The Crimes of the US-Government on PAT Members

by Robert Shepard, December 15, 2012

Dear George,

That makes perfect sense:

Dear Robert, you do not need to read all these political articles and revelations I have started to publish. They are meant for the growing number of readers, newcomers who have just discovered this website and need to be enlightened. For them our esoteric discussions may seem to be far fetched at the beginning and they need an entrance to this new world view. With love and light, George”

I had forgotten that newly awakened people will stumble upon, or more accurately be directed by their HS to your website. Political articles tend to get me a little agitated due to my personal experiences with the PTB here in the US.

I have never shared my story with you – and what a wild one it is -, but my wife and I were both interrogated for 8 hours, THEN placed under arrest, thrown in jail, and charged with four felony counts, because of research I was doing on natural sources of 5-MeoDMT.

I was also teaching at the time and was about to publish my work, when I was arrested.
During my wife’s interrogation, she was told that I was “a very dangerous person”.

My initial research was motivated by the mis-information / propaganda / lies that the US DEA had propagated through media press conferences. My paper would have proven the ludicrous and dangerous deception they had put forth.

All property and assets were seized, and they held a news conference  and painted a very “ugly” picture of  us. After 2 years of legal battles, ALL charges were dismissed, basically because we were not breaking any laws, although new one’s were written because of the incident.

BUT our property and assets were never returned and we did not have the strength or money to fight them any longer. The details of the story would “blow your mind”. I know,… it did mine for a long time. Anyway, just wanted to share a little with a fellow “rebel scientist”.

Much Love & light,

Dear Robert,

I am honoured that you have shared this terrible and inhuman crime committed by the dark US authorities on you and your family with the aim of deliberately intimidating you and ruining your life, only because you were seeking the truth, and nothing else but the truth. This is how this criminal US government is systematically dumbing down and enslaving its citizens.

I fully understand your reluctance not to engage emotionally and mentally any more in this scum of humanity – the “United States Of Barbaria” – as I call this darkest empire of modern times.

On the other hand, I am glad that you understand and support my motives to publish the latest, most relevant revelations that are now surging like a tsunami the world over, as this is the new trend of mass information that will eventually sweep the old Orion order and will lead humanity to awakening and ascension.

With love and light

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