How To Play The Game of Illusion as a Human Master

by Deborah Horcoff and Georgi Stankov, November 26, 2012

Dear George,

This is in answer to Alex’s suggestion to consciously intend to send warnings to hateful entities.

Alex — I’ve deeply investigated the experience of “being ostracized all the time by this insensible society”, to quote George’s eloquence. It was revealed to me that the key to removing hateful persons from your Reality, is to NOT AGREE to be affected by them in any way. You very literally cannot be affected by anyone, unless you first agree to be affected. You are always in control, whether it seems that way or not. Agreeing to be affected, means focusing any kind of energy on them at all, which includes resistance and defense tactics.

Of course it also includes combat or interaction of any kind with them. What you are doing is continually energizing that particular vibration and attracting more and more of the same to you, as a reflection. Until you tire of it.

Once you tire of engaging, you then stop sending them your powerful thought energy… they remain on that lower frequency level and disappear from your Reality as you move into a Higher Frequency.

I’ve experimented with this in depth, as I use the Internet like mad as my main tool of “seeding” the ignorant populace with enlightened information. One of the most treacherous forums I use to subtly spread the awakening is on YouTube…. which reaches the most people (thousands). However, the risk of receiving rather immediate slap-the-face ugliness from so many of the retarded masses is very high there, and ongoing.

When you are as sensitive as we are, high frequency Beings with our hearts completely open, the hurt and pain of such gross responses are like deep arrows that you must pull out of your Soul immediately, and fling them away to be transmuted.

I’ve had massive experience as well with my own father, whom I chose to be my greatest teacher of demeaning torment and debasement. The man thrives on constant conflict and blatant humiliating hurtful disempowering of those closest to him.

I have tried out various techniques on this man as I have evolved, and in the end the only thing that worked was to not agree to be affected by him anymore. Even being at my most positive with protective Light, which shifted me to a higher frequency reality, in which I experienced the best version of him that I could get, still was not good enough. I was still being entrained down into his lower vibration — and that was him at his most positive.

So… with any hateful being, after visualizing that I have kicked their asses permanently out of my Reality bubble, I then empower myself by using duality as a power tool. To turn those negative entities into a positive experience, I think, “Now what positive lesson have these despicable creatures helped me to learn?”

love to you all
Deborah, Canada

Dear Deborah,

I fully concur with your view how to protect from negative entities by declaring your own energetic sovereignty and inviolability and then consciously sever all mental and emotional remnants of energetic bondage with these people.

As in your case this was what I did many years ago with my father, later on with mother and sister. I reached such a peaceful neutrality with respect to my father that when he died I was not moved at all and this surprised and disturbed me much more than his death as I am very emotional and compassionate person and I was afraid I might have lost my compassion. But this was not the case. I simply knew that he has finished with his lessons on this planet and that’s it. It is indeed the moving to a higher frequency dimension of mind and psyche that ultimately helps us disentangle from such entities.

When this level of detachment is achieved, one may, at his discretion, enter the next level of teaching lessons to such people and start playing creatively with their insidious deeds from the fulcrum of this absolute neutrality by using the whole spectrum of human emotionality without participating personally in it. In other words, one must become a very good actor who can display sincere grief on the scene, while rejoicing the effect of this feeling on the spectators at the same time. This is the high art of human gambit, but it is always very treacherous, as even at this level one may get trapped into the illusion of the game and cross the red line one more time. This may happen with close friends and relatives, less so with unknown Internet trolls or participants in a blog discussion. Therefore one must be very cautious and not overdrive this kind of play. One must know when to stop it.

It is a matter of fact that I waited three-four weeks, while I received a lot of nasty emails each day, before I hit back in such a way that any further continuation of this practice would have only be used by myself against these Internet trolls and their intention to confuse me. I did this in an absolutely neutral manner, while wrapping them up in christed light during this time and now they have stopped writing any more since three days. My feeling is that this dark op against the PAT is over now. They may still try to block my website by sending trash files to my server, but they will not be very successful and will also give up very soon.

I will forward your email to Alex.

With love and light

Dear George,

We share some very similar experiences and it seems the same amount of incredible compassion. I too, have done the very deliberate conscious severing with various family members. At 83, my father is finally going downhill physically as he’s riddled himself with some cancers from his intense negative energy blockages. I know exactly the peaceful neutrality you describe since I’ve felt this regarding his forthcoming death for some years now.

And this year with the energies blasting in, I’ve also felt something else about his crossing over, because for the first time I am having continual contact with his Higher Self in my dream travels. I am remembering these encounters with him, with absolute amazement and delight because he is the complete opposite of his personality construct here on Earth, and we are working together there as best friends and equal companions.

It still amazes me when I wake up from these interactions and I compare the two… what it makes me wish is that his physical soul contract would finally end to allow this incredibly dumbed down aspect of himself to merge back with his oversoul. Consequently, I am looking forward to someone’s “death”. To me, it will be a celebration.

The same thing happened when I first experienced the full versions of my dead mother and older brother years ago, who were the closest members of my soul family. They had incarnated as Young Souls, and the distance between our frequencies could never be bridged, while they were alive as they could not fully open their hearts, much as I had tried so hard instinctively to help and teach them to do so.

I meet with them weekly in the higher realms, and in one memorable encounter with both I became *fully* crystal clear conscious and was able to practise instantly manifesting and destroying objects (chairs, mirrors) with my thoughts.

Even though I am thoroughly enjoying such upgraded versions of my deceased mother and brother, the discrepancy between their higher self versions and their Earth aspects is NOTHING in comparison to what I am experiencing with the two glaringly different versions of my father.

Ah yes, the intricate art of manipulation in order to teach them, without them even being aware of what you are doing! Yes, you and I have done this — I recognized it immediately in you, and have observed you in action many a time, and have seen you also attempt to describe what you are doing to others who don’t fully understand because they have not reached that level of playful creative art with human emotions. I am keenly aware of it all.

I first started “playing” with hateful persons when the young Internet was hosting news groups. After long enjoyable skirmishes I learned to neutralize them entirely by simply becoming a magnified mirror of their own personalities, until they could no longer stand to interact with a mirror version of themselves.

After that, I tired of skirmishes as I wished for a positive instead of a neutralized outcome, and my frequency state was rising as well. I moved on to more positive creative methods of manipulative awakening, that bypassed the negative response, incorporated empathy and stimulated curiosity instead… or posed a challenge in a positive way. Very tricky, as so many people are on the defensive and hair-triggered to attack.

What I’ve observed is that in order to reach this adept level, one must have an intimate loving relationship with negativity. You must have been a deep sea diver into the greatest depths of darkness until you’ve experienced it to such a remarkable extent that you understand it completely, and you appreciate it, and you love it. You love your own Darkness as much as you love your Light… you have done it all and then you moved to the balance point in the middle — the Point of Power.

George, in all of this time you are the only one I have found besides myself who has done this. Most are not even close to being aware of it. Most do not even know to integrate within themselves the power of negativity — they are naively rejecting fully half of the entire spectrum. We came here, to master it all.

Deborah, Canada

Dear Deborah,

thank you very much for your deeply insightful comments on how to play in a masterful manner the game of illusion on this planet by exploiting the whole emotional and mental spectrum that has been given to this humble human species to express the inner world of the soul in this dense matter.

The challenge of the current incarnation experiment has always been how to achieve this goal without succumbing to the numerous fear-based restrictions, to which the well-intended esoteric recommendations as to how a light worker should properly behave comprise a large dark portion, perfectly hidden under the disguise of faked spiritual awakening and false interpretations of light as an energetic phenomenon.

With love and light


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