Eureka! This Is It!

by Boyd Kraigher, December 14, 2012

Dear George,

During last month I haven’t got anything new to report. Only daily tortures every PAT member knows all about.

However, only hours before midnight to 12.12.12, I have witnessed a real miracle. 

With my brother-in-law, Dave, age of 60, with a low IQ, he is a young soul and a spiritual idiot, who does not believe that he has a soul. After all he has a “good heart” and he fits into the “nice guy” category, even if he does not know much about life in general.

On the eve of 12.12.12 I started conversation about ascension and ID split. Dave fully, for the first time in his life, engaged in this conversation. He even began to ask some intelligent questions. I described in detail how the ascending Earth A will look like and what will happen with his pregnant wife (she is due in February) and his daughter.

Looking at Dave, I simply knew that he is finally getting it and his consciousness has been stretched beyond my wildest imagination. Wow, if Dave got it, than a large share of his dumb human fellows must also get it, went through my head.

I have witnessed a real miracle and KNEW that we, the PAT succeeded again at 12.12.12. portal.

Than I read your article about Ute. This fully confirmed my experience. I went into bed happy, proud of my and collective PAT hard work knowing, ascension may commence this time around, after so many cancelled ascensions of the PAT and first wavers by the GF.

I stayed in bed longer. It was shortly before 12.12. local time when my body began to rise up and was just about to leave the physical vessel. I was very calm. So, this is it, I told to myself. I had no fear and no excitement. I only anticipated relief from this prison.

I felt a sudden stop. Like someone put a cork back into the bottle.

After this experience I got many rather unusual and confusing dreams, all of them indicating that planned ascension has been stopped again by those incompetent aliens from the GF.

I am still angry, disappointed and feel betrayed by the “shit talking” GF, Elohim and Angels. Not to mention this dumbed down humans.

George, your well thought statement “we are hostages to our success that creates a greater demand for more success on the part of Heaven.” reminds me of the work attitude in old Yugoslavia, where a handful of workers did excellent job, while the majority smoke cigarettes, drunk rakija, talked shit and even made fun of the hard-working minority. No wonder that many intelligent and creative Yugoslavs left the country.

Has this anything in common with our Galaxy? Or maybe not.

I really wonder, if the higher realms, with their attitude, can keep delaying our ascension beyond the 21.12.12. Or until it suddenly becomes too late and even ID split with ascension become impossible to accomplish.

With light and love
Boyd Kraigher

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