The Sacrifice and the Glory of the PAT

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, December 11, 2012

Dear Georgi,

This energy update has been a long time in the making! I’ve missed communicating with you and the rest of the PAT family so much! Since 11/11/12 my personal life has been going through huge changes, and for the most part many of them have been very unpleasant to experience!! Just like most members of the PAT, I have been through extreme emotional ups and downs, clearing away the fearful dross of not only humanity, but within the members of my immediate family. This has been the most challenging time of my life, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday and today are the first days that I’ve had a breather from all the “madness” only to be replaced with LBP symptoms once again…headache, dizziness, fatigue, body aches and pains, but I embrace these because it means that the energy is doing it’s work to get me where I’m going. I’m so sorry to hear what you have been going through, Georgi! I, like everyone else, truly appreciate the continued information that you share with us to keep our spirits up until the end!

I do have a message I’d like to share with you today from my HS. It’s the first time I’ve heard from her in quite some time, actually the first time in in a long time I’ve had some peaceful space in my mind to be able to hear her clearly. It sums up my own personal journey and what I’ve learned in the last few weeks about what I’ve personally sacrificed in being an “Angel on Earth”.

Much love to you Georgi!!

My Last Message – December 11, 2012 

It’s been a long journey. But you are NOW finally able to go home. And what has kept you here so long? Your compassion. Those of you who have come here to be of service to humanity, those of you who were a portal of energy and light, who held a particular mission to raise up Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimensional frequency got caught up in having TOO MUCH compassion.

This type of thinking comes from the human belief in separation combined with your desire to save what does not need to be saved in a holographic illusion. What are you saving humanity from? It’s not the geophysical/ catastrophic events that are about to take place, certainly not! You are freeing them from the programs in their MINDS.

HS has admitted before to using your compassion as motivation to serve our mission in rescuing the enslaved minds of as many souls as possible before the final shift in consciousness takes place. But in using that compassion, we often put you in compromising positions in your own personal HUMAN lives.

You were compassionate and loving where others failed to be, where others COULD NOT BE because you used your own energies to transform and transmute THEIR shit. And what was your reward? More shit to clean up until the very end. Yes, it’s true, we can’t deny it… .but you were the only ones who were willing to clean it up. And for that you WILL be properly rewarded in the Higher Realms on the appointed day.

It’s time for a different type of compassion now. You understand this. It’s time to allow all souls to follow their own journey. Even if the minds within humanity for the most part are still enslaved, the soul will still be the one to determine what journey it will take. It will be the one who determines if that journey still requires enslavement, or even death of the physical vessel in order to rise above the illusion.

It was not and was never YOUR mission to determine that for another, to rescue them from the illusion of pain in one form or another, but to spark them and allow them to experience that pain in order to release it and the illusions that were creating it. You are experiencing this in your own personal life right now, and as difficult as it is, you have remained calm and centered.

It is understood that for you it doesn’t appear that way, that things have seemed very out of control and chaotic, but have you not stood within that storm and brought calming and peace? Your personal world is merely a reflection of the events that are taking place in the outer world as humanity is being hit with the incoming particles of Light. The chaos, fear, irrational thinking and behavior that is taking place will be replaced with peace as those of you who are the wayshowers stand within the storm, for you are the very BRIDGE to that PEACE.

This last year has been the most difficult for you, the most isolated, the most transforming, as you and members of the PAT stood within the storm and were the catalyzing influence that created an avenue to that very bridge. And now through many different channeling sources your work is being acknowledged. The acknowledgement was needed from other sources so that you could be validated as to the importance of what you had accomplished.

You had become bone weary from all the work you had done, and still are continuing to do on many levels, as the timeline of Planet B plunges further into the abyss of illusion. As the emotional upheaval came to the surface from this tearing of dimensions, it was necessary for others to step up to the plate and acknowledge your hard work and efforts so that your cleansing work could continue, while at the same time giving you the loving support from the Higher Realms that was needed.

The PAT had always done this for each other, still do this for each other, but now most of this support comes through dreamtime and telepathic communication, each individual spurring on the other in moments of need. And even if that support is not heard or seen, it is felt, it is appreciated, and most importantly it is valued, because you have all shared the same experiences, and no other beings on this planet can relate to the pain you have all had to experience and release in order to get to where you are now today…the END.

The end of time as you perceive it.

The END Time is here, it is now, it is only moments away, and with it comes all the new beginnings you’ve been waiting for, hoping for, searching for, working for since the BEGINNING of time.


Dear Dorie,

I had many times the strong inner impulse to write you and each time my HS held me back, telling me that you need this time for yourself and that I should not put you under additional stress from outside, as this would be counter-productive, even though I just wanted to link to you again, as you might have interpreted this in terms of further expectations on your HS to give us new information, although this was not my intention. The same holds true with respect to April.

In fact, it was clear that we have sacrificed ourselves one more time to the very last moment and that without us nothing would have happened on this toxic planet. Therefore, I agree that finally some other sources have also begun to appreciate our achievements, but still in a much cryptic manner that needs my extensive analysis to bring this trend to the surface. And there are also some sources that feel summoned to give us lessons in compassion after they have fully failed to awaken their sleeping incarnated souls.

Forget it! This ascension story is anything, but a glorious affair. It was a descent into hell for all of us, unfortunately based on our free will decision.

Now we will ascend, as there is no other way to go and we will ascend much higher than any other soul has ever achieved in this universe under such dense and dark conditions and with so little help from other souls – incarnated or excarnated. This was possible only because the whole PAT has stood as one man, firmly on the ground of our soul responsibilities and have fulfilled our mission beyond any conceivable human measures.

There were times when I felt as a totally manipulated conduit of such immense energies that have never been harboured in a biological vessel and have long trespassed the boundaries of any normal human existence to any valid definition in this universe.

In addition, I took personally the lonely fight with the dark human side after the dark archons were eliminated in the gestalt of dark US-secret services and their paid Internet trolls and led it to a successful end. They had to acknowledge their powerlessness and to give up after they have proved why they have deserved to be defined as the “scum of humanity”. So much dross and human nastiness I have not witnessed even during my dire years as political dissident in communist Bulgaria in the 70s.

The difference this time was that I knew from the very beginning that we are already the winner and that there is no need for me to save these lost souls as your HS confirms. This made my dealing with these idiotic Internet trolls an easy affair, almost a joyful distraction from my other physical pains, being the nexus between the Source and the PAT unity field.

Now I have reached the peak of my energetic “insensibility”, probably due to the burning of all my physical nerves and this burnt-out state  allows me to await in calmness and emotional indifference the coming ascension of the PAT and Gaia. How many humans will also ascend has ceased to bother me, as this is no longer my obligation. I have finished with this planet, and what will come next must be redefined after our ascension and the acquisition of our full consciousness in the coming days.

With love and light

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