Manuscript of survival No. 236

Today is a day for rejoicing and for taking stock of just how far you have come…For tomorrow, your future will begin in earnest… For after tomorrow, what has been will be left at the wayside. 

Manuscript of survival No. 236
by Aisha North, December 11, 2012

Today is the first day in the rest of your life, as someone once said, and that is so true. For now,you will pass into the mouth of that energetic vortex that is spinning ever faster just in front of you. For today is 11.12.12 or 12.11.12 if you will, the day before 12.12.12. So get ready dear ones, you are about to enter the wringer in more ways than one. Of course, this is a zestful way to talk about what for so many will be the pivotal point of their life, or rather lives, here. But we do so in order to remind you all that this is a day for rejoicing and for taking stock of just how far you have come. For your footsteps linger still, and they cover much ground, and for that, you need to give yourselves all the credit you deserve. For you have indeed come a long way. Far, far longer than you mayhaps can even envisage, and we say this today in order to make you all take a pause and connect with your past in some way. For your past is what has brought you here, and your past is what has made your future possible. For tomorrow, your future will begin in earnest, so today, give yourself some applause for what you have managed to accomplish in your sojourn here on this planet.

For what you (the PAT) have done, no man has done before, and so too, it will be in each and every day ahead. For now, you enter the phase that has been calling in your hearts for many a lifetime. For as you enter the vortex of change, you will enter the rebirthing period, that fabled period talked about for thousands of years. For you have indeed made it dear ones, and as you stand upon the threshold of tomorrow it is befitting to salute yourselves for every step you have taken since you first entered a human body. For those steps are so many, and some of them will seem to have gone in the opposite direction of where you wanted to go. But they did not. Because every step you have taken has been for a good reason, and even if the actions you took on that way for many will be deemed as harsh or even cruel, they were an important part of your journey. For you did not come here to live a blissful existence life after life. You came here to taste everything, even the bitterest of potions, and you have dear ones. For each and every one of you have played out the whole register. You have been the oppressor as well as the oppressed, the judge and the criminal, the victim and the perpetrator, the saint and the sinner – all rolled into one. And that is exactly why you have made it all the way here.

And here you all stand, alike in the fact that you have been a part of this human race for eons, and you have finally come together to witness the rebirthing of this same race. For after tomorrow, what has been will be left at the waysideand the only thing that will count, is how you choose to create the new. So we say this to you today, lift your head and stand proud in the knowledge that whoever you are and whatever you have done, now or in a previous life, you are all qualified to enter this tunnel of love. For that is what it truly is. A vast tunnel of love that will wash you all clean and send you out in the other end with a very new perspective on things.

So savour this moment, and give thanks to all that you are and all that you have been, and prepare yourself to be taken into the loving, if somewhat intense embrace of this vortex that awaits you. We give you these words today, for tomorrow we will not call in on you in the same way, as we will leave you all to enter the stillness you have inside in order to prepare for the ride you have coming up. So spend some time today to give thanks for the way you have made yourselves arrive at this door, and then, let it fall away and concentrate on manifesting your future. For that is the task that awaits you as soon as you have cleared the gates and entered that tunnel, and for many, this process will start even sooner than you think. That is all for today. We wish you all godspeed and a safe journey in the days ahead.

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