Some Clear Words

by Georgi Stankov, December 16, 2012

As the day of ascension approaches, some people seem to be haunted more and more by their doubts. This is legitimate and this has been expected. After all this is a miracle of Creation compared to what humble human minds have been used to experience so far in this limited, illusory 3d-holographic reality. 

I will publish below my answer to Raul from Argentina as it discusses this particular issue. Unfortunately his email is written in Spanish, so that you have to use, as I did, a Google translate in case you want to read it. My answer to him is of universal character and applies to all doubting Thomases in the current End Times.

Now I will tell you with simple words why 12.21 will be the date of our ascension. My argumentation is as follows:

There are only a few star seeds that hold the light quotient on this planet and expect impatiently this date of ascension. If there will be another delay, this will be tantamount to a full sabotage of all efforts to heave the frequencies of Gaia and humanity in the last several years and then the destruction of this planet is the only possible solution. The frustration and depression of these few star seeds will overwhelm them to such an extent that they will ascend alone – as they have already raised their body frequencies sufficiently to do this  – and leave this toxic planet to be destroyed by cosmic forces. This happens in this universe much more often than is general acknowledged among narrow-minded human beings.

In fact the usual way to ascend a planet, being an ubiquitous phenomenon in All-That-Is, is most often accomplished in this way. First a natural catastrophe obliterates the incarnated soul population and then the planet is ascended to a higher dimension. After that the ascended planet is populated by these same souls, who now continue with their incarnation cycle at a higher vibrational level. There is nothing exceptional in the idea of the annihilation of the whole incarnated population on an ascending planet, most often accomplished through a huge cosmic catastrophe.

However, nothing points to this outcome at this time with respect to Gaia and humanity. The energies that flow through my body as the nexus to the Source and through the unity field of the PAT are building a steady crescendo and this process must render a feasible result next week.

Indeed, about half of the human population must finish with their current incarnation around this time as the whole incarnation cycle on the earth is coming to an end. This can only happen if they die in massive natural catastrophes in the coming days after mass ascension. There is simply no other option. This must be cogent to all enlightened human beings, no matter how extensively their existential fears hinder them to accept this ample truth.

The rest, consisting of the current dark elite and their minions, will stay on the catastrophic earth B and experience hell. The recent peak in school shooting in the USA – the prototype of the dark timeline B – is the most clear foreboding that heralds the separation if this dense 3d-earth from the ascending Gaia.

Source does not waste energy for nothing. This will contradict the universal law of energy optimisation. Therefore I believe that the source will not sabotage its own project and delay it one more time – for no apparent reason. I know this because the energy of the source is flowing through my body field and I feel as the source itself.

I dreamt for instance this night – and this is a real fact – that we have dropped another portion of ascension candidates, who have not qualified, as to make the ascension process at 12.21 easier and leaner. I also dreamt all the time how I am destroying all 3d Orion structures as an ascended master, similar to the fury of Jesus, cleansing the temple from the money changers. Watch these two videos below to get a faint impression of the power of my dream:

If one believes in the perfection of Creation – and even this illusory 3d-holographic model is a paradigm of this perfection – than one must also believe in the miracle of ascension. This idea is also shared in the last message from the group of forty (Juliano) published on this website. I now add the links to the two last messages from Saul and Jesus channeled by John Smallman that address exactly this same topic:

Saul: It is altogether impossible for you to continue in your seemingly drugged state of unawareness

“The date 21st of December 2012 is on the minds of many as the moment for humanity’s awakening approaches. Expectations are high as much has been promised, and there is anxiety that what is to be delivered will not live up to your expectations.Do not worryWhat is to be delivered is far beyond any of your expectations. There will be no disappointments as a New Age is delivered, bringing with it enormous improvements in the living standards of those who presently live in dire poverty, enabling them to live in the comfort and safety that is the unalienable right of every human being. The constant struggle to pay for food and shelter, and the resultant, but unreal sense of security that provides and with which most of you have to contend, will be a thing of the past.


Jesus: You will recognize yourselves as most wondrous, divine beings

“The moment for your awakening — the most significant event ever to occur in human history — is almost upon you. Many of you are feeling anxious as naysayers suggest that nothing of note will happen; and within your illusory environment, an environment that seems to you very solid, very real, almost permanent, it is all too easy to buy into those negative energies. Don’t! Ask for help from the spiritual realms when you pray or meditate; you will receive it in abundance, and then you will find yourselves experiencing a sense of peace and trust that will replace any anxious or worrying thoughts that have been disturbing you.”


December  16, 2012

Estimado George:

Las expectativas asociadas a las fechas de ascensión se demuestran inconsistentes con los hechos finalmente verificados.

Vale por caso la fecha del 12:12:12  ahora, como la del 11:11:11 del año pasado. Si debemos ser implacables en el ejercicio de nuestra ventana de comprensión de la realidad, con las limitaciones propias de cada uno, no resultaría extraño que tampoco se confirme la ascensión el 21:12:12. Creo muchos alimentamos los deseos y la necesidad de integrarnos a una realidad distinta,  con una expansión de conciencia  que nos instale en nuevo nivel del juego.

En mi caso, en ésta encarnación , como bioquímico ,director técnico de un Laboratorio, en un país como Argentina, con una geografía, y un crisol de razas que que expresa lo mejor y lo peor de cada una, estamos acostumbrados a vivir el ahora ( no sé porque asocio con Eckhart Tolle, que lei hace mucho) ya que siempre hemos sido estafados,defraudados, salimos a trabajar o nuestros hijos , sin saber si nos matan para robarnos un celular, o un par de zapatillas, hemos sido manipulados por lideres  oscuros, la droga, la corrupción  sin limites, y vivimos en crisis permanentes. Es el llamado tercer mundo, peor aún en un país tan rico. Asumo mi parte de responsabilidad ,como todos debemos hacerlo, sabiendo que como el salmón , remontamos la corriente para sembrar nuevos paradigmas.

Si  algo rescato de positivo, es que nos enseña el desapego material, porque de un momento a otro sabemos que podemos perder todo, la vida inclusive.Yo desde mi adolescencia exploré distintos caminos esotéricos, en busca de comprensión, como un ejercicio  cotidiano, no para archivar conocimientos eruditos que de poco sirven muchas veces, como ser dueños de una biblioteca de la que solo entendemos el catálogo.He visto distintos tipos de gurúes o guías, donde la mayoría son especuladores que engañan a la gente sabiendo lo que hacen, otros  están convencidos en su buena fe de lo expresan pero solo se engañan a sí mismos y a los demás, y un pequeño, muy pequeño grupo de personas, que actúan como faros de luz clara en la noche, y ayudan descorrer los velos de Isis.

La cábala ,las sociedades esotericas antiguas y modernas para ejercicio de fines oscuros ,los reptilianos, annunakis, orions, conspiraciones para control de las masas , para mantenerlas en un nivel apenas instintivo  etc., no me son ajenas.Algunos postulan la posibilidad de cambios graduales, pero a mi criterio, es imposible, ya que en éste curso , vamos aceleradamente en una pendiente hacia el caos, el cuerpo social y el propio planeta ya no admiten paliativos ni aspirinas.El cambio deber drástico.

Vivimos en una matriz, pero no debemos crear nuestra propia matriz iluminada dentro de ella. A veces debemos tomar perspectiva de nosotros mismos. Y si vemos que tantos mensajes o canalizaciones no tiene correlato con los hechos, debe ser un llamado de atención al sentido común.Siempre se puede justificar que las cosas no ocurren como se nos dicen, es por tal o cual razón, y los arcángeles, iluminados, contactos, canales puros,edulcorados new age, serán prodigos en argumentos. Siempre está el que la profecía es solo un aviso para evitar su cumplimiento. Cuanto energía dilapidada, no ?

Poco eficiente sería. Cual es el punto? Que pasará con todos los seres que alimentan la esperanza de trascender ésta agobiante realidad 3D, si amanecemos el 22 de diciembre, y todo continúa igual ?  Que con todos los dolores lumbares (no es mi caso) ,los que han dejado trabajos o estudios, los que han hecho un esfuerzo para alinearse con sus expectativas de cambio?

Parecería que el arquitecto universal ( no soy masón ni nada, aclaro por la expresión) juega a que caigan en la desesperanza muchos pequeños faros de luz incipiente , que se perderán. Claro, lo que no destruye, fortalece, y algunos emergerán  mas fuertes , pero solo algunos.El ego es una herramienta maravillosa, pero también peligrosa. A veces es tan malo que nos hagan pensar que no tenemos poder, como que somos los maestros ascendidos que mostraremos el camino a las masas ignorantes.

Ojalá, lo deseo de corazón, que el viernes próximo se cumplan definitivamente lo pronosticado por seres de luz. Si no es así, habrá que comenzar a anteponer una duda razonable sobre el tiempo real del universo, y los voceros que lo interpretan.Si como dicen que decía Hermes Trismegistro, como arriba es abajo, y como abajo es arriba , es tiempo de preocuparse.

Aclaro que le escribo desde la buena fe, porque como hombre inteligente y responsable que sin duda  es, y reconozco además su coraje, intuyo que tendrá sus propios cuestionamientos o dudas, quizás distintos a los míos, pero absolutamente respetables.

Ya no lo aburro más con tanta retórica, que intento no sea vacía, y esperemos que en corto tiempo nos encontremos en una dimensión distinta de ésta realidad que hoy compartimos y protagonizamos.

Que  así sea !!!
Un abrazo


Dear Raul,

as I am not good in Spanish, I had to translate your comprehensive email in English. I am not sure if I have understood it correctly in all details as the Google translation was not very good.

While I fully concur with all your assessments of the current dire reality on this planet, I do not share your doubts about ascension. On the other hand I fully understand the circumstances leading to these doubts. However to doubt ascension in the current energetic situation when earth and humanity are literally flooded with incredibly powerful energies from the source that flow through my body and the unity field of the PAT and determine our daily life more than anything else, will be tantamount to doubt the whole Creation.

However please consider that even this illusory holographic model, we now experience on the earth, still functions in a perfect way, and I can assure you that this affords an incredibly complicated coordination, no matter how debased human behaviour is. Please consider also that from the point of view of the higher realms that create and coordinate the current holographic earth model (e.g. Elohims), the coordination of a debased human entity, such as an Internet troll or a mass murderer, who kills innocent children, affords the same complexity and perfect coordination of Creation from the individual soul and oversouls as the coordination of a genius who makes the greatest discovery in science.

Therefore, I think that your doubts are tainted by the current duality and do not consider in an objective enlightened manner the infinite potential of perfect Creation of All-That-Is, including the creation of miracles such as our imminent ascension.

With love and light


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