The Power of Human Imagination

by Marco DeiM and Georgi Stankov, November 20, 2012

Hi Georgi;

Thank you very much for your detailed response and it will surely serve its purpose as intended when it gets posted. I was also trying your signature technique at the end as you noticed and reflected the dark scum signature back to them, maybe twice it better? who knows but your process sure does seem to work extremely well.

Agreed about Arnaldo’s overpraise, but my sense was it was genuine and there was another purpose for him presenting himself that way.

Incidentally, if you want me to try and trace any email origin, that is usually totally doable with just one click here as I have special access to identify such things as part of my computer security. I would only need the full forwarded email, that included the header or more specifically just the header which you could copy and paste. Simply just forwarding the email would be the easiest but you could also get the header by opening the scums email, then in the upper right side, there is a tiny arrow that when clicked on says ‘more’, a drop down menu appears and then choose ‘show original’, then copy and paste just the header in an email to me. This is all the exact info about where it came from including proxy servers.

My best as always,

Dear Marco,

I have already published our article/ correspondence  on the Internet trolls. I have just  sent you three emails from yesterday as an example for you to see what you can find out. I have also asked Chris to open my email account and trace them, but he has just started with his new job at BMW, research and development (R&D) department, limousines, the 7 series, and has no time to follow this story at present.

Arnaldo is absolutely honest in his praise for whatever reasons and he seems to have an understanding in biology and medicine, as he wrote to me today in another email, but still…  We are not here to praise ourselves as future ascended masters who can do anything and know almost everything. It does not make much sense, does it?

I have just been hit by a very powerful wave from the Source which has opened the portal 11.22, so that I had to have a midday nap and have just woke up, still in a total haze. My skin is  burning like a torch and I am very hot inside and outside with the usual stomach pains. I thought for a while that I will be gone this morning and the intensity of the wave is still so huge that it is still possible to happen any time from now on.

Obviously this portal will be very powerful from what I gather since yesterday. As my energy field is now fully connected to the source and through the unity field of the PAT and the web of light, respectively the rainbow bridge, with humanity and Gaia, I receive now all the waves full force that are engulfing this planet in preparation for ascension.

It is getting more tense and exciting by the hour

With love and light


The physical torture has been unbearable, even some very technically powerful analgesics are not working at all, it’s like they are being neutralized.

I’ve just been trying to keep my mind and body so busy in an attempt at distraction from these symptoms. I’m completely available to help with the detective work or in any way I can.

This is very interesting news about Chris, the BMW 7 series is the best they make and the most technologically advanced automobile made, period. I’m a Mercedes guy, but it is impossible not to appreciate the engineering BMW puts into their cars, there are literally like stealth fight planes. And wow! he must be really good to be working on the flagship series, especially just out of school. Please give him my congratulations…

My best,

Dear Marco,

Chris is responsible for the coachwork of the 7BMW series, but as you can imagine there are hundreds of engineers there. You know what?  I recently envisioned very vividly a futuristic scene and I know that it will come true very soon.

I saw with my inner eye that I have ascended and that I gave all my family members a simple electronic card of a more sophisticated type than the current ones. It operated with the energy field of the owner. When you have a desire to travel, an anti-gravity car appears out of nowhere when you use this card. You can reshape the car according to your desires and needs. If you want to drive with more people then it changes its size and number of seats. Or you can change its colours, form, etc.

It is just suspended in space-time in front of you, barely touching the ground and is waiting for you get in and drive. It can drive slowly above the ground upon your thoughts and desires, or it can be very speedy and then you do not see the landscape when you have to cover huge distances. The car moves in this case in a kind of a tunnel.

When you arrive at your destination, you simply tell the car to disappear by pressing the card and it is gone. No need for parking lots, garages, streets and the like. This vision was so vivid and compelling (which is rather surprising as I am not a great fan of science fiction and do not see such films) that I can bet, this will be part of the new transport technologies for the masses after the ID split and the shift to the 4th and 5th dimensions by the end of this year. These new technologies are ready and waiting for humanity to ascend and begin to use them. But the way, we, the PAT, are the chief creators/elohims of these new technologies in the dream state from the fulcrum of our HS.

Another technology I saw on that day was a kind of a bank account card that you can use personally through your palm field and with which you can pay everywhere whatever you need and the bank account is replenished automatically. These are a few of the new technologies that are ready and are waiting for the masses to ascend. They will make their life so easy all of a sudden that any remnants of negative emotions and thought patterns will simply melt for ever. This is of course the opposite of what these Internet trolls will experience on earth B very soon.

Now my specific vision with respect to Chris was that I gave him such a card for an anti-gravity car and he drove to his working place at the BMW headquarters in Munich and slowly descended on the parking lot or in front of the main entrance of the research building as if nothing unusual has happened. Then all R&D engineers of BMW saw him landing with this new anti-gravity car which they have never seen before and they ran outside in droves. They began to inspect the new anti-gravity car with incredulity and awe. It took them some time to realize that they no longer needed to do this R&D job at BMW and could go home for ever. They could begin to enjoy their life for the first time, not being anymore working slaves of the old Orion system of economy.

It was a very vivid vision and I hugely enjoyed it one whole day. It symbolizes what will happen in the next few days or weeks from now on. One must have such positive visions in order to bridge the pains and the tortures of the LBP, otherwise it is very difficult to survive these last days.

Now it is your turn to develop you visions as to mitigate your physical pains. And please consider – this is just the beginning. We as ascended masters will not need such cars, but will just beam ourselves wherever we want and create whatever we wish.

With love and light

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