On Light Thresholds, Mass Awakening and Other Variables of Ascension

by Jo Hein and Georgi Stankov, November 6, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hallo George,

I would like to explore the issue of mass awakening, or lack thereof in some detail.

1.Following on the explanation that you gave to Henry in the latest post, you mentioned that the higher powers gauge the energetic threshold of the incarnated entities, or humanity as a whole, by which they make decisions on further advancing/pausing the Ascension process:

“..if the soul is not able to manage her incarnated personality cleverly  and far-sighted enough as to open her carefully for basic transcendental truths…..” 

So, it is the task of the soul to awaken the incarnated personality by way of triggering either emotional events, by stimulating the mental body (through reading certain information) or physical events (accidents, physical pain etc), or a combination thereof.

Now, as all individuals have many lifetimes of experience behind them, and these experiences vary greatly, I cannot see how it can be predicted how each individual would react to a particular awakening trigger as part of the ascension process. I think only an average “level” of energetic threshold can be attained, and to apply the same average energetic threshold level from a group to individuals would be grossly unfair. So this “energetic threshold” gauging done by the higher realms needs further exploration.

2. Let’s look at what do we (higher powers/forces of light) actually want to achieve in this Ascension process. We have already heaved Gaia (and ourselves, the PAT that is) to the upper 4th dimension some while ago. We have been clearing dross in order to enable Gaia to ascend and to replace the old matrix with a light grid and we have added other light grids that are linked between PAT members and enable other awakening souls to link up (plug in). This is to assist the Ascension process for Gaia and humanity upon mass Ascension timed for December.

So, can we assume that at this stage there is nothing that can prevent Ascension from taking place?  If so, what are we trying to do now? Clearing more dross? What for? If the forces of light were wanting to achieve a bigger harvest upon Ascension, they would have introduced many more physical events by now. Since the masses have been kept in a slumber for so long, this played into the hands of the dark forces, translating into a bigger harvest for them.

So, we can rule out that the forces-of-light prioritised harvest quantity in their plans. Unless, of course, since All-that-is is neutral, as forces of light AND dark are all part of God, and the forces-of-light have somehow fallen asleep or for some other reason were prevented from performing.

What reason might there be for us to continue to be “abused” by the higher realms at this time?

There was a time where I was feeling really happy and “proud”  to be of service to the forces-of -light, and motivated to do just about “anything”. This motivation however, sadly, has left me, and I am just happy to leave this world and go back to where I came from. Not so sure if I still want to stand in “in front of humanity”. I am just so fed up with this lot.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

to begin with you disillusionment at the end of your email. I can fully understand your feelings and I experience also moments when I am so frustrated with this humanity that I want to leave this toxic planet immediately and not hear anymore about this dumbed down, cruel species.

But there is also the other side of the coin. And now listen carefully: I am doing this unrewarding job not for humanity in the first place, but for myself, for my soul. The plight of mankind is only the canvas, upon which I project my own imagined realty and its manifestation. The more dire this reality is, the greater my achievement that I will take with myself in the higher dimensions as a soul.

After all, the whole incarnation experiment on the earth is a farce, a joke, and every soul knows this in the higher dimensions. But the lessons you learn from this farce are beyond the 3d-illusion and have huge repercussions for your ability and growth as a conscious creator being. In other words: the greater the pain, the greater the gain.

Now to the other questions you raise. They touch upon a very complex matter, on which we can only speculate. But ultimately it all comes up to the law of energy optimization. However this law can be applied in infinite possible ways according to the particular situation and sets of circumstances, as well as rules of the game.

I have also no explanation why the forces of light let the whole process be delayed to the last possible moment and even beyond the divine deadlines set for the End Times of the earth. I hope to learn more after my ascension, and, indeed, this will be my first key question to my higher self and All-That-Is.

I assume that along the road of ascension, many incarnated souls and soul families that now participate in this experiment lost their path and goal. It became very difficult for them to guide their personalities on the ground. This was part of the imponderables of this incarnation experiment, so that the outcome was not predetermined at the individual level and less so at the collective level, but open to infinite alterations to the very end. Otherwise the game would not have been so exciting.

Now to the other question: The evaluation of the individual threshold/light quotient of awakening and ascension in the context of the average (mean) light quotient for the whole human population, which is the main criterion for ascension. I assume that each soul has a very precise information where her incarnated personality stands at each particular moment and whether she has reached her individual threshold of awakening and/or ascension or not.

The collective calculation of all these data from all incarnated individuals on the ground should not be a great problem in the higher realms, where such assessments are ongoing affair and happen within the blink of an eye with an incredible precision. This is the actual job of the Elohim, who are like pedantic book-keepers and assess all input and output data in a model, planet or population etc. without any mistake whatsoever.

Now let us assume that each individual has a karmic debt to clear during this last incarnation and that this variable determines decisively the final schedule of the ascension process for Gaia and humanity. If this karmic debt could not be cleared as planned, the whole process had to be prolonged.

From our (PAT) point of view, this might seem to be of secondary importance as the PAT members have no karmic debt to delete. They are here only to help, but in the overall calculation model for the incarnation experiment on the earth this is obviously of paramount importance. No soul will be allowed to rise to the 5th dimension with rest karma.

This fact has been indeed mentioned by many channels and sources, namely that many entities in this last key incarnation are in a huge retard with the clearing of their karma debt from previous lives at the individual level. This must have added to the overall equation and this is, at least to my estimation, the main factor why the current perennial postponements in the manifestation of the End Time scenario had to take place.

Of course we, the PAT, are the ones who came under the wheels and were the most martyred of all individuals in the present End Times. There is no dispute on this issue. If this has been a kind of spiritual masochism on the part of our HS, then I would like to know exactly after my ascension why this was allowed. I am also looking forward to a convincing explanation as to how this unplanned martyrdom has contributed to our personal evolution as creator souls and what are the rewards. And rewards there must be, otherwise there will be a big revolt in heaven that will be unleashed by myself personally.

With love and light

Hi George,

thank you for your perspective on my queries and your heartening words. It does give me more understanding of our current situation.

Speaking about the awakening issue; from the beginning (of the Ascension process that is) it was known that there are older souls that were very likely to qualify for Ascension to planet A, then there would be a number of mature souls that would grow rapidly enough in this incarnation to also make the cut. Then there would be mature souls that would not evolve enough and along with a few billion young souls would continue the incarnation cycle in a 3D setting, such as earth B, either through ID split or death experience. The approximate numbers were widely discussed in communication with Valeri and the channelings of CA towards the beginning of this year. Of course it was understood that the final numbers would depend on each individuals’ evolution. Therefore I find this reasoning about the “unawakened humanity” somewhat confusing. I hope that anyone that can connect with their HS’s would ask about that.

I am just trying to figure out what we are still doing here, as I don’t think we have been given the proper reason by the higher realms. If we want to remove more negativity from this planet, we need to remove a few billion people. Yesterday we had violent riots in the neighbour town in which I have been cleansing dross for the past two years. If they cannot ascend us for some other reason than we need to hear it.

Maybe they think that if we ascend now, we would all bail and nobody would be come back to assist with ascension any more (just kidding).

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

the soul age model is a practical working instrument to assess the soul distribution in the current human population, but it does not relate to the overall awakening of mankind. You may have an old soul who is as closed as a much younger soul with respect for instance to the Orion type of enslavement that is practised on this planet.

It is an enigma why humanity was unable to awaken much earlier. It could be that this was an unwanted outcome by the forces of light, as this would have caused a bigger social unrest and the dark ones, who were more powerful in the past, might have used it to achieve their end – the establishment of the NWO.  Or it may be that the people are indeed in such a deep slumber after eons of Orion programming that nothing can awaken them.

In both cases, the optimal solution is to transform / update the people energetically at the subconscious level by avoiding too much social unrest during this time as not to jeopardise the  peaceful transformation under the radar and then reboot them in one powerful act by collapsing the whole matrix. Then you heave them to a higher dimension on planet A/B with an new improved energetic make-up (mind, psyche, bodies.) You begin to educate them in the absence of the dark cabal for the next decades when linear time will play no role at all. This is the probable line of argumentation I see emerging behind the current events. I think that in a couple of days we will be much cleverer on this issue.

With love and light

Thanks George, that makes sense.


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