Why All Earthly and Excarnated Prophets are Well-Advised to Line Up Behind the Consistency of the World View of the PAT

by Georgi Stankov, Paolo Montanari and other PAT members, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Listen it, Georgi,


Dolores Cannon, with her words, says exactly what you have said on the site for over a year about planet A and B.

Look at this interview too:


Mario Borghezio is an Italian member of the European parliament … the truth is emerging everywhere

ti abbraccio

Interview with Mario Borghezio
Translation from Italian by Georgi Stankov

Since the time of xenophobia Mario Borghezio looks beyond the stars, projecting in outer space. MEP League complained in Strasbourg that “Western governments, NATO, Russia and the U.S. hide the existence of aliens.” He addressed the issue on Radio Padania in the program “Padanismo and extraterrestrial life.”

Medvedev let the truth slip?

It is very important.

There is a conspiracy not to reveal the devastating reality?

It was an MEP from left to tell me, a conscious scientist

Did he illuminate you on the danger?

He told me that he fears that the major powers in the world cover the existence of UFOs. I was also once among the skeptics, but then one day listening to Radio Padania I became interested in the issue.

The politics is, however, inattentive. Have you ever discussed this with Bossi (Head of Liga North and the most influential member of the government now after Berlusconi has resigned)?

No, but I assure you that, beyond irony and jokes, the most concerned about are the parliamentary representatives from Eastern Europe. And now, hearing  Medvedev, I understand why.

UFOs are starting to be a problem?

We have a remarkable scientific documentation. There is evidence of extraterrestrial vehicles. And if there are vehicles, there must also be someone inside.

The Russian president said that they are among us?

It is possible. I am in contact with an American journalist, a great expert on this issue and she says that it is so.

They (the UFOs) blend in and mingle, don’t they?

I know that we are spied on, they keep us under control.

For what reason?

They fear us. The aliens are afraid that we can make use of nuclear power.

That’s the reason. We may damage the universe?

There are extraterrestrials since the dawn of time.

As in the stories of Peter Kolosimo?

I’ve read all his books.

We are not alone in the universe, aren’ we?

Even the Church pronounced it. It said that one should not rule out the existence of some form of extraterrestrial life.

If you say the Church…

The Church always evaluates carefully. Now we need the truth. Medvedev broke the silence. Out of the top secret documents.

Will you mobilize the European Parliament?

Yes, and I hope to have cross-party support. The politics can no longer evade the question.


Dear Paolo,

if I did no know that Dolores Cannon has received this information from her patients who undergo regression therapy under her surveillance, I would have accused her of plagiarism – of having stolen all the information on her video from our website and have presented it as her own.

It is a matter of fact that we are now entering the new era of unified consciousness when this consciousness will be guided and shaped by the unity consciousness of the PAT as ascended masters who will be the new Keepers and Creator Gods of the new earth A. They will be very high in the spiritual hierarchy, actually at the very top, and will guide in a sovereign and very professional, but also highly creative manner the future destiny of humanity to become a transgalactic civilisation and how humanity should evolve to the best of each and every individual.

This is a completely new concept, contrary to the current enslavement and dumbing down of humanity by the former PTB from the Orion empire. The PAT is already practising this open spontaneous organisation to a higher level of awareness, which is not only unique among the New Age movement, but also on this planet since eons of time. This is the most important fact that is not appreciated outside the PAT, but the more so by its members.

Therefore I will urge all earthy and excarnated prophets that now corroborate on the Ascension scenario to line up behind the consistency of the world view of the PAT and to enter the new era of unified awareness as already embodied by the unity field of our group, which is directly connected to the Source though my field as a nexus point. This is the most important fact now that one should always bear in mind when reading other sources, including all failed human prophets, coming from the lower dimensions or levels of awareness.

The interview with Mario Borghezio only reveals what great deficits even the few enlightened politicians have with respect to the reality on this prison planet and why they have always been part of the collective evil in politics and government. I think that he should open his mind much more, before he can become a real source of revelations. But I will try to translate his interview and publish it as it is the first real sign that the politicians are beginning to awaken.

In this context I personally believe that the interview with Medvedev and his alleged revelations was a hoax of the western media. I listened to him in a video after the camera were switched off and could not hear anything of what he is accused of having said and I speak Russian very well and watch regularly Russian TV channels.


Besides the quality of the conversation was so poor that it was almost impossible to understand anything. This confirms  that this was a hoax to compromise Medvedev and put Putin under pressure. This has been the pronounced goal of the Western cabal in London and Washington all along in the last 6-10 years.

With love and light
December 9, 2012

Hello George

Hope you feel better, I´ve been hit hard with flu symptoms and diarrhea this last couple of days but only remains the bruised body feeling. I just wanted your opinion on this message from the bluedragonjournal:


before anything else, thanks for your work. I´ll be waiting for more updates on your website.

Tomas Tonatiuh

Dear Tomas,

I read it and this message has disappointed me. It is practicing the false line of argumentation and a very fearful one in addition. Nobody wants somebody to be punished when one argues that many people must leave earth through death experience this month as the incarnation cycle is coming to an end. We had this same discussion an year ago on our website and are now beyond it.

But it is a matter of fact that only about 20-25% of humanity are ready to ascend and only few will stay on the catastrophic earth B, as it will be very difficult to survive there. What will happen with the others – where will they go? This kind of channelings is an emotional camouflage to mire the people like this channel, who has still a lot of fears to deal with as now fears are detrimental to the process of ascension.

It has been decided in the higher realms that the masses should not be perturbed by fearful news as it will not affect those who will ascend and those who will die, do not believe in this outcome. Why frighten them unnecessary? Everyday millions of people are dying worldwide and none of them knows the day of his /her death. Why should this be different now with the ID split. Without death, there will be no life on this planet as there will be no regeneration and progress. This is the core of every incarnation experiment. Not to consider this fact means the utmost form of human stupidity caused by existential fears.

We, the few enlightened people, know it as it is part of our profound awareness. Besides what does it mean – “nobody will be left behind”. This applies to the souls and not to the incarnated personalities, who have a ,limited life for good reasons. Even the most dark souls will not be left behind, as they will stay on a catastrophic earth B as they have chosen this and will have the possibility to learn their lessons in another Kali Yoga incarnation cycle of 26 000 years.

I do not think that this kind of channeling euphemism is very helpful. It only mires the fears of the people instead of helping them to confront their fears in a rational and enlightened manner. What is so wrong, if several billion incarnated human beings leave earth through death experience this month and return to Celestria – to Paradise? I envy every person who leaves this planet.

The acknowledgement that many people will die this month has nothing to do with human judgment or duality of thinking – this is the absolute wrong argumentation, and insidious one at the same time as CA has often used it in the past, that  totally misses the point – but with reasonable objective considerations. After all, most planet ascensions in this universe take place after the population has been retrieved through a huge catastrophe, but this does not make the ascension process a less positive event within All-That-Is.

This message is imbued with a lot of fears – the fears of the channeler whom I know very well and it is not helpful with respect to the awareness leap that we are expecting to come at 12.12.12.

With love and light


You never let me down George, I just love and admire the coherency on your line of thought and argumentation. Yea, I  had thought that even if this experiment of ascending the physical body represents such an honor, I wonder why would they try to experiment now, and why not instead just bring planetary death, so we all can get this over with. Sorry if this may sound wrong, but I have never liked “long goodbyes”. The good thing is that all has to end at some point.

Tomas Tonatiuh
December 9, 2012

Dearest Georgi ,

I hope you are holding your own with these energies , as for me I am very dizzy. So far the headache have stop since Friday! Although being dizzy is not a walk in the park either, it is just trading one symptoms for another! I have noticed that when I am out with humanity  like at a grocery store, I come home very drain and fatigue. Today I came home dizzy and I just feel like I don’t want to be out there anymore, I am very glad I don’t work. I am ordering all my Christmas present online, even though I know perhaps we won’t be here for it. I am just going through the motions with it anyways.

Georgi this brings me to what I want to ask you. It looks like a lot of light workers out there online seem to think that we will just have a greater expansion of human consciousness , which I know will happen, but it seems to me that they believe that is all that will happen. They call that the new earth, and that there will be a Dec.22, to me Ascension means ascending, as in leaving to a new earth, leaving behind everything, disappearing!

Those light workers seem to not have any idea about earth A or A/B and of course hell earth B . Sometimes I am confused by all this, but what I have read on your web site you are saying that we will ascend. My question is, and please don’t be upset with me, but am I right about what will happen? I have told my online light worker friends what I believe and they think I am wrong! Please help this woman who is confused and embarrassed at this time…  Thank you so much my dearest friend . I AM I AM I WANT TO ASCEND !

With love and light
Dear Rose,

there is absolutely no need to be confused by the wrong expectations and ideas of your surroundings. We have discussed on many occasions in the past that most light workers, not to speak of the rest of humanity, have absolutely no idea of what will come at the End Times. They do not understand the ID split, the physics of ascension, the three-earth scenario etc. Now these deficiencies come to the fore, but this is their problem.

Besides, even all these scenarios will not have any impact on the PAT members as we will ascend straight to the source – 10th and higher dimensions and turn into light as recently also confirmed by Carla through the Elohims.

There is so much confusion now, but one should close his ears to this background noise of humanity during the coming several days prior to ascension. That’s all.

With love and light

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