On Remote Viewing, George Kavasillas, Proof of God, Theory of Everything and the Only True Science – That of The Universal Law

by Arnaldo Roberto and Georgi Stankov, November 30, 2012

Dear Master Georgi Stankov,

Many thanks for your reply which was very much appreciated. Today, I will speak very briefly on two very important issues:


Today I sent You two links that I consider important for your knowledge about Timelines.

The first video is an interview from Project Camelot with Bill Wood who is an ex-SEAL who is currently imprisoned by the secret services. In this interview, Bill Wood, who worked on the Montauk Project, made very positive revelations regarding the 12/21/2012 and presents the Timeline that will materialize in 12.21.


The second video is referring to a seminar, where George Kavassilas argues that the Ascension of the Earth will not be on 12.21.2012, but on 03.21.2013 and that the earth will become a star. Also he talks about the Timelines, what is truly the Moon and its function in the face of feminine energy.



Finally… send you a link to a video that refers to an excellent History Channel documentary titled “PROVING GOD” which presents the scientific and religious arguments that attempt to prove the existence of God. This documentary presented the Space Observatory of the Vatican and many other items and many scientists and religious are interviewed.

Unlike many mediocre documentaries of The History Channel, this documentary has an excellent scientific credibility and lackes only to interview that one who knows more and could present the ultimate Scientific and Philosophical Synthesis of “proof of God” and explains logically and mathematically the Universe: Dr. Georgi Stankov !

Worth seeing the documentary because near the end of the documentary is shown the
problem of synthesis of all known physical laws and the need to find the primary equation. It was then that I remembered deeply of Dr. Georgi Stankov because his scientific work presents the final solution: The Universal Law .


Many Thanks Dr. Stankov for Your Herculean effort for the advancement of humanity. Thank you for taking your precious time and a big hug for You MASTER .

Arnaldo Roberto

Dear Arnaldo,

Thank you very much for sending me the three links to these selected videos.

Let me comment them one by one.

1. The first video – the interview with the ex-seal Bill Wood – reveals the dilemma of the elite, their knowledge about the inevitability of ascension as a singularity of all timelines for humanity and Gaia that will converge on Dec 21. Apart from that it also confirms what I have discussed on numerous occasions on this website – namely that all techniques used by the secret services for remote viewing of future timelines, such as  “yellow cube/book”, “looking glass” and all their “clever” computers are absolute nonsense and can be replaced with the intuition of any star seed or a crystalline child in a perfect way.

In addition, all these dark forces, displaying their insanity in expensive underground bases, have one fundamental deficiency which they know deeply in their hearts, otherwise they will not dig in such deep holes for their survival: They are not participants, creator gods of the events leading to ascension and can only explore them as victims of the ascension process, which is indeed a deadly singularity for them and a new beginning for us, or at best watch its unfolding as external observers. This is the principal difference to the PAT members, who are the true creator gods on this planet as conscious human beings and as souls, coming directly from the source, who currently  manage this ascension singularity at the soul level.

The fact that all these techniques for remote viewing used by the US-secret services are closed now, while the PAT is thriving more than ever and will soon ascend, is the main proof for this. In other words, “much talk around the porridge” in this interview, as the Germans use to say, but very little substance.

However the young man impressed me as a credible witness aimed at utmost clarity and openness in his revelations, of course only within his limits of spiritual knowledge, which were more than obvious in this interview. In fact these limits were rather annoying to me and I wonder why the interviewing lady did not step beyond them and asked him more precise questions. This is the problem with all these secret service guys, to which many a light worker has become a prey, as is the case with Alfred Webre with this obscure source Tolec, and many more, which one can find on the Internet.

The only valuable aspect of this interview was the first-hand confirmation of this ex-seal of the well known fact in what an insoluble dilemma the elite is now embroiled, knowing that no matter what they do, they cannot avoid the inevitable. The conclusion of this sympathetic young man that the elite and their dark human minions are insane is the only information or relevance, which we all know and has been recently confirmed in a brilliant manner by the Internet trolls, who have now stopped bothering me as they have realized, like their masters, how hopeless it is to kick against Heaven’s decision. Now they must put up with their dire destiny to die in the course of this singularity that they have incessantly generated out of their “clever” computers of remote viewing or stay on a catastrophic earth B and experience hell.

According to this ex-seal, the dark ones have chosen the catastrophic timeline two as their destiny and the simple reason for this is that they know very well that their dark souls have to go through another 26 000 years of incarnation cycle before they qualify for ascension. To know this, one does not need all these complex techniques of remote viewing in expensive underground bases paid by the oppressed tax payers on the surface, but only to visit our website in order to know this and much, much more.

2. I know the ideas of George Kavassilas and only partially agree with them – when he says that most light workers are infiltrated by the dark archons. His problem is that he is not in the LBP as the PAT members and thus uses a lot of second hand information, which he has not properly digested and is unable to put in a consistent form. I have always considered this man a light cavalry that makes a lot of noise, but has no military relevance and is only good for the show. I  have always wondered as to why this uneducated man could become so popular in new age circles. But this is the case virtually with any “feather weight” guru in the current esoteric circus.

3. The history channel video is a very naive amalgamation of old stuff that has been chewed infinite times since the early 80s when many books on this topic appeared before the Internet came and such videos were made and published.

The “Proof of God” is the overarching theme, which I have tackled in my scientific books and also in my seven books on Gnosis, philosophy and religion (five in German language) in a much more profound and consistent scientific manner, so that it will be a waste of time to comment on this naive version.

Let me just mention that I have discussed recently the fraud with the Higgs Boson in a special publication.

The “theory of everything”, another topic in this video, is now more than thirty years old and it has totally failed. It is just an empty slogan and an anticipation of the Theory of the Universal Law as developed by myself in the early 90s. It has not solved a single problem of physics that has so far prevented the unification of this science, as I have discussed extensively in my two volumes on physics.

For instance, the theory of everything (later also known as “string theory”) is still not able to solve the problem of gravitation by uniting this fundamental force with the other three forces in the standard model. One should only have a look at the table on my homepage, where I have integrated all gravitational constants with that of electromagnetism as to realize the incredible leap of knowledge, which the new Theory of the Universal Law has achieved in comparison to classical physics and why it is the only true Theory of Everything that goes much further than the postulated theoretical goals of this weird string theory.

The presentation of the theological aspects of science in this video were at best idiotic, at worst despicable.There is only one possible elaboration of all religions and this is their total abolition as deliberate fraud of the former Orionic  PTB and the greatest crime against all incarnated souls on this planet.

This video ends up with a very good question: “Do the scientists want to know the truth?” The answer is a definite NO! Otherwise they would have embraced the new theory of the  Universal law long time ago. However, this would have led to their total degradation to first class students, who must start learning the new science from scratch.

But otherwise I am very grateful to you for the selection of these videos as they gave me the possibility to discus some key issues of great relevance, which I assume was also your intention.

With love and light

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