The Plight of the Ascension Playwright

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, November 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

In my latest message to HS, I directed my questions to her in the form of HS explaining a little bit more about the “channeling” process, especially since so much of the information that we receive never exactly “pans out” in the way it is given, which leads to so much disappointment and frustration. What I have received from her today seemed helpful to me, while at the same time validating that we have been on the right track all along. And even if we are not given “all” the information, we are certainly still very close to fulfilling our mission of physical ascension, even after all the delays and pauses.

With love and light,

Message – Novermber 6, 2012

We understand your latest frustration and wish to expand on the understanding of our use in sharing “channeled” messages. But first, let us go over just a few of the many objectives that come into play:

1. Perfectionism… you seek the highest rewards not only for your own souls but in accomplishing your mission in releasing humanity’s souls from their enslaving illusions. There is a sense of selfishness in this perfectionism as your desire has always been to return to the higher realms, while at the same time creating the optimal scenario in giving humanity the option to do so, as well.

2. Physical ascension and then reappearance in front of humanity, in a such a manner that allows you to share the ascension option with them, without causing them to move further into their human mind-based fears.

3. Taking into consideration that the PAT have consciously ascended to the upper 4th dimension, while physically remaining in 3d reality, thus creating a sense of “urgency” disappointment and frustration due to the many delays in the ascension process. Emotions and feelings are becoming unbalanced due to clearing of more dark dross from minds of humanity, as well as from the disconnection from the 3rd dimensional reality, while at the same time receiving from the Higher Realms downloads/memories of Ascended Master abilities. Resolution to this situation must be addressed.

4. Creating a scenario that works best in optimally considering all the above objectives.

To further elaborate, channeled messages serve best as a source of relaying the latest scenes – probabilities, possibilities and the scenarios based on them. As previously discussed, there are plans, scripts, and often times, dates that are given as test runs in playing out these scenarios. Certainly it appears that nothing happens, when in actuality those scenarios do take place, similar to how editing takes place in a movie production -the “scene” of probabilities and possibilities are played out, “from a viewing screen”, while it is determined which scene the audience will respond to the best. If it is determined that the scene does not “awaken” the audience, stir the right “emotional” component, it is cut from final production and kept from the viewing audience. The script writers/ heroes (PAT) are then given another “date” to finalize the production, that will be most “optimally energetic” in debuting it to the viewing audience.

These dates, also as discussed before, are not meant to be deceitful, certainly not at this juncture in time, but are given only to awareness to the next approaching doorway of opportunity, allowing the script writers, also known as the “heroes”, to make necessary changes if need be. The next doorway of opportunity approaches on the portal of 11/11/12, which holds tremendous energy and opportunity!!

And yes, the script has been worked over and over again, thanks in part to the continuous contribution of the PAT, our ground forces, as co-creators in this process. But with your help, the Light has been successful in annihilating the Dark Forces from the remainder of the production, thus allowing uninterrupted access to your full creativity and “writing skills”.

The hardest part now comes in getting the audience to believe that they are free from those Dark Forces, that they no longer have to believe the lies that have been fed to them. How then do we get the “sheeple” to eat from out of OUR hands? We also have take into consideration that fact that, while the PAT are the most highly evolved Light Beings on this planetyou are also still residing in a physical vessel. We understand that the “Ascension for Humanity” movie is losing it’s appeal to the “heroes” of the movie, who have now become battle fatigued from having to endure so many different alterations to the script.

What we have surmised during the latest “test run” is that there is a need for PAT members to have a form of creative expression. Without expression comes the energy of depression. Dates have been used in the past to create a highly emotionally charged frequency of energy to move us from one doorway of opportunity to the next. Once you had so bravely determined that we were “using” these dates in such a manner, those types of “motivation” lost their effectiveness – while dates still give “hope”, they also create even more disappointment when physical ascension does not occur.

Now that the PAT has ascended into an even higher dimensional frequency, the ascended master abilities that you are tapping into need a form of expression, as exemplified in Daniel’s latest message from HS, in which he and members of the PAT used those abilities to clear the dark patterns from humanity by burning them down in a “pulse” or “tone”.

And did you not also have a vision yourself, dear one, where you saw your ascended self standing on the stage inside of a empty church, clearing away all the negative based patterns held there within, simply by using the sound of your voice/tone? And did you not witness how the church turned from darkness into light as people filled up the church to listen and watch as you danced on the stage? This is being brought to your attention to bring an understanding that these types of “visions” hold vast power and creativity and give your ascended master abilities expression. They also give “us” the emotionally charged higher frequency of energy that is a necessary part of the ascension process.

So what we are asking now is for creativity in opening the minds of those who are still deeply held in fear. This responsibility does not have to lie on the shoulders of one individual, just as your ascension scenarios and your reappearance scenarios did not. You HAVE the ability to create the optimal scenario for your reappearance as ascended masters on the stage of humanity.

For example, the “savior” scenario is a perfect scene to play for “Christians”. Acting out the role of “Jesus and his Angels, who have come to rescue humanity from their atrocities playing out in the form of the “Rapture” as described in the New Testament of the Bible, would certainly get their attention, without instilling fear. After all, it’s what they’ve been waiting for! But what about those who are of other religious beliefs? How will you create those same scenes for those who are followers of Buddha, Muhammad, Allah, etc.? How will you open their minds? And therein lies not only the question, but the solution.

With each disappointment of the PAT comes a release of energy allowing space for new creativity to come into play. We ask you to continue to use this form of creativity, not only as a means to fulfill our energetic objectives, but most importantly to get this show on the road. While certainly there is still the 12/12/12 portal leading to the 12/21/12 portal of mass ascension, our main concern is in CONTINUING to play out the latest ‘script’, while not keeping you detained any further in the most deteriorating of circumstances of 3D reality – thus the decision to accelerate the process again using the powerful energies of the 11/11/12 portal.

Your focus is of an absolute must, and to continue to delay your ascension under these volatile circumstance, while humanity is in the process of “spewing” and releasing their fearful emotions and fears, would surely mean that you would lose your focus, as you are left in 3d to deal with these forms of energy. Being that the next optimal portal of energy is that of 11/11/12, and since you no longer have to deal with the Forces of Darkness, you can use these next few days as creative adventures in using the ascended master abilities you have already tapped into as your source of power and vision in resolving and removing the fear based patterns that are keeping you from appearing in front of humanity.

While certainly Source determines the final “date” of physical ascension, the latest establishment of the Unity Field and your connection to Godhead let you co-create in the process of directing, producing,and establishing the final production–you now have the opportunity to use your skills well!


Dear Dorie,

let me put it straight forward from the very beginning. I do not like the suggestion of your HS to imagine one more time the details of our official appearance as ascended masters on the world stage – stupid Christians here, fanatic Muslims there. The last time your HS urged us to envision similar scenarios was in July and this ended up in a prolonged and very painful series of delays of more than 4 months. Our HSs should really take care now to get us out of this hell as soon as possible and to consider that we have developed enough scenarios for our ascension and none of them has been realized by the bosses of Heavenwood.

We do not need to play the role of the playwright all the time and not see our scripts being produced and shown to the public.

I think that you should have another read with your HS and tell her how inappropriate this suggestion is in the light of past negative experiences, which she has adamantly admitted.

Our fantasy should come into play, but not in physical vessels anymore. As long as we feel inside our growing creative potential as ascended masters, but are hampered at the same time by the limitations of our biological bodies, this obvious discrepancy will continue to be the chief source of all our frustration. It is now up to our HSs to develop a more elaborate and reliable script as to how to present their heroes successfully on the stage before they have succumbed for ever to the tortures of the current toxic 3d-life.

I am sorry, but this recommendation of your HS very much coalesces with my recent dream when your HSs simply vanished when I asked them a simple question about the date of our ascension. We no longer need further weird occupation therapy for our tired minds and psyches, but their ultimate liberation from the shackles of this illusory reality.

Please understand these objections on my part in the proper light. I have been creating ascension scenarios since 1995 and have even written several books on this topic, and nothing has been realized so far. It is as if you masturbate all the time and imagine you are fucking Raquel Welsh, who was a sex symbol in my youth. This is not what we expect from our HSs. This emotional and mental onanism on this toxic planet has lasted for too long – much longer than ever thought, when the masterplans for ascension of humanity were made – and must now definitely come to an end. Now it is up to our HS to “hammer nails with their heads” and make sure that we ascend and acquire our pristine imagination and creative potential and not play with poor substitutes on the ground to fill in the time of our tedious sojourn. When we have ascended, we will immediately create our most favourite scenarios for all kinds of Orion intoxicated believers. But not now. First come ascension and then imagination!

With love and light

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