speed.

The towers collapsing with obvious statements to the contrary from so many top specialists stating clearly explosives were used, witnesses hearing the controlled detonations, people moving out of the building a few days prior because of warnings.

The novice will find that after 911,16 of the supposed hijackers were still alive. Their passports to be found at various impact zones, fully intact while it was stated that the impact was so intense that the planes were completely annihilated. That numerous of these hijackers since then have been killed.

He will find that numerous video footage of the planes and impact as well as other damming footage was never releases by the CIA during the official 911 investigations.

I can go on and on, but my point is that it’s sooo obvious that with a few hours of study so much becomes obvious to the even short sighted person.

911 tells of a clover up in spite of many pilot groups, demolition specialists, structural specialists and many others, that into 2012 none of these organisations were able to make headway really. But still so few see how the whole world has become and has been for so long nothing else but the living proof of the Elite’s “Trueman Story”. They play it out with their own cast, but the main actors are oblivious to the bigger picture.

I believe earth is a biological testing ground of the higher ups. There wasn’t supposed to be a solution here on earth to live in paradise. It’s all duality and the progression of each individual’s journey to experience these opposites and the un-connectedness of the Creator, of All That Is. Living on a plane in 3d, where the dwellers here originate from 7 maybe more higher dimensions having incarnated to have this experience. How on any level can any reasonably thinking person think we can collectively strive towards a common good when our souls originate from such diverse origins?

And so this experiment is at an end and its conclusions epic literally and figuratively.

Love and Light



Dear Eugene,

Professor Michel Chossudovsky is a very famous writer and a scientist and one of the founders of Global Research. I like his documentation as it summarizes very well all the basic facts concerning the fraud of the US cabal around 9/11 and the following two wars that devastated humanity.

There are of course much more clear-cut facts for the fraud of the dark US cabal on power and I wonder why he did not enter them also in this dossier. But one can lose the overview on this huge topic very quickly.

I remember for instance in January 2003, shorty before the Iraq war was declared by the USA, but after Collin Powell had presented his fraudulent data on Iraq at the UN, a crime which he later officially admitted to be the greatest blunder in his life, how the German foreign minister from the Green party Joschka Fischer, whom I know from my student years, became so infuriated at the annual military conference in Munich of all NATO members and invited prominent heads of states such as Putin. In front of the TV cameras he attacked the sinister US defence minister Rumsfeld in a manner that I have never seen before or after that, Joschka crying at his face like in the old days as a student rebel:

Show me your proofs of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You have none. Our secret services who know much more than yours about Iraq tell me that there are none. You are not telling the truth. Your government is not telling the truth.” He repeated this statement three times and Rumsfeld stood there like his own monument, speechless and with a red face.”

And what happened shortly thereafter. The dark cabal managed that the ruling German coalition of the Green party with the SPD and the then chancellor Schroeder disintegrated without any apparent reason and the conservative opposition of the clone Merkel came on power an year later. These criminal dark monsters have suffocated any opposition whatsoever since 2001 and it is no wonder why the people are fed up with this whole scam.

But this of course does not explain why the Americans consented to the two wars and why they voted a second time for Bush, although these elections were also rigged as the first ones, but nobody complaint. I told you, the American nation is the most idiotic bunch of people on this planet and that is why this continent will suffer most from the coming magnetic pole reversal and deluge. This is a done deal in the higher realms. I will publish your comments as a separate publication.

With love and light


PS. Another German minister at that time (2001) who was responsible for the German secret services wrote a bestseller soon thereafter amply showing that all the officially published lists of the alleged victims in the four airplane that crashed – two in the twin towers, one in Pentagon and the fourth was allegedly hit by a rocket – were falsified and that most of these persons either never entered the planes or were alive. This is just another confirmation for what you have said above.

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